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  1. No no. I've still got School Days. Damn sight easier to move School Days than this 58ft beast.
  2. Thanks for the replies folks. I've had a looksy and from the sensor are 4 wires; 2 red and 2 black. A red and black goes to the 14V and the other pair goes to the 5V. The 5V line goes to the sensor. Should it be 5V? I'm not sure. Can't get to the wires at the sensor due to where some plonker put it.
  3. After an emergency pump-out I've discovered that the Vetus gauge in my boat is either stuck, or broken. It's definitely not moving. The tank was almost bursting while the gauge was saying nearly empty. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  4. Living aboard this beauty on the F&C canal.
  5. Just putting this out there to see if I can save me some pennies and gain some knowledge. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Wd1JuvDCnxL1CzHb6 (video) Suzuki DF15 Battery is at 12.6V. Have petrol. Tank is vented. Bulb is pretty hard. Last serviced about a year ago, but not used in a year (due to lockdowns). Sometimes starts first time, but cuts out after a few minutes Sometimes won't start at all (see video link above) Might just be coincidence, but when I turn the wheel to make the engine go to starboard it sometimes cuts out. No kinks in pipes or anything. When the engine does start, if I quickly put it into, and out of, forward gear I don't hear the engine rev up. Maybe I'm too quick with the in/out? (I'm tied up to the mooring and don't want to damage anything by moving forward while tied up.)
  6. Google Drive has a lot of add-ons that are for floor plans and wiring diagrams. Google Drive > New > More > Connect More Apps
  7. There's also a Reolink CCTV that comes with an internal battery, solar panel and SIM card for data. They're on Amazon. I use one on my boat and I can remote into it and PTZ to look around. It's great. Edit: ah, here's my original post about it:
  8. So, long story short: we're selling our house to buy a narrowboat. We've got a price, got a buyer, and about to start things rolling. We're told that what we could do is get an agreed amount of the house money held by a lawyer to allow us to get the boat bought while the lawyers are doing their stuff signing bits of paper. The boat would, no doubt, have to come up from England to Glasgow. Obviously, the seller isn't going to give up the boat to the transporter until they get the money. And I don't want them getting the money until the boat is getting hauled out the water. Can this type of handover (cash for boat) be done using a lawyer?
  9. It seems to be a bit of a hit and miss rule, but I've been told that if you launch into the canal directly then the boat will be inspected for any hitchhikers. If anything is found then you're screwed as it's now up to you and the haulier to find somewhere to put this whopping great boat at the last minute, and pay for storage. I think they also take into account how long the boat has been in different waters. Like going from an English canal to, say, salt water then into the Scottish canals.
  10. Not sure about the Caledonian, but definitely required for the Lowland canals. I had to photo and email them a copy of my letter from the Clyde Boatyard. Of course, by that time I was already in Bowling, but still...
  11. This is Scottish Canals' site for moorings and what's available: http://www.livingonwater.co.uk/index.php/locations/show/where/find_a_mooring One thing to remember when bringing a boat up from down south is that you need to get the hull pressure washed and a letter to certify that it's been done. Invasive species and all that jazz. Unless the boats been out of the water for over a month. You can get boats launched at Clyde Boatyard (http://www.clydeboatyard.com/index.html) and sail it up the Clyde (a tidal river) and into Bowling. That's what I did when I got my Dawncraft brought up from a seller in Peterborough. Make 200% sure you've read how to enter Bowling as I botched up my entry and (somehow) managed to get away with no damage. I was a VERY lucky man! Alternatively, you can get a boat launched straight into the canal at Auchinstarry (I think Firhill too), but you need to pay about £500 to Scottish Canals and have the haulier submit plans of what they're going to do. Once the plan gets the nod from the authorities then it can be launched with Scottish Canals' people supervising. It's because the canal is a Scottish monument. Here they'll inspect the hull to make sure it's been pressure washed properly. If they spot anything awry then the launch will be cancelled and it'll cost you a small fortune. Me and my dad are going to sell our house to buy a narrowboat and go liveaboard. I already have a GRP cruiser at Bowling. My top tips: examine closely where your mooring is as you might end up locked in somewhere and can't go anywhere without planning with Scottish Canals to get bridges/locks open. Choose somewhere with a bit of space to let you potter about up and down a bit. Like someone else said: we can't touch the bridges/locks ourselves up here. be wary of somewhere like Lock 27 as it's right next to a very busy pub which is overflowing during the summer. I've never moored there, but I imagine it to be full of idiots at kicking out time facilities... check what's there and what you need. Not all moorings have toilets/showers, pump out, storage, laundry, or elsan for portaloo disposal. All do have electricity and water bollards available.
  12. The epic paint stripping and application of several layers of polish and wax job is finally done! Finally! It'll never reach 'showroom shine', but at least the dodgy paint job is gone, and the gelcoat gets to see the light of day once again. What I thought would be a weekend/week job turned into about 3 or 4 weeks of paint stripping and polishing. Glad it's done. But it does look pretty fab!
  13. Thanks. Yes, definitely pleased by how it looks now. At some point someone has done a patch job at the bow (port side). I think that's what's made them paint it (to cover it) but it's not such a bad job that it needed the entire hull painted!
  14. Yep. Both sides and the back. Took bloody ages. Now using 3 different Meguires stuff to get it looking better. Top half is done using a polish and wax:
  15. I didn't. I have to be honest: I didn't have enough money for it.
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