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  1. I tried using a dictionary once to help me spell a word.......but I didn't know how to spell it so gave up!
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. I thought littering was dropping of your own rubbish whereas fly tipping was you dumping rubbish belonging to someone else. Or it may be the land status, littering on public land, fly tipping on private land Wasn't there a case awhile ago where some civic minded person collected litter and took it to the local tip where it was classed as commercial waste and was prosecuted for fly tipping
  4. So true. Went to boat late Sunday afternoon, never saw a soul. Karma ensued as I'd forgotten door key so left battery onboard. Lifted engine cover to see that the bilge had amassed enough water to submerge the engine / propshaft CV joint. Was hoping to pop around Monday but work interfered. Not going to pay the marina at £45 per hour Still nevermind eh it'll give someone a laugh
  5. That could be applied to every snowflake today, and I wish I would The only people who can look at their actions / behaviours in the past are dead and are either upstairs or downstairs ? ? It is up to us to enjoy the freedoms won and make sure history doesn't repeat itself
  6. Donkeys out in Burma has their vocal cords cut so as not to give their positions away.
  7. If I walk I'll see more people than if I take the 5 minute drive. Park near boat. Swap batteries and charge battery at home then take charged battery to jump start a wheelchair accessible vehicle that will be needed to transport children of key workers or vulnerable children. The starter battery I have fitted to boat is for large vans with tail lifts and are cheaper than leisure batteries. They get renewed regularly as we have 12 such vehicles only doing short journeys. But since purchasing a smart charger I've managed to revive a lot of supposedly dead batteries which is good for the environment I asked the question as the boatyard is using TYHA information and I heard nothing from CRT I will take all the precautions necessary. I've been shielding since March but will not put my life on hold Or I can go shopping, to open essential shops, and browse with the other knuckle draggers stripping shelves in B & M.
  8. How do I attach a PDF to a post. I keep getting a message listing permitted formats, pdf's not being one of them. Thought pdf's were allowed or am I having a senior moment
  9. Good day and a happy new year to you all, Just received a CRT alert that part of the Leicester line in navigable with care. Bit confused as my marina has told me that in tier 4 I am not allowed to go near my boat. I haven't seen any notices from CRT regarding the latest restrictions. Whilst I have no desire to cruise Willy Nilly on the cut. I would like to visit and check the boat as I know I'll have a flat battery and despite updating the kitchen there is still some water in the system I'd like to get rid of I know there are liveaboards at our marina but they are at one end and I'm at the other end and have no need to go near or pass by, or use marina facilities.
  10. Apparently he only had 10 minutes of fuel left. Had to chuckle when I read it and thought "Muppet". But it's not like he went shopping without a mask
  11. Saw this on nauticalia website, after my initial "that looks handy then I thought where would i use it https://www.nauticalia.com/tools-gadgets/workshop/flexible-spirit-level91761/
  12. https://www.procastnotts.com/product.php/chrome_switches/?k=:::5481531: Has anyone used this company?
  13. Just lasso passing cyclists, that'll slow the buggers down.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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