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  1. Change the dipstick for the correct one as soon as possible. If it rests on the sump, vibration will cause it to wear through the sump pan creating a new drain hole. For reasons best known to BMC, dipsticks are made of harder metal than sump pans! How do I know this? Guess!
  2. I seem to remember that there is (was?) a photograph of a boat with a pair of donkeys in the Queens Head pub on the Montgomery .
  3. Don't use a dipstick that rests on the bottom of the sump. Over a period of time, vibration will cause it to wear a neat round hole in the sump and let the oil drain out. Don't ask me know I know this!
  4. Why not put a Landrover 2.4 diesel in it and enjoy life even more? They were fitted to NBs at one time and there may still be a few about. Likewise adapters for a marine gearbox. Non turbo recon engines as fitted to Series 3 and some military landies can be purchased from dealers. Loads of spares available dirt cheap. Chain driven camshaft so no worries there. Easy to service bags of torque to drive a big alternator (or two) they will run at low revs happily and don't need pampering so what's to worry about. But then you know all this! Don't get a turbo engine with belt driven cams though. Good luck Sultan
  5. We spent a winter at Chirk Marina but it was 5 years ago. It was a friendly place with a few liveaboards who had been there for years. Most services in Chirk and buses nearby. The golf course has gone but the club-house is now a restaurant. The marina was getting in need of a bit of tlc then. Could have been improved or may have deteriorated- who knows!
  6. Mark 99, a byelaw of this kind can only be imposed if the local authority has contributed financially to the location concerned. I think that neither CaRT or EA fall into this category and you will see that this byelaw is imposed by Richmond BC.
  7. We were at New Marton bottom lock this morning where CaRT are fitting new gates. The stop planks are in at the lock entrance and exit and the lock is empty but the usual amount of water was going over the by-weir. This is a very long weir so there is only a couple of inches depth over the lip and any lowering of level would expose the stonework. Has the acqueduct been drained by any chance? Levels upstream can drop a bit when it is but the flow downstream is maintained by pumping up from the Dee. The outflow from the pump into the canal is from a boxlike structure by the Fron lift-bridge. The flow has to be maintained because of the contractual obligation to supply mid Cheshire's drinking water at Hurleston reservoir. Sultan
  8. If you take out the other stud, then rotate the gland through 90 degrees so that the broken stud is at the top,you will have more room to get at the offending part and perhaps get a sensible drill at it. The greaser tube may be in the way but it is flexi so should tuck out of the way. The fact that it has sheared suggests to me that the the broken part may not be finger tight! Good luck Sultan
  9. While I was living in France I came across 2 H&S type notices which translated as follows;; 'The organisers are not responsible for anything' This at an agricultural show. 'Parents are responsible for their children' This at a swimming lake. In contrast, at a level crossing at Moels on the Wirral there was a sign that said; 'Open gate on far side before crossing' For all I know it is still there. Sultan
  10. If you look through the sales and wants page, you will find an ad for an AX2, up to 5kw. It is an excellent welded steel multifuel with a 4inch flue and firebrick liner. You could pm the owner for details
  11. I have 8 postings but there is no pm box on my member profile. Sultan derocco
  12. Thanks for the replies. I couldn't remember the name. I was aboard for the passage of Beeston Cut. Air draught was a problem solved by adding water ballast as I recall. I was involved in the moving of the Ruston steam shovel from Hull to the Beamish musem and owned one share in the Dorothea engine. I remember accompanying Chris on motorbikes from Hull to Beamish - me on Velocette and Chris on his Norton which had a broken frame. Was Frugality the original name - it reflects the times accurately ? Is she still afloat? Sultan
  13. Does anyone have any information on the West Country keel that went under steam from Leeds to Leicester in the early 1970's (or thereabouts). The original engine had been stripped out and it was fitted with a single cylinder non-reversing steam engine and a vertical boiler. What was its name? What became of it? Sultan
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