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  1. Sorry to drag this off topic but Dan, would you read your messages please? Thanks.
  2. I haven't seen that one but did see this ... I love stained glasswork. https://www.itravelwithart.com/the-united-nations-peace-window/
  3. I found this but not sure if it helps. https://www.tropicalpermaculture.com/growing-sweet-potatoes.html It seems to suggest you utilise a runner and then snip others as space allows, but hopefully a garden expert will be along to confirm. They certainly look easy to grow!
  4. Ive no idea if I mean "Watney Low"? ... I can see an image of a narrowboat that is upside down and on each page of Primrose Engineering https://www.primrose-engineering.co.uk but maybe its just my laptop. I just wondered if it could be a quirky attempt to illustrate the question below it "Problems with your narrowboat...?"
  5. Is the upside down narrowboat on the first page of Primrose Engineering meant to signify the text below the image I wonder?
  6. Im green with envy but delighted to see Ballinger, I hope you post more of the restoration.
  7. Indeed it will and is a good idea, certainly an easier option than the original thought.
  8. I think was the plan, another suggested open shelves so he has plenty of options when he logs back in.
  9. Great idea, just so long as you realise that mirror film doesn't work when there is a light inside.... in case your bedroom is at the front!
  10. Fat chance of that, especially if you shout!
  11. I agree with MH, its just asking for leaks. If its only the wall space you need just board the inside with T&G boarding.
  12. If the windows are not leaking would it be easier to just cover the internal and fix shelves to the window frame. Then if you change your mind or sell the boat the option to revert to windows remains.
  13. Sometimes it is, and just sometimes kindness is mistaken and abused. To say "be kind. Is it so hard" with its air of reproof sets teeth on edge. Kindness has been shown and ignored but still given, here and elsewhere. Perhaps you haven't seen that. Edit to add that whatever the comments are now, it doesn't much matter since it seems LG has had quite a few of the problems sorted by hero Kevin. That has to be good news.
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