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  1. I never thought I'd hear that about me.
  2. See? That's why you need one made from hard poly and can take three keys easy. Did a couple of narrowboats recently.
  3. Knot my thing. Yew never know what might happen. It'd be a birch of a job, and your aspen a lot there. 😁
  4. Have a look at my idea here:
  5. Hang on. A key floater that isn't sealed?! WHA??! 😀 Mine can take 3 yale keys easy. I tested it with 2 yale and 1 mortice and it still floated fine.
  6. Haha. I usually make them no more that 4" long. 😄
  7. Passing time over the holidays making key floaters for people. Haven't done any narrowboats yet, but definitely up for it. http://bit.ly/boatkeyring £20 (includes UK P&P) can take 3 keys no problem.
  8. In short: you don't. That's the lavvy. 😄
  9. Don't go giving me ideas. I could do a scale recreation of the inside of my boat using balsa wood. And make a teeny tiny model of the model to go in the recreation. 😄 I can see this going out of control quickly...
  10. Bought a shiny new scroll saw, got bored, so made a little model of my Dawncraft 22 boat. It's about 3" by about 2".
  11. I tried doing a CCTV thing before using an old mobile phone (for wifi) and a USB camera, but that (I think) knackered my battery and had other problems. Anyway, this is version 2.0 using a solar powered Reolink 4G camera: It comes with a Vodafone 4G SIM card (£4/mth unlimited data). You register it using an app then pop it into the camera. Voila! You're online. You then install the Reolink app. Link the app to the camera and you're good to go. TALK - let's you send audio from your phone to the camera. Such as to frighten the bejeezus out
  12. Thank you! Took a fair bit of sweat (manual sanding) and tears (rain as soon as I pause for a cuppa).
  13. Mission accomplished! Top half painted (that's the blue, light blue, and white). Leaving the bottom half to see what's under the flaking paint. Hopefully some nice gelcoat. Even cleaned the fenders and put new ropes on them!
  14. Yep it's a goner. Although, interestingly, it says it expired in April. Domain name:victory-narrowboats.co.ukData validation:Nominet was not able to match the registrant's name and/or address against a 3rd party source on 18-Apr-2019Registrar:Namecheap, Inc. [Tag = NAMECHEAP-INC]URL: https://www.namecheap.comRelevant dates:Registered on: 18-Apr-2019Expiry date: 18-Apr-2020Last updated: 18-Apr-2020Registration status:Renewal required.*** This registration has been SUSPENDED. ***
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