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  1. Thanks again, I really appreciate your help and clear explanations! That is a great rule of thumb (love the wordplay too) I shall use it for sure. I think I have found a 10.5" x 9" RH so that should be perfect.
  2. As it turns clockwise in forward when viewed from aft then I'm thinking it is a right hand prop. The engine plate does say 7hp at 1450rpm, I'm not sure it that will make a difference compared to the. 1800rpm quoted by BEngo
  3. Thanks for your reply, I think I'll start looking for a 10" prop then! It was grossly overpowered with the bmc and as this is for my mum I feel she would rather a slower boat with less twitchy steering while under power! Many thanks! S
  4. Thanks, I can confirm the lack of a reduction box, the output shaft is at the same level as the crank, no drop at all. Have measured the existing prop today and its approx 18", so much too big! I'm thinking that between 12" and 14" would do it. It looks to be right handed, the crank turns clockwise when looking from the stern/gearbox end to forward.
  5. Hi folks, I'm not sure if this is the best section to ask this in but I'm about to fit a lister Ld2 in a 30ft boat that currently has a bmc 1.5 in it. I'm pretty certain it'll need a new propeller, I'm just wondering if anyone has a good guess of what size I should aim to get. It has an LM100 mechanical gearbox and looks to have no reduction box. Thanks!
  6. Yes, but depending on the condition of the project boat she may need to stay on that while she works on the new one.. I can ask if you're looking for a short bcn boat..
  7. Ah cool, I'm glad it has found a good home!
  8. Hey folks, a friend on mine is looking for a historic project boat, between 60ft and full length. She currently has a 40ft shortened bcn boat but wants to work on something that will give her more space. I think she would prefer 60ft because she would like to go to Sheffield at some point but if the right full length boat came along she would happily postpone that and see the rest of the system until she can get her dream L & L short boat! I don't know her budget yet but I did think of LMS Paragon which was for sale some time ago, I'm not sure if it sold or not. Many thanks. S
  9. Hi folks, I believe that the Lucas cav pump is leaking through its drive shaft seal into the engine block. My question is, can the drive shaft seal be replaced without dismantling the whole pump? I have the whole seal rebuild kit and am happy to go for it but would obviously just change the offending seal if possible Thanks! S
  10. Thank you, that is of great help and much appreciated, I shall pass it on straight away! S
  11. Hey everyone, a friend on mine is working on a project involving the Manchester, bury and Bolton canal, she is trying to work out the dimensions of boats that commonly used it. I have a photo from archives that show wide beam wooden boats by a lock and I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on them, dimensions, builder etc. I had assumed that L and L short boats and run or headers would have used it but this photo is certainly of another type. Thanks in advance!
  12. I would consider covering your roof in EPDM rubber membrane, I have used it on a few wooden cabins, it can be ordered in any size so the whole roof is covered in one piece, it's flexible and tough. Painted canvas could easily be applied over the top of this layer and you wouldn't have to worry about water ingress through cracks in the paint.
  13. Hey folks, does anyone have a sw2 water pump going spare by any chance? A friend's has just snapped it's shaft at the impeller end and the cost of a new one is eye watering. Thanks! S
  14. Amazing! Wow that didn't take long! I will contact you in the week with my order then! Thanks.. s
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