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  1. Thanks Mike - I'll look forward to hearing from you. I'm not sure about the copyright situation, I'm afraid. Thanks Ray, too - I do know that film and 'Towpath Encounter' but I didn't know they did others - I'll do a bit of research.
  2. Hello Mike - that's great information. I started this thread because I'm writing a book on boat horses. I'd like a chat with you if you were willing. My email is j.elaine.walker@gmail.com.
  3. Thanks - I've just moved house after a long five months of legal wrangling so I'm running behind schedule a bit but I'm working to catch up now - thanks for all of this information.
  4. That's all great - thankyou so much - it's this sort of personal connection I'm after. I'm following up all the information that comes my way bit by bit!
  5. Thankyou, though it was more on the anonymous post about the Hostel Craft at Stretford I was thinking of. I'm currently working on a book on boat horses as part of my long-term work as a writer on horses in cultural history. I started this thread last year as I'm especially interested in personal stories and memories to go alongside my archive research.
  6. That's intriguing - if anyone knows anymore about who this might be or has any other memories that relate to this, I'd like to try to follow it up. Thanks.
  7. I've been told about this book and your uncle before, Jeanette, but not been able to find it anywhere - now I have the author's name, I should have more luck! Thankyou - that's a great help!
  8. I'm planning to be at Alvecote on Sunday - if anyone who's been in touch will be there, it would be good to make contact! I've had several interviews and lots of emails and I've met up with Sue Day so things are moving well - I really appreciate everyone who has responded.
  9. Thankyou both - not heard of that one before and I've found it on Amazon now - great! There's a sequence of photos in the archive at Ellesmere Port which shows the horse taking up the strain on the boat and leaning into the collar
  10. That's the first mention of donkeys outside archive material - I shall follow that up by asking the pub - thankyou! I like the idea that the mule may have worked her way up the ranks!
  11. That's interesting - I guess that not that long earlier no-one would have given it a second thought.
  12. I've read the Jack Roberts book - it's interesting seeing all the boats and people I'm coming across start to link together. Thankyou.
  13. The BFI is a really useful source of information - thankyou
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