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    Linux, art and boats. In that order. :)

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  1. What's the betting that the system will be built with much fanfare, but won't be able to cope with a right good downpour...
  2. ronnietucker

    Doodle of the inside of my boat

    Maybe I'm a very tiny person... I've since removed that cabinet by the door and replaced it with a little stove. I need to redo this drawing.
  3. ronnietucker

    Dawncraft painting

    Looking to paint my Dawncraft (22) next year. I'm thinking of stripping off the existing paint back to the gelcoat (the paint is over the gelcoat) then uncoat and paint with Toplac. Probably do the anti-fouling too while it's out of the water.
  4. ronnietucker

    ASAP - Data Breach

    See link several posts below yours: But, granted, I'm still a couple of quid out in my example. See link several posts below yours: But, granted, I'm still a couple of quid out in my example.
  5. ronnietucker

    ASAP - Data Breach

    Fair point, but if I lose £20 I lose £20 and that's it. Lose a contactless card it can be multiple £20's, £10's, etc. Glad I'm not the only one who prefers using cash. If the TSB tries to send me a contactless card they'll get it back in bits after I move my account elsewhere.
  6. ronnietucker

    ASAP - Data Breach

    To make sure that the person typing in 3.50 didn't type in 35.00. Most people don't check the screen before putting their card near the machine.
  7. ronnietucker

    ASAP - Data Breach

    Whilst on the subject of fraudulent transactions: has anyone had a contactless card lost/nicked then had someone spend, say, £20, £30, £10, etc etc. using it? I'm curious as to whether the bank just refunds the money (with little investigation/care) or whether they make you jump through hoops to prove the fraudulent transactions? Dishing out contactless cards seems like asking for fraud to happen.
  8. ronnietucker

    ASAP - Data Breach

    Buses taking contactless is one of the worst things in a long time. Passenger (gets on bus): can I pay by card? Driver (points at machine) Three or four tries later... Driver: I take it your card is contactless? Passenger: no. Does it have to be?? Sound of much irate muttering on bus... True, but what I mean is that if you decide to withdraw £100 and that's all you're going to spend then you can see it dwindling in your wallet. That you have £20 left. In paying by card you could easily spend £200 and not even know it. Most people never look at their receipt. Most terminals don't even give a receipt for the customer when it's contactless.
  9. ronnietucker

    ASAP - Data Breach

    That is a fair point. It means that shops aren't sitting with a bundle of cash in their till drawers. But... With no continual look at finances (cash in the wallet/purse) it's too easy for people to end up with nothing (while, inevitably, drunk) or in an overdraft.
  10. ronnietucker

    ASAP - Data Breach

    I also use cash-only in the real world. I obviously use Amazon, eBay, etc, but I never use my card for paying in the real world. I don't see the need to whip out my card to pay £5 for something. If it's more than that? I'll get the cash out of an ATM beforehand. I think the cards are now the cheque of the modern era. Queue hold-ups a-plenty. With a gasp of 'it should work' when it's rejected.
  11. ronnietucker

    ASAP - Data Breach

    As long as all the ATMs kept working... that's all I cared about
  12. ronnietucker

    ASAP - Data Breach

    I've been with them since I was in Primary school (many moons ago). I can only assume you never use online banking? The entire TSB online infrastructure went completely pear-shaped when they did their recent IT move. Thankfully I rarely use online banking so had a bit of a giggle at their expense...
  13. ronnietucker

    ASAP - Data Breach

    Absolutely. I guy I worked with had his credit card 'cloned' (we'll call it) in some place he bought a carpet from. Next thing he was getting a call from his bank querying a sale on the other side of the country. The carpet place was one of the very few times he ever handed over his card which they took into the back shop to 'process the payment'. Probably jotted down his numbers. I work in hospitality and it never ceases to amaze me how often people are quite happy to give out all their credit card info over the phone to pay for something. And I mean all: card numbers, security numbers, expiry date, etc. We do, genuinely, shred the info after it's used, but I dread to think how many places probably just toss the paper in the bin. Only to be found by some nefarious ragamuffin. I also don't understand why the banks spent so much time and money drumming home the old 'chip and pin' thing to then move to contactless. Which is just asking for money to go missing! I, personally, had someone use phone banking to transfer money from my ISA to my bank account and then take the money from my account. I got my money back from the bank, but it was a performance to get there. My point to the bank was that even I didn't know the phone banking codes as I've never used it! Aren't the calls recorded/logged in some way? Seems not. But, then again, it is the TSB.
  14. ronnietucker

    ASAP - Data Breach

    But wouldn't their site save the card details when you tick the 'save for later' box?
  15. ronnietucker

    ASAP - Data Breach

    It would all depend on how they do transactions offline. If it was a brick and mortar retailer then, in THEORY, they should enter the credit card info into a handheld terminal which has nothing to do with the site. On the other hand, they might have a page on the site backend where they enter credit card details as though you were online. So your details MIGHT get scooped up and sent elsewhere. In short: maybe.

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