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  1. Are all Jp engines the same roataion? I know that a friend was surprised that mine used a right hand prop, believing that all, listers used LH ones. Would it be possible to mount the starter on the other side of the engine? Ie not beside the Injector pump but the other side. Oh I guess the water pump is in the way.. Mine has the seawater pump which is in another place entirely. I had one of these on a 4 cylinder Ford lifeboat engine, it always shocked me how easily it spun it over.. Compressed springs and contained gas always scare me a little.
  2. Indeed, I was just starting to look for any Jp3 engines online (from generators etc) but might have to think on the direction and mounting of the starter some more if it may be of the wrong rotation.
  3. Thanks everyone, I might actually follow that, suggestion and look for a Jp3 complete for spares, in which case I would have plenty of bits for Prince's JS as well as a flywheel and starter for my friend. Anyone got one kicking around? I've just had a look at the JS and the starter is bolted to the engine bearer via a cast plate with the straps in o e piece. If I have a hard time finding a donor engine I think I could make up something similar. That one at redshaws is too pricey for me. I'll have a search now, but if anyone knows of an engine (ideal
  4. Hello folks. I have a friend who is looking at a boat with a hand start only Jp2 in it. She would need it converting to electric start so I'm looking out for a Jp flywheel with ring gear attached plus a suitable starter motor. Does anyone on here have one for sale? Or any of the bits that would assist with the conversion (I'm assuming that I will have to fabricate a mount for the starter but if there are fittings available I would mu h rather buy one that was made for the purpose) All the best, s
  5. Thanks, that is my original post from when I bought kerbau in 2014, Alan's site I have already seen.
  6. Yes, I'm certain that the Harris brothers did the conversion but from an old Hull, I'm also certain that it is not a Bantock because they have a curved stem Post and this one is straight below the top curve. What really puzzles me is the plating, I have seen Calder barges (like June) made with lots of tiny plates but never a joey. Plus the way the plates overlap looks counter intuitive at the gunnel and the footings which makes me think a long strip of iron from some other purpose had the gunnels and footings riveted on to make the hull. Either way I'd be interested to hear
  7. Hello again folks. Happy Christmas to you all! Im writing this time with an enquiry for a friend, she bought a previous boat, Kerbau - a shortened bcn joey, from me some years ago and loves the boat dearly. However she does need a longer boat and has been looking for a suitable project BCN boat to replace Kerbau but to no avail so far. So, while that search continues, she is looking into the logistics of lengthening Kerbau with sympathy to the hull, the issue being that she is not built like most Bantocks or similar (of which there will be plenty of useable sides around t
  8. Great, I'll have a look at that site, thanks! Yes! It does have an extreme pitch (and pronounced prop walk to boot), a 28x20 is required I believe. True, as soon as he is out of the water I'll be swapping the prop. I do believe also that the town class boats swim allows more water to the propeller easily due to its steeper vee shape rather than the rounded barrel shaped swim on Prince. I will investigate the pump and let you all know when the prop is changed.
  9. It's only that I steer a few of the coal boats which have much smaller engines than the JS and they can really really throw some water out the back when wound on a bit which Prince rarely does. Prince does have a 24" prop which is a bit small really but still.. I am aware that I may be looking too hard at something which isn't a problem, it's pretty shallow up here and he is pretty deep as well as having a very different shaped swim than other GU motors, all of which could affect it. Given that he runs smoothly with almost no smoke and good oil pressure I'm inclined to
  10. Thanks for that information, I'll see if I can check what elements are in the pump, the number is BPE3B700400/66533 as far as I can tell which might indicate a 7mm element. Of course I have no way of knowing if it's the correct pump.
  11. Thanks, I'm normally the sort of person who will do the work themselves, it is one of the things I like about older engines, that with a decent workshop one can take on a lot of the work oneself. I'm not so naive, however, in pursuing this at the expense of my engine. I may well look for a good pump to test Prince with and go from there. S
  12. Hello folks, As I can't go home for Xmas I'm thinking of checking the cam on Prince's injection pump. The engine runs really well, almost no smoke, good oil pressure etc but I'm not convinced that he has the power I'd expect from a Jp3 (well, JS3 really) when I bough him there was no oil in the pump sump so I thought I'd have a look at the cam. Does anyone have any tips for doing this? Many thanks! S
  13. Hi Steve,


    I checked with the gasket people today.Once they've made gaskets to order they keep the pattern on file under the name of the person who ordered them. They can make them to order after that; you'd need to quote my name (David Poole), and tell them you have my permission to use "my" gasket pattern. They charged me £43 for two sets ( I thought I'd have a spare set in case I ballsed it up).


    Is the link if you want to contact them.

    Otherwise, I could go in and order a set for you.



    1. sparrowcycles


      Thanks David, that's great news. 


      I will give them a call tomorrow and order a set! Your write up read nicely, it's exactly that sort of thing that really helps people down the line and is, I believe, what forums are really about. 


      Best regards, steve

  14. Charity dock is still offering boating services, I have used their dry dock. the whole raft of boats in front can open up to let one in. A far more fun place to work on a boat than so many of the clinical yards around the system.
  15. likewise, i just made my own but some 'real' ones wouldnt hurt!
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