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  1. Yay, thanks Sue, I don't envy you sorting that lot out. Many thanks to you and Richard for organising this. See you next year
  2. In going to claim I'm too young to have heard that the first time around! Please don't ask for birth certificate!
  3. Time travelling a speciality Form filling and knowing names of junctions, maybe not so much...... Never heard of a silver hammer though!
  4. Racing start at Fazeley, with a 5th boat (Charlie also moving into position
  5. Classy innit ? Always been a Blue Peter fan
  6. Cheers, email sent just after I posted this
  7. When's the cut off date for entry? We've (finally) made the decision to turn round and head up to Brum but now concerned our protracted dithering has made us too late!
  8. We currently have a built in oven on our boat, which is very rarely used and looking destined for removal to free up a bit of space. We're looking to install a multifuel stove and I am considering something similar to this https://www.modernstoves.co.uk/cooking-stoves/triumph-multi-fuel-cooker-stove.html Does anyone have experience of cooking with these? I'm thinking it would only be used for the occasional casserole or similar, but concerned about temperature control on a stove.
  9. Thank you jamboat. Little dog is apparently now on another boat, heading up to find the owners. Think this is a 'job done' case. Thanks again
  10. We're right by Drinkwater swing bridge (231) on south Oxford. Small dog found on towpath and eventually caught. Has a name tag, with boat and dog name Coco. He/she is being cared for on boat about 5 back from the swing bridge, boat name Doolally. Please pass this on if you know the owner, thank you
  11. We spent a week in and around Bristol in august last year, after coming down from Sharpness. Himself wandered up to the harbourmasters office when we first arrived but found it unoccupied or closed (can't quite recall details). After a couple of days we went out to the old lock and weir, picked up our visitor then returned to Bristol. We saw we should pay at the lock (Hanham?), but this was unmanned every time we passed through it. Both visits there we moored opposite the SS GB and weren't bothered by anyone.
  12. Lots of bike (and other) thefts reported on a regualr basis on the K&A Facebook group, also a guy getting beaten up by a group of teens on 14th November
  13. There are visitor moorings at the Old Lock and Weir. Seem to recall they were 48 hours which should revert to 14 days, but we doubled up with a couple of boats that had been there for a month (!) Really convenient car parking as well. We spent a good few days in Bristol on visitor moorings opposite the SS GB and several happy afternoons in the Orchard pub on Spike Island We're looking to escape the K&A in March as well. We're moving very slowly and making the most of the lifted restrictions on the visitor moorings. Had a nice couple of weeks at Great Bedwyn and currently at Hungerford. Hearing quite a lot of unpleasant goings on at Bradford on Avon, although hopefully the bad weather will keep the little darlings indoors for a bit.
  14. Amber34


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