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  1. Bless you Richard all good old stuff and it will help me get there... keep safe n well v/best wishes David ⚓️
  2. Thank you Tony some great ideas there... really appreciate your reply & for taking the time to research my enquiry!! keep safe n well v/best regards David
  3. Good afternoon one and all... can I tag onto the end of this lead please? i have just found out after 3 years afloat that the 3 pin (not round) sockets I have, are in fact live... wired a plug up and touched the 2 ends to a 12v bulb... a truly enlightening experience... have followed the above avidly but have a question please!!! can I get a 12v usb charger that plugs into the 3 pin socket, one that starts out life as 12v, or would I need to wire a usb socket to the end of my cable? or maybe even a usb 12v car charger, cutting the end off, although it’s been said on here it can overheat ... don't want to tinker with me “working” sockets !!! PS... I realise my question has essentially been answered in the posts above, but being no sparky, just checking!!! i think the Lidl device would have been good by the way!!! I thank you David
  4. Just going to have to sit on it for now.... whatever the inconvenience of the convenience might throw up 😑... thank you so much to everyone for your help and assistance... really, really appreciated! happy boating ⚓️⚓️⚓️
  5. My waste tank seems to extend across from port to starboard, under the walkway and stops at my kitchen sink unit.. meaning partitioning to bathroom, floor and sink unit would need removing, also slate bathroom floor... hmmmmm!!! And maybe even the radiator? Maybe try a plan b of some type ... off for a cycle now and a ponder!!!
  6. Oh that has been on my mind!!! But what happens to the empty tank? Does it need treating? Does it need removing ? Also need to cap off the water inlet supply.. no plumber am I !!!
  7. Are dump thru loos in the minority? I do wish I had somat different to be honest!! But In 3 years, no nasty niffs .. fingers crossed now 🤞
  8. Priceless... another excellent reply.. I really do have no smell !!! Maybe I am doing somat right.. but I will try and refrain from gazing into space .. well whatever space is left 😆
  9. Thank you 👍😊... duly noted!!! eternally grateful ⚓️⚓️⚓️
  10. Thank you... your excellent advice, as that of all the other lovely boaters on here has been noted !!! thank you once again ⚓️⚓️⚓️ pS... apart from jeyes and water softener.. what do you suggest? To encourage the good guys?
  11. You know somat!! I love you boaters.. where elsan can you, chat away about loos with such charm and tact!!! Love it.. you are amazing !!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  12. I’ve just done the “pooh stick” test you mentioned... about half an inch deep at the bottom of the plastic pipe dipping into the tank.. the contents seem to flow to the right at the bottom of said plastic pipe!!!
  13. The first time I pumped out. The “extra” that came with the boat, there was a torrent, and I was listing... I have never really studied the levels before, as I said previous, I had access to a “land loo”... I might still have some capacity, as I’m not on “tilt” yet🤣.. quite level to be honest, but it just looks kind of full 🙁 Is this the tube where you insert the vacuum pipe to?
  14. 😵.. oh sorry ... all embarrassed now!!! ☺️
  15. I take it you are of the pump out variety too!!
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