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    Himanka, Finland
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    Geology, cycle touring (Dawes Galaxy + Brooks B17 + Carradice panniers & saddlebag - that sort o' thing), photography, trekking & wild camping such as in the Lake District, Scottish single malt whiskies (such as Braes of Glenlivet, Convalmore, Pittyvaich, Mortlach).

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    Geologist extraordinaire
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  1. We changed the name of our boat and 8 months later I got 2 warnings on the Canalworld forums. So, yes, it is bad luck.
  2. Surely you mean 6000 Pounds/year for a morring in London? Even in Oxfordshire it's 1768/year for an 'agricultural mooring' just to the north of Cropredy - for a 40-foot boat.
  3. Interesting, that, Mac! I wonder what the yard will feel like in June. Rather an historic occasion.
  4. I think CRT will be swinging into action as hirers of boats will be on the L&L in plenty this Summer and will be mightily unhappy at spending all those thousands for a boating holiday.
  5. If Peel Holdings refuse to respond to communication, how can they fine you and take you to court?
  6. Works well for me after a few vodkas (may I point out that professional drivers are restricted by hours, vehicles fitted with tachographs. which is a good thing. however, after work you can get in your car and drive for as many hours as you like! and why are cars not fitted with a) governors to restrict speed breathalysing locks so ignition is disabled if you're over the limit? - yes, I know why.... ) (also - why no psychological tests for car drivers? or any drivers for that matter? apart from aeroplane pilots)
  7. Bit tasteless posting that today? A lot of passengers didn't get off the ground at Brussels this morning.
  8. Do keep up at the back! We only want to go from V to P! (Manchester Victoria to Manchester Piccadilly)
  9. London Euston to Llandudno Junction 1040 train next Wednesday = 42 Pounds. Just looked on nationrail.co.uk 63 Pounds return.
  10. Not in Scandinavia between May-Aug! Bit overcast in Belgium at the moment I hear.
  11. One way of growing up is to set yourself a goal and do it. Walking the Coast to Coast path (across the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors) for example. You feel much wiser and fitter after such an achievement. And it costs little. Buy a bike from Ebay and do Land's End to John O'Groats - plan your own route and take your time (don't follow the sheeple or the middle-aged-men-in-tights along the beaten tracks). Write your memoirs. Write a novel. Study something new.
  12. Off to charity shop, you, to buy new teacup!
  13. Last night I was thinking of putting my Winter coat away in the cupboard in the hall, ready for next Winter as I'm sure it may be cold then (it usually is here in Finland) but this morning I decided to wear it one more time as it's a little nippy -15 Centigrade. I'm hoping it will be warmer this Summer, so that I don't need to wear that bulky coat! Let's hope it's not a rainy Summer again, eh? But I have a waterproof jacket and waterproof trousers on the boat so I think I may be OK.
  14. Tokyo's monorails to Haneda airport and the Yurikamome: http://www.tokyo-monorail.co.jp/english/
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