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  1. Thank you after what he as put me thou he can now drown in the canal x
  2. Thank you for your help the police hav found him and he is safe I will bloody kill him when I get hold of him xxx
  3. I need help what is the private marina called next to the White Bear Marina my 83yr friend live's there on his narrow barge he is called ROY I hav called the police his phone is ringing and he is not picking up its now mths really worried everyone on the canal know's him he lost his little dog Sprite 2yrs ago and than got another one he is a small man loads of white grey hair and beard his barge is black and red been his friend over 30yrs and I can't remember the name of his boat xxx
  4. Have you tried ringing round double glazing place's I have a Seamaster and we made the bathroom window bigger that's were I got mine also they may have your seal I would give Channel glaze the sack.
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE I found it hard this forum is rather is difficult to understand
  6. LOL yes get a big dog I have one he make's the noise and looks the part but would run a mile lol
  7. Bee I hav moved her she is in a nice clean and tidy place with cctv ........NOT a shit hole ......I don't know what right C**** has to tell me to move I would not recommend anyone to go there and hav their boat blackened by C**** I did speak to S**** who own's it and he is a really nice person but it seem's like this C**** as some kind of hold on him .....S**** got married last year everyone was invited excepted C**** not only did C**** make me move but he threw loads of rubbish,water dirty wet sand into my boat and the wood floor as only been down a few wks YES he as made a really mess .....why do that I was going .....no one as a nice thing to say about him yes he is there every day walking round and talking to people he thinks hav money his work is not to my taste the only two people on there any good is the welder and the painter can't name them and they work for themselves They would not hav a meeting as they can't stand one another OH and they hav blocked me on FB emmm wonder why
  8. Has the op sorted his oil leak ?? I and I would think that everyone else is interested to know ???
  9. I got my GRP boat in or around April 2016 my brother and I decided that we would strip her down and start again which was a good job as behind the wood inside was all rotten the floor infect all the wood in her was rotten The owner of the yard said in June to my brother and I that I was welcome to stay as long as I want. I should hav got that in writing I paid him £20 a wk cash...... in Nov the guy that own's HALF of the crane came to me and said you hav to get your boat off like now or I will put it in the water......I said she can't go in the water she is no were near ready and the owner whom I pay said I can stay as long as I want. he replied well he is a piss head and I am telling you WELL I was given 2wks to get off .......finding some were to put a 27ft boat in winter is a night mare There was nothing I could do paying cash without a receipt is a big NO NO
  10. I would use fiberglass you can buy a small tin from Halfords but I would do it from the outside but its not easy to use and it will need rubbing down than your paint work will need touching up but I would not do it in this weather its to cold for it to set filler will work for a short time but that will also hav to be rubbed down ...good luck
  11. No why ??? They have used a gallon drum and a small pump which I used 27yrs ago in my horsebox it also need a new diesel tank which we found out to day .......I have taken pic and will post them all from start to finish its going to be the Vetus flexible water tank
  12. Iain_S you did not read my post correctly I did not say she had a kitchen sink, bathroom sink and a shower in..... Flexi Tank I said......Does anyone have any info on them my boat will NEED water to the kitchen sink, bathroom sink/shower
  13. Its a Seamaster 27 and IT has not got a water tank it has a sink with two taps no hot water ?? why would you have two taps if you have nothing to generate hot water or any water It does not have a filler cap on the boat only for diesel The only place that you can put a water tank is at the "V" at the front or were the engine and diesel tank is
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