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  1. thank you, I contacted seller through eBay, and ended up chatting over text message, very quick response, purchased what I need at the moment direct saved about 15% over eBay prices. very helpful, they also have a facebook page ‘Empral Leisure’ and they have said I can pass on their phone number if anyone is interested. Please send me a message if you want their number.
  2. Thanks everyone for your comments, I now see and understand what is needed for flush mounted CBE / C-Line sockets, already working out my shopping list, thanks to an earlier reply and eBay link.
  3. houdini hatches? Are you referring to the windows? Sorry I couldn’t rotate the photo. If my boat was that way, I’d have serious concerns. 🙂
  4. Apologies, missed the last line. Was preoccupied with the links. thanks
  5. Thank you, ideal. Have found everything I need and understand the safety boxes now for the 240v will be placing an order soon
  6. That was part of my initial question. What parts were needed, if no back box is required then happy days. I just assumed for both 12v and 240v some rear protection was required
  7. Thanks to all. the C-line / CBE dockets... I understand the parts you see and the wiring, but what about the back boxes? I’m using a household domestic idea as a scenario. is the back box square or round?
  8. Not been to all the links, but thank you I will do
  9. To get them all to match, was looking at CBE / C-Line sockets for both 240v and 12v. Went to a caravan / motor home shop and was a little confused what was needed to make a complete unit.
  10. Thanks for the note about cable type, had already been told this, so using combination of existing cable infrastructure and new arctic blue flex.just looking for the socket types and what to get.
  11. So far, all going well. Learned a lot going along. Question about Electric sockets. Looking at CBE / C-Line sockets for both 240v and 12v although separated. My dad is an electric; engineer and knows how to wire things up, this is not the issue. as an example, what do I need to buy for a double 13a 240v socket, as in backboxs, faceplates, surrounds etc. and again the same for a 12v outlet, maybe triple, usb, 5a socket and cigarette lighter socket. thanks
  12. Thanks all, lots of good info here. yes I was looking to use thick twin and earth domestic cable. (Cooker point etc) Glad I asked now!
  13. Currently going through a boat refit. Complete strip out and refit. looking at a Dometic 12v Compressor fridge and a standard home domestic 240v combi microwave. At this stage we can easily provide a 2.5mm2 (or more) ring main style cable for both, about 3-4m in length, we can on board produce 240v 4KVA from shore or engine. Is this cable enough? Also looking at the possibility of installing a macerator toilet but they need 14-25a plus for short periods, cable length here would be 10m or so at 12v, would a 6mm2 cable suffice, or should I go for 10mm2?
  14. Thank you to everyone who has replied and commented, I really appreciate it. Please continue, I am learning more and more as I go along. Bearing in mind the boat is 41 years old, we have had her for the last 8 years with minimal updates to the interior. Only panels we have had to change is where a window has leaked over winter. She has had 15mm (ish) expanded polystyrene insulation panels for as long as we have had her, and I would think by looking at fixtures and fittings, another 10+ yeas at least. So I would guess 20+ years of sub-optimal insulation, if not longer! To put it into context, I think we are very lucky. The boat has just had a survey (2019), and comments like “base plate was built with 5.0mm steel, still by ultrasonic measurement is 5.0mm thick”, and “sides were built with 4.8mm and 9.6mm steel, by ultrasonic measurement still are 4.8mm and 9.6mm). I have been told in the past that it is believed the steel used was ‘marine grade’ steel. Am I worrying over nothing? Am I over thinking what insulation is needed? We are not living aboard, and if the weather was that cold, we would go home! We do leave a ‘frost stat heater’ on over winter. Thanks.
  15. Hi, just revisiting a thread I started. the refit of our boat has started, she is a 50 footer, built in 1978. Due to new insurers and the fact we are refitting it, the current expanded polystyrene insulation has to be replaced. It has been deemed not fire retardant. The refit is being done in stages, so I cant get someone in to spray foam it all in one, so looking to DIY spray foam it as we go along. My friend who is doing the refit has suggested spray foam insulation as the best option. He is happy to do it. Due to the age and shape of the boat etc, we would have varying thicknesses of foam as we go up and down and along. We don’t live on the boat and don’t use it in the cold weather. I know there will be people saying don’t do it yourself, but we don’t have a choice. Looking to see if there are any recommendations on product and regulations etc. attached image of the first part of the rip out / refurb. Thanks
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