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  1. I would consider covering your roof in EPDM rubber membrane, I have used it on a few wooden cabins, it can be ordered in any size so the whole roof is covered in one piece, it's flexible and tough. Painted canvas could easily be applied over the top of this layer and you wouldn't have to worry about water ingress through cracks in the paint.
  2. Hey folks, does anyone have a sw2 water pump going spare by any chance? A friend's has just snapped it's shaft at the impeller end and the cost of a new one is eye watering. Thanks! S
  3. Amazing! Wow that didn't take long! I will contact you in the week with my order then! Thanks.. s
  4. Thanks, if they have a different font I'd be interested, the number plate font is very distinctive and the bw plates were very different. But I shall enquire and find out!
  5. Hi everyone, Does anybody know where I might be able to commission a pair of pressed aluminium name plates as used on bw boats in the 90s? I believe radiant has a good example of the thing I'm looking for. Don't worry it's not for any of my boats, it's for my tractor. Thanks!
  6. Thanks everyone, I guess I was wondering specifically about the blade shape in that all the props I've seen on narrowboats so far have the bulk of the blade at the outer edge (ie each blade looks something like a teardrop with its pointy end at the centre of the prop) But this one seems to have the widest part of the blade right by the hub and then tapers out towards the blade ends. Does this design make any difference? S
  7. Interesting. Can I ask what a turbine prop is normally used for, advantages and disadvantages etc. Sorry, it's a whole new world to me!
  8. Hi folks, I have just picked up a bargain propeller which I might try on Prince soon, it's a different shape to most propellers I've seen and it got me thinking about the merits of different prop designs.. Does anyone have any pearls of wisdom regarding this particular one? Thanks!
  9. Don't worry I have tested injectors like this multiple times and am very much aware of any risks involved.
  10. Thanks both of you, that's good information, I will try Tony's tip and also see if I can dig out another pipe to check the spray pattern off the actual pump itself.
  11. Thanks mate, yes it looks like two might be a little down, I'll have a look at them. One needed a clean of the nozzle but after that all them made a nice fan, I was quite surprised to see that they only have one hole! I did note that they may have had a little drip left once once the spray had ended but I think that may have been the hand pump tester that I was using. The engine runs clearer now with only a slight mist from the exhaust. Thanks!
  12. Hi folks, just a quick one. I'm looking at the injectors on prince as I have noticed a little smoke with a diesel smell. Have just tested the injectors and cleaned a nozzle that needed it but I'm wondering what the pop pressure should be? I have two almost bang on 2000psi and one a tiny bit higher. Thanks!
  13. That's great, thanks! Yeo will be a little different, being that it has no elsan (or WC) room but I'm sure they didn't change the overall design much. Many thanks! S
  14. Hey folks, does anyone happen to have any pictures or plans of a river class cabin? I'm doing some lockdown work on Yeo and am hoping to start the cabin fit out but for the life of me I cannot find the photos I took of Wye and that one is slightly different in being fitted with an elsan room . Any help would be greatly appreciated! S
  15. OK so I've finally got the time to look at and order some bearings for the gearbox and reduction. My eyes did water when looking at the price for the gearbox thrust bearing! Blimey! However when looking at the parts list it seems that bearing is only specified for direct drive only, which makes sense as no thrust would get transferred through the reduction box. Then the reduction box diagram has its own, normal, ball bearing on the diagram which I believe would replace the thrust bearing of the gearbox end plate. Thankfully sleeman and hawken seem to have the reduction box thrust bearing for a little over £60 so I'm happy with that but I thought I'd ask here in case I've made a schoolboy error and not seen it. Thanks! S
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