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  1. I was buying from "Wish" but got fed up with shipping costs, everything seemed to be £10 and went up in multiples of £10. Last and last order I did was going to cost a ridiculous amount of shipping so it's still sitting in my basket. Use AliExpress or Alibaba now but you still have to watch the carriage
  2. Report to CRT. Do not tell him you are doing so ( obvious I know) .Make notes of anything said or done to you. If his gennies are running until midnight then note the actual time they were switched off Have you any dealings with this person before, is there a history? You cannot use hearsay evidence if you report him to the police, however should the situation arise and you need to dial three nines please ensure that you mention the fact that you are a lone female and you fear for your safety. Mention what you know from others. But be prepared for them to also advise you to move Everyone reacts differently to the level of threat either perceived or real and we are not there at the moment so it's difficult to be specific with advice. Whilst you have sought advice from your fellow boaters it's really down to you what action you take now and post incident Batten down the hatches and ignore for now or move, we're not there so we can only offer suggestions Hope your night quietens down.
  3. What's the chances of seeing these on the same stretch of water
  4. Guilty! And I've been to Specsavers
  5. There was a feature in one of the magazine's which we happened to find by googling our intended purchase. The lady who owned the boat before us single handedly seemed to have done most of the UK canals and rivers after her husbands passing. I found there's always a willing hand at locks and the majority of boaters are friendly and willing to pass on accumulated knowledge unless your passing permanent moorers at perceived high speed! But that's different thread or two🤓 Our 30ft is ideal for us both and it has the advantage of not requiring a winding hole to turn around
  6. I'm about to start the same project. I say start as it's been in the start phase since September when we bought the boat! Treated some rust spots with sanding and Owatrol oil as a test and happy with he results so far Decided to go with Erbauer 18v tools as the batteries are interchangeable and charge quickly. B & Q were doing a deal at the time so got a random orbital sander charger and battery. Since then I've added a multi tool and next will be an angle grinder all via that well known auction site. So far we've been impressed as they are light weight and battery life is good Also I've found the batteries are Makita compatible and there are "compatible" batteries and tools on auction sites and Chinese websites Like you we have no 240v except in the marina, but quite rightly we cannot sand the boat there as we'll coat everyone else 😕 I did hire a genny and needle scaler as recommended by someone in our marina but half a day of noise and sweating like there's no tomorrow I gave it up! Too fat, too old too unfit! So it's gently does it as all threads and advice is take your time and preparation is the key. However a word of caution, it's taken us longer to decide on a colour scheme than it'll take to paint. Perhaps I should paint it quick before another change of mind 🤔
  7. Is the "one" also the elusive "one". Most owners I've met seem to always want something changed or added to their boats even articles in magazines about custom new builds sometimes has the comment "next time we'll do this or add that" Or do you buy the one and try to attain the perfect one
  8. I wanted to rename ours Triggers Broom as it's been fully oveplated, new engine and gearbox, water pump, batteries. We're putting in a new galley including cooker. But she who must be obeyed wants to stick with Dream Wanderer!
  9. He needed reporting to the police. They'll probably know him.
  10. Surely a convenient rock would be quicker and cheaper 😁
  11. Nice to be on a forum that has people that can remember things like Joe 90. Now where did I put me glasses!
  12. You could always use brackets for solid panels that allow you to adjust the height. You will still have the brackets visible but they cause less of a rope snagging hazard or it may just be me being cack handed when it comes to ropes
  13. We're thinking of changing the walling and the roof needs replacing as the vents have leaked. Also cheap plastic panels in shower area have cracked and come away from the wall Looking at the "plastic" bathroom and kitchen panels that come in a myriad of colours and finishes which are light in weight and colour. Not the trad look but you can only have so much varnished tongued and grove
  14. Price quoted was just for installation / hooking up to existing pipe. Feel competent enough to fit. Found the company on gas safe register and thought I'd try other companies other than marina based ones. Either way I'm not paying that amount for an easy install. New hose kit complete is only £25 on eBay alread As for testing I'll dress up as batman and use a lighter a la Del boy. "You know it makes sense"
  15. Just had a quote to connect a new cooker to existing pipe work after I'd removed all redundant pipes back to the cooker point. So it's just bayonet fitting with new hose to existing pipe work and test. £525 was the sum quoted and they agreed the remaining pipe was suitable for installation purposes Does this sound about right? Tempted to DIY but obvious Gas Safe legal issues. As a electrician I have another company to certificate my work as I only do specific installations, wondering if I could go down this route.
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