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  1. Definitely curved and definitely perspex (of some kind) as I could do with a new front window too. Thing is: the side window frames on the DC22 are riveted in. There's no easy way to get the frames out (and no easy way to get the glass out for cleaning the overlaps). I think the front is the same. I've seen people on Fb groups who've done it, but say it was murder and they'd never do it again.
  2. You can do, but most people just install and go. Unaware of what it's up to in the background. I hate apps that do that. It's surely got no reason to need all those permissions? So why are they using them? Tinfoil hat at the ready...
  3. Don't know about Apple, but for Android it seems to want access to your whole phone. A bit suspect. This app has access to: Contacts read your contacts Photos / Media / Files read the contents of your USB storage modify or delete the contents of your USB storage Camera take pictures and videos Location approximate location (network-based) precise location (GPS and network-based) Wi-Fi connection information view Wi-Fi connections Calendar read calendar events plus confidential information add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners' knowledge Storage read the contents of your USB storage modify or delete the contents of your USB storage Phone read phone status and identity Microphone record audio Device ID & call information read phone status and identity Other manage document storage receive data from Internet prevent device from sleeping view network connections draw over other apps run at startup change your audio settings install shortcuts control vibration full network access read Google service configuration modify system settings
  4. Not much has changed, but it's a different angle (and just a line drawing).
  5. Guilty as charged. The all-in-one units are the same as the other ones but just nicely installed in a case. Exact same bits. The exhaust in the all-in-one comes out of the bottom of the heater the same as the standalone units. I think the issue with the BSS is the fuel line? Not 100% sure on that though.
  6. The ladybird, the little animals and toadstools are little plastic ornaments that I stuck in there to brighten it up. I didn't make them. If I did try to carve something small like the ladybird, I'd probably slice my finger off.
  7. Muchos grassy-ass kind people. It (and painting) keeps me busy on cold dark afternoons on the boat.
  8. OK, so these aren't actually my boat, but I carved them while on my boat. Surely that counts? ? Some are just figures, some are pen holders. Funnily enough, they're the ones holding a pen/pens. I'll risk putting my Etsy here and hope I don't get slapped for it: http://ronnietucker.etsy.com
  9. Yep. Saw their email and filled in the survey. Let's hope they listen!
  10. Gotcha. I see now. That may well be the problem. It's something I'll have to troubleshoot this weekend. Not sure if I can replace the supplied wire, but it's something to look at. No, sorry, I'm adding wire to the supplied cable. I'm thinking of maybe halving (then using it to double up) the cable I added.
  11. That's a damn fine idea! Thanks for that. The amount I cut off could probably be the 2nd cables. Probably, but the cable that came attached to the unit is probably about the same/less.
  12. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I got an E-03 last time my battery went low. So I'm hoping that shortening the extension cable will stop that. If not, then it may well be the glowplug right enough.
  13. Sorry, that's my bad wording. It is multi-strand wire, it's just that its using your big standard blue and brown wires that you'd use for a 240v device.
  14. That is an absolutely crackin' idea for free hot water. Ingenious.
  15. I think I might have that problem. I extended my wire using ordinary two core house wire (and a joining block) and even when my battery is at 12.6v the heater throws up an E-03 (glowplug) error. Did you still extend your wire? By how much? What kind of wire did you use? I'm hoping it is a voltage drop and isn't really a faulty glowplug.
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