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  1. Am I missing something here? I just have my Android phone on Wifi, Bluetooth and portable hotspot, hang it by the window and use my iPad.
  2. Yes but on my Android the only options are Gif/Avatar/ Smiley. Nowhere for a photo if it's a reply.
  3. Is it possible to include a photo when replying to a post on FB? I can't see how.
  4. Graphite is a non-metal and it is the only non-metal that can conduct electricity. You can find non-metals on the right side of the periodic table and graphite is the only non-metal that is a good conductor of electricity. Is this “One drip a minute” a bit misleading? Does a tiny drop of water really cool the prop shaft down? My prop only averages 300 rpm but the shaft never gets warm even without the magic “ one drop a minute” Is that just because it’s such a low rpm?
  5. Not sure which to order. I don't understand why graphite is used when it's near the top of the noble scale of metals, so should cause corrosion in steel!
  6. Is it necessary to scuff the first coat of red oxide down before applying a second coat if it’s a week old (rain stopped me from putting the second coat on after a couple of days) Crown Trade Red Oxide Primer.
  7. Leave an air gap if you are going to use Sikaflex “all the way round” otherwise the trapped air under the panel will bubble up on hot days and the cells will fail.
  8. Trouble is the docks are saltwater so your magnesium anodes very quickly disappear. If you still have any you should see bubbles. I saw some fizzing away like Alka-Seltzer😬
  9. Water pump in my Mastervolt whisper 6000 generator. Johnson MC97 compound impeller.
  10. Can someone explain why impellers are available in 3 different materials, Neoprene, Nitrile and MC97?
  11. XLD

    Folding bikes

    Excellent info👍. And the suspension seat post sounds great. Thanks
  12. Are these bikes with 20 inch wheels generally easy to use on the towpath?
  13. Five eighths🙂
  14. Thought I'd rust treat with Owatrol, then coat with red oxide before 2 coats of topcoat semi gloss. As it's going over old paint I assume undercoat is unnecessary, but am I right?
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