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  1. They treated us very kindly at the Rodley Barge last Autumn, letting us tie up for a couple of days. We could step off the deck straight into the pub garden.Nice unpretentious pub. I can't say they'll always let people tie up by the garden, but there are good visitor moorings next door ,just before the swing bridge.
  2. Sorry for the late update. Don't have internet on the boat. Ribble got through Eshton Road lock easily on Saturday afternoon. There was quite substantial bulging of the wall, but there was room to spare. The word from CRT was that the lock is now closed until it is repaired.
  3. Spoke to CRT this morning. They are taking boats through by bow hauling only, 9.30am to 4.00pm, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The lock will then be closed until it is repaired. We are hoping to take Ribble through last on Saturday, so that if our 14ft 3ins beam comes to grief, nobody else will be held up.
  4. Those who insist on cycling at speed on towpaths should be encouraged to use clip-in shoes, especially where the towpath is in poor condition. Over time, the problem will then disappear.
  5. Nice colourful website. Has clearly provided work (and lots of it!), for idle hands during the lockdowns. Just need to persuade CRT to keep some water in the canal, now, so that people can actually do some boating.
  6. I liked the video.Good job, Mike. How many millions could the EverGiven's owners have saved if someone on the bridge had ever had a canal holiday? As for nearly two pages of off-the-point discussion - J**us! Is this sort of thing related to atmospheric pressure, I wonder; a bit like clicking and pixellation on the TV?
  7. Many thanks to all, for comments and suggestions. Plenty to think about there. I will report back.
  8. Mmm, thanks.Followed the link. See what you mean by "at a price" Yes,after days scouring the Internet this may be the way to go. Ring gears seem to be advertised by vehicle they are meant for, rather than by size. Bit like when you try to buy a car tail lamp bulb.
  9. All those of a nervous or sensitive disposition, look away now. After trying very hard to put it off, I'm reaching the point of fitting electric start to Bellatrix's engine. Yes, I know she's been fine for eighty-odd years without it; and yes it's satisfying and fun to start by hand on a nice day when the engine is warmed up - but on a cold morning, when she hasn't run for a while, even if you've followed the RN handbook advice to leave little oil in the cylinders, you've used tilley-wicks, and even a blow lamp down the inlet manifold, it's a b**tard! And possibly dangerous for someone not in the first (or even second) flush of youth; the uncomfortable feeling in the chest might be to do with having toast BEFORE trying to start the engine, but then again . . . I've found a marine engineering firm that will machine the flywheel. What I need is the experience and advice of anyone who has done this conversion - particularly where do you get a starter ring gear for a 22inch flywheel, and what is a suitable currently-produced starter motor (12volt). Any and all suggestions gratefully received.
  10. DRP


    Exhibition went down well with the angling fraternity,many of whom were pictured. Biggest problem was the heat,which meant that people couldn't stay inside for very long.
  11. DRP


    Thank goodness they've used it at last! Ribble is in Knottingley convalescing after a bottom transplant, and looking forward to returning home when we're all allowed to move about again.
  12. Many congratulations to ivan&Alice for starting a thread that has allowed so much virtue signalling. As the years went by, I grew to really dislike anglers, but then cycling became much more popular, and anglers didn't seem so bad.
  13. Hi Steve,


    I checked with the gasket people today.Once they've made gaskets to order they keep the pattern on file under the name of the person who ordered them. They can make them to order after that; you'd need to quote my name (David Poole), and tell them you have my permission to use "my" gasket pattern. They charged me £43 for two sets ( I thought I'd have a spare set in case I ballsed it up).


    Is the link if you want to contact them.

    Otherwise, I could go in and order a set for you.



    1. sparrowcycles


      Thanks David, that's great news. 


      I will give them a call tomorrow and order a set! Your write up read nicely, it's exactly that sort of thing that really helps people down the line and is, I believe, what forums are really about. 


      Best regards, steve

  14. I suspect back in the mists of time, an iron connector was used because it was cheap from a plumber's merchant. As the least "noble" of the metals round there, its demise was probably predictable to those with a chemical turn of mind. I've played safe, and used marine grade bronze connectors and ball valve, although I think DZR would have done. I'm very much hoping these will see me out, but I'll be checking at each docking in future. (Since this discovery, I've been told that inspection and dismantling of seacocks is a requirement in certification and recertification of commercial and passenger vessels - good thing too!) Sorry, forgot to mention that the flange itself was OK.Although it looks rusty in the enlarged photo, once cleaned up it looks to be a yellowish metal so I'm guessing it's bronze. The old seacock and strainer certainly are, so the connector was iron caught between two bronze fittings.
  15. Yes, I'd been intending to take the old gate valve apart, to sort out its failure to completely shut off the flow, and being on the slip seemed the ideal opportunity. When I undid the plumbing, it just fell off! Bearing in mind the Aire and Calder Navigation is deep enough to pass barges drawing more than 7 feet, We were glad (and lucky) to have made it to Knottingley. I've already made the resolution to dismantle and reassemble the seacock every time we do a routine docking ,in future! The new one should keep us afloat
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