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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Liveaboard-barge-/185042584761?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 For those into the wider side of life.
  2. Thanks everyone, I do like Darley's paint and it is an inspiration for a future scheme on Prince. I was just aware that often the maintenance boats were painted in a slightly more austere scheme.
  3. Hi folks. Does anyone know what the first BW maintenance boats were painted like? I'm wondering what Prince may have looked like at the time of nationalisation. Thanks s
  4. Just to let everyone know that I finally got the electric start sorted. I bought a JS3 industrial engine and used the flywheel from that but it had a different reverse side so the hand start gear would not fit. To remedy this I designed an adapter plate on cad and got that laser cut/machined. This allowed me to refit the had start gear, reinstall the flywheel and fabricate a bracket for the starter. I'm happy to say that it starts well and runs fine. If anyone is doing the same and wants a copy of the cad file I'd be happy to send it.
  5. Conway up for sale. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324657310455
  6. There are definitely some on ebay right now.
  7. Thanks everyone. I shall contact them to get a concrete answer (hopefully) and will post what I find back here.. S
  8. Hi everyone, Just a quick one, I have had a search on the forum and not found an answer so thought I'd post this. Is there any BSS reason not to fit an lpg water heater in an engine room on a traditional narrowboat? I have a vague memory that it's not allowed but that might be the bathroom 'rule' (which, oddly, I have seen on loads of narrowboats). Any advice much appreciated. S
  9. Hi everyone. Just to update this thread. I found an industrial JS3 and bought that thinking it ideal because it would supply a flywheel for my friends boat and an engines worth of spares for the JS in Prince. However. Having just got both flywheels off I can see that the reverse sides are quite different. I was expecting the JS one to have no provision for the hand start mechanism and suspected I'd have to fabricate an adaptor to take the JP sprocket etc. On further investigation though, not only is the rear hub substantially smaller diameter but crucially the tapered section is actually about 3/4in deeper than on the JP, meaning the widest point of the taper is wider on the JS flywheel than the other one. To further complicate matters it looks like that, depth of taper is pretty important as the flywheel seems to close up tight to the crank end seal housing so a deeper taper would just hit that housing and not tighten.. I have included some photos here so hopefully people will understand what I'm getting at! Any advice on this matter would be much appreciated!
  10. Yes, I've done that to the manifold but the air filter itself is sealed and I can see the same gunk in there but can't clean it out. I could cut it open and weld back together but I'd rather not. OK that makes sense, I've seen some exhausts with the same thread but didn't want to get the wrong one. I'll look into oil Bath filters. Thanks!
  11. Yes, but in this case there is quite a bit of gunky particle-y stuff in there and I'm pretty certain it was a bit of that which held the valve open so I'm not going to put it back on.. Slightly worried about sucking a leaf/ small child or my cat up that pipe though..
  12. Yes that is the type! But for the life of me I can't find them for sale online. If I knew the name to search for... Can't even find them on mps site and couldn't get through on the phone.
  13. Sorry to ask another question of you all, folks! This one is a really boring one too.. Does anyone know the name of the type of air filter normally fitted to JP engines? Prince's is a sealed canister type and has very much passed its prime. I had a stuck valve (carbon deposit on the inlet valve) the other day so have stripped and decoked all the heads and manifolds as well as lapping the valves but I cannot find the air filter online anywhere because, in this modern world, its all about knowing your search terminology If someone could please tell me the type I'd be grateful!
  14. Are all Jp engines the same roataion? I know that a friend was surprised that mine used a right hand prop, believing that all, listers used LH ones. Would it be possible to mount the starter on the other side of the engine? Ie not beside the Injector pump but the other side. Oh I guess the water pump is in the way.. Mine has the seawater pump which is in another place entirely. I had one of these on a 4 cylinder Ford lifeboat engine, it always shocked me how easily it spun it over.. Compressed springs and contained gas always scare me a little.
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