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  1. Vactan anti rust on the bare bits then Epifanes Multiforte worked for me. Good anti slip properties and has lasted well. Go for a light colour unless you want to fry eggs on the roof!
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. You think 750ml tin is too big - my roof is painted with Epifanes Multiforte that need a bit of touching up - probably a small cupful would do job. Only available in 4 litre tins at about £60; unless someone else knows different?
  4. Maybe CRT should move towards bye bye, bye laws then.
  5. So according to bye law if a I drop windlass/keys into canal I'm not allowed to retrieve them? And what is the penalty for removing items. Looks unenforceable to me. Lost a mobile a year ago, the magnetic guys are welcome to it.
  6. Hi Does anyone know of a 12V slow cooker that actually works and isn't going to cost more than a few pints of beer? Ta
  7. Not just Ryanair - the entire aviation industry use that term
  8. I endorse the comments to broaden your search area; there's a lot of brokers around the Rugby area; I've had a couple of dealings with ABNB and found them really good
  9. Not sure about the build quality but I moor close to a two year EM boat and the paintwork is bubbling already - maybe a one off.
  10. Bloomin heck - that was quick - Thanks
  11. Hi Grateful for opinion/advice. Just lit Thetford cooker after long winter break and flame has an odd burn pattern with a couple of bright yellow flames. Does anyone know cause/cure and indedd if it's safe to use. Thanks
  12. If you decide to visit Whilton I suggest you also put aside time to visit ABNB just up the road at Crick as well as Rugby boats as previously mentioned. You will find very different approaches to the art of boat selling!
  13. Plusnet uses the EE network and is about half the price
  14. Something wrong with the camera - they look pink to me.
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