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  1. I agree really, it's nice to have a start point to look from though. I did a lot of searching last night, comparing paints to the photo of Yeo that I have in colour and think I have found a good contender. It could well come out looking wrong but for me it is the colour feeling in that photo (regardless of light, processing or 1960s camera film) that I would like to be faithful to.
  2. Thanks, if I can't find it I'll give him a shout.. That's much appreciated, thanks!
  3. Thanks, I had searched for a good while to no avail, I guess having 'Bradley blue' in the search wasn't the best plan.. It seems that there is a panetone number to go with now! Many thanks, and I'm sorry to have duplicated a thread.
  4. Here's a pic to see if anyone has an idea on the precise colour. It was taken at Hawkesbury junction late 1963 Thanks
  5. Woah, seems like I've hit a blank..
  6. Yes that is what I was talking about. So they are for boats to lay up while waiting for the bridge.. Makes sense! Somehow, those piling and the fact the River is quite wide there made me think it could have been a wharf in the past.
  7. I have no doubt that you will do right by Rebecca, many people would shrink away from such thorough work, I'm glad she looks set for another hundred years.
  8. Hey penny, steve here we spoke the other day.. Wow, you're really going for it! Definitely better than an overplate. I hope you find some good history about Rebecca.
  9. Hey again folks, I'm about to start working on the cabin on Yeo, I have a photo of her from the early 60s when pulled up at Sutton stop as a family boat after traffic ceased and in this colour shot she looks to be in the darker 'Bradley yard' blue. I've done some looking but can't seem to find a reference to the appropriate colour code for this darker blue so thought I'd pick your brains on the matter... Also if anyone has any insight into lettering heights etc I would be really grateful as I'm aware some yards had their own differing styles and on Yeo I'd like her to look as original as possible. Thanks..
  10. Thanks I'm not on Facebook anymore but might consider reawakening it to chat to some knowledgeable people.
  11. No problem at all, I will check out the maps when I get in but thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction!
  12. Thanks, that's a little further into town than the Sutton Bridge but I'll definitely go and have a look!
  13. Hi folks, I was just down on the weaver the other day (unfortunately on the motorbike and not on the boat) and I noticed the remains of a wooden structure beside the swing Bridge on the off side near Frodsham. Was this site used as a wharf? If there are old maps that anyone could recommend finding I'd love to have a look. All the best, s
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