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  1. That’s a long time ago but is a very good picture. We do like to get our foot down in the deep
  2. She is currently on the river weaver with the parfield parbella iris Abbott and Sara Abbott
  3. my grandfather cpt Ernest Parkinson and mate john Parkinson on parfield ,my father cpt thomas Parkinson and mate Walter simcock on parcastle ,uncle cpt Ernest Parkinson jnr and Thomas Blake on the parbella ‘ cpt Charlie woods and I think it was his son on the paradine not sure of the dump barge men .my father Thomas switch his stuff over to the iris Abbott on the day the dukers finished and went down on the river weaver carrying salt and chemicals until abbots finished in 1978 his mate on the iris was Sam smith .After my father finished on the river weaver he became a lock keeper on the Wigan
  4. Would be nice if we could get a picture off attractive. Parbold is down south somewhere
  5. Calder and at atherton where scrapped side by side at Wigan in the 80’s .
  6. It was my grandad who took the last load into Kellogg’s with the parfield . The parfield was loaded the week before they finished . it was my grandads official retirement the week before and because of all the union work and time he had been in the dukers they wanted it to be him to take the last load .My father had the parcastle and my uncle had the parbella on the day they finished
  7. I would say the motor barge setting off is the parfield as my grandad used to paint the decks in red oxide. Parderry was scrapped a few years before they finished as she had an accident and stoved her bow in possibility she hit the bull nose of a lock my dad said he was on his way back to Liverpool for another with the parcastle as he noticed a duker coming in the distance when they passed the wheelhouse was leaning over and the bow was pushed back to the winch . Parelia was dragged out at pamona docks for scrapping a month or so before they finished . Pimblotts also built 3 of the dumb barg
  8. Hi everyone just want to let people who might know my father Thomas parkinson sadly he passed away on Friday the 5th of January. A bit of info on my father he was born at the side of the Leeds and Liverpool canal in 1944 near adlington in Lancashire.He started on the canals with his father and siblings as soon as he was old enough to walk and used to work boats in his summer holidays . Once my father left school he started work on the bridgewater and Manchester ship canals on the duker barges .My father became a captain of the duker parcastle until trade finished in 1974 at which point he took
  9. I was thinking that any idea why it would do that ?
  10. Hi I have a 6ltr Morco boiler and it seems to keep surging does anyone no why ?
  11. That's the page tells you all about the project and how to join if anyone is interested
  12. hi Kris we have a Facebook page with loads of pictures
  13. that's an interesting one you would think there would be how could you find out
  14. they only have to get a licence after 7 days on crt waterways same as the bridgewater as always been
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