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  1. I keep mine at the back of the boat on a little platform that lets me put the drain house out the vent grill to drain into the canal. That way I can do a washing without opening up the back of the boat. Especially handy in winter or rainy days.
  2. I use this one. Uses hardly anything. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07L89RRFP/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Touch wood. Outboard started first time today. 🙂 Seems that Sea Foam is the secret sauce. Things definitely improved after I managed to get that through the engine.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I've got the good super unleaded petrol through it just now. The Sea Foam that I mentioned is a kinda cleaner and petrol stabiliser in one. So we'll see how that goes. Hopefully, I'll be using the outboard a bit more often now. Previously it was left sitting for a while at a time between uses.
  5. I usually just turn the key to shut it down. Should I pull out the fuel line to run it dry?
  6. Got it running today. Replaced both spark plugs. Initially it was trying to start, but still not reliable. Yesterday I added some Sea Foam to the petrol tank. It ran enough times (I believe) to get some Sea Foam petrol in there. Left it overnight. Went back to it today and it took a couple of tries, but it did start then cut out. Got it started again and quickly put it into gear to rev it up a bit. It kept running until I switched it off. I'll try it again tomorrow and see how it goes. Did the Sea Foam make a difference, or was it sheer coincidence? Can't say for absolute certainty, but I think the Sea Foam did do something as since using it I'm getting somewhere.
  7. As Tony said: you'll need to provide more info on what you have and need. On my DC22 I have one starter battery (for the engine) and one leisure battery (for lights, USB charging, etc.). To help top up the batteries (on brighter days) I have a solar panel and controller which tops up the batteries as they go down. Unfortunately, the solar panel is pretty useless in winter. Do you just need 12V for lights and stuff, or 240V for power tools or something??
  8. Hi @Tony Brooks thanks for the tag. I didn't see this post Yes,I have a Dawncraft 22. Mine was already fitted out when I got it, but I've since done a couple of small modifications (6ft seating area into a table and seating area that converts back to 6ft seating/sleeping) and tweaks (scraping off old paint on the hull and trying to restore the original). I'm definitely no expert, but feel free to ask me about mine @Littlegrebe.
  9. Dammit. This seems to have returned. Moved the boat last week. Eight hours of constant movement and it was fine. Started after a couple of tries. Now... back to this again. *sigh* 🙄 NOTE: Ignore the bit in OP about moving the wheel. Can't seem to edit the OP to remove that bit.
  10. Thanks for the info. 👍 We're still trying to find the right size of container. We don't need a lot of flush water in reserve. I have a water source running up to above the container with a tap on it. We manually fill the container to make flush water rather than having the water source connected directly to the flush mechanism.
  11. No, it was a build up of calcium debris and other goop. The pipe from the toilet to the tank, and the elbow joint, hadn't been cleaned in the 6 months we've had the boat, and Christ only knows when it was last cleaned before we bought the boat. Done now. Thanks for the advice along the way.
  12. Hopefully the end of this saga... No air lock. Had to take everything apart from the back of the toilet to the tank. Turns out the elbow joint where the outlet pipe meets the tank was blocked. Oh well, at least the outlet pipe and elbow joint are clean and won't need done for a while.
  13. Almost complete, but I'm going to phone Jabsco tomorrow. I think I have an air lock or something. Sometimes the handle just won't go down for a second pump. The output pipe curls up (with no kinks) to the top of the tank to dump the junk in. As it did with the previous loo. I don't have a vent on the output pipe from the toilet to the tank (as the boat would stink) but I have a vent to the outside world from the tank itself. Anyway, we'll see what Jabsco say...
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