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  1. I like Mr/Mrs Bristolfashion - got lots of sarcasm but held their own ....In military terms BZ
  2. We've been leisure boat cruising for about 6 years spending about 5 months on the boat each year. In the past we had the most wonderful, endearing and lovable mum and son Irish Setters, sadly gone for well over 10 years. My good lady is using her womanly wiles to convince me that another dog would be perfect for our narrow boat existence but I'm not convinced - mainly on the practicalities. In no particular order: Does the boat smell? We already spend the day dodging each other down the boat without a dog being exactly where I want to be. What happens when dog needs a pee (or bigger) without anywhere to moor? What happens when I'm blind sided and dog escapes boat and does a number 2 against neighboring boat (hate...hate..hate). Summer months can be un-bearingly hot inside the boat hot, is it fair to impose that on pooch. All reasonable arguments (with many others) I believe but deaf ears can be gargantuan!! Thoughts and other reasons not to indulge or perhaps an alternative view.
  3. Mine also continues sparking even after its lit. I'd be interested to know if and how you manage to fix it. Ta
  4. I've searched Signal Finders but most have mixed reviews - has anyone got a recommendation? Ta
  5. Thanks for the replies, I was sort of hoping that there was an obligation. I'm currently on the Llangollen which is hire boat central at the moment, not that I have an issue with hire boats , but I am at the western end and struggling to find fuel and pumpout over the weekend.
  6. Been cruising (at last) for a couple of months and as expected the hire boat company marinas are v busy to the extent I'm being refused services on a regular basis, one company would only do a pump out or provide fuel on a Tuesday or Thursday and one refused point blank. I would have thought it logical that a condition of their CRT operating licence was to have reasonable access to their facilities available to all boaters. Does anyone know if this is the case?
  7. At last at boat with multitude of catch up jobs....like everyone else. Time limited to prepare and paint Well Deck Lockers. Simple question...can the Hammerite paint inside the locker also act as an undercoat for a subsequent Craft Master topcoat where Hammerite cuts into the coachwork?
  8. Vactan anti rust on the bare bits then Epifanes Multiforte worked for me. Good anti slip properties and has lasted well. Go for a light colour unless you want to fry eggs on the roof!
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. You think 750ml tin is too big - my roof is painted with Epifanes Multiforte that need a bit of touching up - probably a small cupful would do job. Only available in 4 litre tins at about £60; unless someone else knows different?
  11. Maybe CRT should move towards bye bye, bye laws then.
  12. So according to bye law if a I drop windlass/keys into canal I'm not allowed to retrieve them? And what is the penalty for removing items. Looks unenforceable to me. Lost a mobile a year ago, the magnetic guys are welcome to it.
  13. Hi Does anyone know of a 12V slow cooker that actually works and isn't going to cost more than a few pints of beer? Ta
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