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  1. Good for you, never mind the miseries that like to poke, some believe quantity means quality. Doing locks on your own in the dark and ice of winter is certainly hazardous, you could also consider temporarily mooring in a marina for the winter, a bit more expensive but with more advantages. Aways supposing you could find one of course, the scarce moorings seem to be rapidly dwindling. Enjoy cruising for now.
  2. From memory and I cannot find legislation from then. I certainly remember far earlier that the 1980's and cyclists did dismount if pedestrians were not aware of them...it rarely happens now and was my point. Unfortunately the time limit to edit the use of my word "had" to 'used' has now passed. C&RT do have a section of information regarding cyclists on their web site and I quote a selection from that: Pedestrians wear headphones so when I ring my bell they don’t move. What should I do? Pedestrians are generally the most vulnerable and have priority at all times, so whilst it’s a good idea to let others know you are there by ringing a bell or calling out, this shouldn’t be a demand.
  3. Since you have added, again, further comments to your post I will answer your last line and question. My "argument" point is that if they have not heard your bell and shouts you need to stop and walk the bike past them, most pedestrians will be aware when something is coming up behind them and will politely move to a respectful cyclist. Suggesting they might be deaf and so ringing louder is nonsensical.
  4. Then as you are much faster, you need to slow and even perhaps stop and walk the bike until you can pass them safely, especially if it is apparent they have not heard your bell, or your shouts and even more frantic bell ringing. You have commented that when you are a pedestrian you have often been "given a fright" by speeding cyclists coming up behind you.
  5. Read it again, I quoted you and I was replying about you when on your bike! "I happen to have two bells, one ping to alert, if no response, a louder ring, if no response, furious loud ringing and a shout if they still show no response, I expect some response, otherwise they are unaware and likely to wander in to my path." Do you consider it acceptable for cyclists to expect pedestrians to move for you by shouts and bell ringing?
  6. As does furious shouts and frantic bell ringing demanding that you move in case you wander into their path! It seems it is impossible to stop and walk the cycle past or wait for them to pass you. At one time cyclists had to dismount for pedestrians on the towpath but cyclists no longer do that.
  7. I think one of the hidden might suddenly become visible and at the A&E. 🤔
  8. Welcome back, you did a great job. I like it, a full width bed is a wonderful luxury on a boat.
  9. True and fair enough, I suppose it was part of the moan, something many of us do, particularly when it was abandoned on a "lock landing" according to the op.
  10. There are some massive assumptions being made here about the OP. Despite his accusatory attitude he does have a point, regarding the van in particular it is parked in a numbered bay so it either belongs to the driver of the van or is parked illegally and taking up two spaces. Judging by the state of the van side would anybody really like to try and squeeze their car in alongside it and risk being clobbered. The point was made earlier how did the C&RT employee get the op's telephone number and it was assumed by posters that he was neighbour and that somehow the op deserved it! The comment regarding the sunken boat is also valid, would it really take a year to find the owner?
  11. But you don't have to give up your home? Don't give up just yet.
  12. Chagall


    I think you probably have more reason than most to need to lose it now and then. Don't beat yourself up. ❤️
  13. I'd love to take part in this challenge but only as limited experience crew Im afraid, but if anybody needs an extra, if only to make bacon sandwiches, then I can travel if needed.
  14. James (seated) "where's my bloody whisky!"
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