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  1. ...and wouldn't that be just rubbing noses in it! Joking aside, I would like to see a survey initiated by C&RT accepting that there is an issue and canvassing all boaters opinions rather than only the CWDF massiv. The question needs to be more than Yes or No that it shouldn't be in the general waste. It could prove that many boaters might prefer a composting toilet if facilities were generally more available.
  2. Do you ever wonder why "often people" are often hostile towards you?
  3. It was new to me ... it certainly would hurt if you forgot it was there!
  4. I think perhaps your signature line might be appropriate on this occasion.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. How do you know that most and not "some" dont like those figures, did you provide a poll? I remember your post with the guesstimated costings but if I recall correctly it was mainly in the negative to bolster your opinion that it couldn't be a workable solution. It would likely cost more than pump-outs for the initial set up, but eventually (agreed, in an ideal world) it could begin to show a reduction in costs, either down to less management of pump-outs and less blockage in elsans and eventually the sale of valuable compost material.
  7. 'Twas ever thus' ...but at least the chance for the majority to act responsibly could be given.
  8. Licence addition, locked bins? I'm sorry that I dont know the costings for such, but I'm willing at least to have the conversation and if I have time to try and find that information.
  9. Its fairly obvious whose responsibility it is. The responsibility to dispose of faeces properly falls upon every boater, whatever type of system. Cassette owners at the moment have it as the most economical. So it isn't necessarily that the cost factor is the only reason why boaters have chosen to install a composting toilet. Now it seems that CRT and the majority of boaters dont want the problem. CRT have already provided adequate methods of dealing with the waste and I agree dont have to add yet another. So on that theory should every boater be obliged to fit only a cassette or a holding t
  10. Exactly, and whilst it may not be just yet, then it is entirely possible if preference for it gather pace, but providing CRT (who read these forums) with a poll such as this just gives them a handy opportunity to forget about it now. Even if the 'I dont care' gathers momentum, it then negates healthy debate or the possibility of a survey. People do care, but the majority here have a smug taunting disregard for something different to their own choice, and label all boaters who do not compost as idiots. People have indeed spent a great deal of money, hopefully many will find a sol
  11. Since you already know the result then its easy to say "if they disagree with me then thats fine" you have set it up so there will only be one winner. People do care about this situation and the length of the topic proves this, but only being able to have the option of ticking "I dont care" in that situation is misrepresentative. You further deride any other attempt for voices to be heard by dismissing them with the ridicule of unicorn beliefs and giving them no choice in the poll. Will you add the option that 'Should CRT work with boaters to put forward a solution when and
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