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    Lancashire, UK.
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    'Rose of Parbold' crew member. Amateur radio enthusiast since 1979 - Callsign G4LTI.

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  1. Aguila

    OK, I give up!

    Hmm..... Why has it been moved there? It used to be on the drop-down menu.
  2. Where have you hidden "mark site read" on the Android App?
  3. Aguila

    Dozy car drivers and lift bridges!

    Had a transit van on bridge 32 of the L+L last year. Driver ignored red lights and kept coming. He stopped on the bridge with both barriers down hurling abuse at me. I spotted a police car in the queue behind him so I called the PC over. White van man was later prosecuted for failing to conform to a red traffic signal. Yeah !!!!
  4. Aguila

    Anyone ever had a cricket onboard

    Friendly little critters!
  5. Aguila

    Baofeng VHF Radio

    I got my licence in 1979 at the age of 36, but had a G8 before that. Also held a ZD8 at one time and still have an EA7 call. Baofeng UV5R's are a cracking little radio and are a doddle to re-program. Same with Baofeng UV82's but they're a bit bigger / heavier / more robust.
  6. Aguila

    Baofeng VHF Radio

    G3LCR !!! Either it's a re-issued callsign or you're a "very" Old Timer. dah-di-dah. Mike, G4LTI.
  7. Aguila

    What is the best torch to have on a boat

    I've an LED Maglite that takes 2x 'D' size batteries. It's brilliant ............... ?
  8. I might be able to persuade one of the 'Poolstock' helpers to meet me at Plank Lane in their car. I started out planning the whole trip solo but now have several offers of help as far as Wigan. Don't know if it's the lure of the Crooke Hall Inn or just an excuse to get away from their wives!
  9. Thanks Mr Wool ! I've got help as far as Poolstock so Plank Lane bridge is going to be my first 'solo' obstacle. Can anyone tell me if the console there is on the offside or the towpath side please? Either way I'm gonna have a long queue of irate motorists ?
  10. Thanks for the Canal Plan link. I've played around with the 'stops' and decided to move to boat to Crooke Hall beforehand, then start the trip from there. If I'm at Ell Meadow Lock when it opens at 8am, I should get well beyond Plank Lane Bridge on day #1. I've roped in a pair of windlass-wielding buddies so will only be solo from Poolstock onwards.
  11. Is Plank Lane Bridge manned or boater-operated?
  12. I've been asked to move a friend's 57ft NB from Scarisbrick Marina to Preston Brook. Any tips would be appreciated, including the time it's likely to take and suggestions for a couple of overnight stops. Thanks.
  13. Has there been any mention of restricting the use of the locks on the Rufford Branch? If boaters are allowed to continue using them, it's going to lower the level of the pound below Appley Lock.
  14. Aguila


    The stuff in the Burscough / Parbold area sinks below the water when the sun goes off it.
  15. Aguila

    Lost Camera, Nafford Lock, River Avon

    But how many cameras support it (my Nikon does) and how many finders would know how to access it ?

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