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    'Rose of Parbold' crew member. Amateur radio enthusiast since 1979 - Callsign G4LTI.

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  1. Mobile phone signal booster

    I hope the "Maximum Power: 50W" stated in a typo. 50mW would be more appropriate. Also, it doesn't say how the repeater is powered, so presumably it's internal batteries?
  2. pru tim

    That was the last programme in series 8. I wonder if there will be any more?
  3. Still a lot of work to do. This is top lock and there is work going on at two other locks further down the flight.
  4. Boeing 737

    Don't sit in seat 11A, it doesn't have a window ........
  5. Who do you bank with?

    Most cash machines have a paying-in function nowadays. Cheques are scanned and the image is printed on the receipt. I'm with Santander and my wife banks with the Halifax. Both Bank's branches have this facility on our local market town.
  6. Who do you bank with?

    Santander 1-2-3 Account. £335.51p in cashback during 2017 including 10% cashback from their car insurance.
  7. Some pictures (not mine) from the Johnsons Hillock Open Day yesterday. http://johndbarton.blogspot.co.uk/2018/01/johnsons-hillock-open-day.html?spref=tw
  8. T'was chucking it down when I walked up the flight to have a look at progress so the Nikon stayed in it's bag. The contractors had thoughtfully wedged the 'services' door open so I sheltered from the rain inside the shower room! I should be in that area in the next few days so 'watch this space'.
  9. Interesting to see Wigan top lock at the moment with stop planks in above the lock and all 4 gates wide open. The pound below is almost dry and there are new gates on the bank ready to be fitted.
  10. As a local, I don't need your geography lesson as I regularly walk that section. However, I'm curious to know where the off-side of the canal is un-fenced at that point?
  11. Woodhouse Drive (B5375) isn't near the canal. Woodhouse Lane is and the canal is fenced off at the point where Green's Carpets is. Is the map pin in the correct place ?
  12. I bet that was interesting. Woodhouse Lane is fenced off and the towpath is on the opposite bank. I suppose you could always drop it in from Scot Lane bridge !
  13. How about Burscough? You can pull the HIAB along side the L+L opposite The Slipway Inn at Crabtree Lane bridge (32). There's also a slipway there if needed.
  14. Kill Cord ?

  15. Kill Cord ?

    Tie the cord to the knob ???