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    Retired from Merchant Navy in 2002, I studied for and achieved a Diploma in small craft surveying/ while waiting to attend a course to become a BSS examiner. I have not taken up surveying, but I do carry out BSS examinations and am registered to examine hire, as well as private and Commercial boats.
    Other interests include:-
    Short wave radio.(Before becoming a Marine Engineer I was a Radio Officer),
    Reading- Mainly Spy and adventure fiction.
    Oil Painting,
    Harmonica playing
    DIY around the home as dicted by the spouse has priority to all the above of course!
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    Retired MN Engineer. Currently, BSS Examiner
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    GU, Barby Moorings, (South of Hillmorton)

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  1. Alfie has been found! Lorna sends her thanks to everyone who kept a lookout for him. Six days astray he has gone a bit 'feral', catching and devouring mice. He appears non the worse for wear, but is going to the vets for a thorough check up tomorrow. Poor thing is to be confined to the boat until Lorna gets the boat back to her home mooring.
  2. Alfie is still missing. Last seen Welon Hythe area. Grateful for any information or possible sightings. Contact Lorna 07917445529
  3. Babbage sounds like a male, if not however Alfie is safely Neutered! Lorna and her partner have been out and about looking for him until 3am for he last two nights. I fear he might have jumped on a boat passing through! I have added a picture (previous post) Thanks for the correction. Welton Hythe, I'm sure it was Waltonfields last time I was there.
  4. My daughter, currently moored on the Grand Union in the Long Buckby area, Near Whelton Fields Marina. Ginger and White tom. Responds to name Alfie. Missing since the afternoon of Sunday 27th August. Micro-chipped. Very much a boating cat, prone to jump aboard other boats Phone Lorna at 07917445529 23 hrs ·
  5. I agree. The idea is to comply with as much as one can. As it says in the PDF "The Code isn't compulsory...." I have seen two or three boats with stoves in full compliance (BS 8511:2010) but they have been fitted by professional installers who should ​apply the standard. A couple did not look very great with the big fat insulated chimney really spoiling the cabin appearance others looked OK. (The simplistic BSS Checks do not cover this code but the RCD I believe should)
  6. The OP should in my opinion replace the complete stove installation. I have attached a link for a PDF file issued by the Solid Fuel Technology Institute which he he would do well to consult http://www.soliftec.com/Boat%20Stoves%201-page.pdf
  7. Ah! Memories. I remember using a rusty razor blade and safety pin as a "Cats Whisker" Lot of bother getting the pin point on the best rusty spot on the blade with sufficient tension to stay there. It worked fine eventually. Always seemed to fail when trying to demonstrate it to someone else!
  8. I also had to argue to fit it myself. They were trying to arrange a fitter but agreeing upon a suitable date/time was a problem.
  9. My new regulator turned up today for fitting by myself. I first had to sign a disclaimer (Clesse CYA) before they would send it. They have also e-mailed a 'destruction' form to return completed and with the label of the old regulator attached when the old one is destroyed..(Again CYA).
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. I nave done the same. Particularly where high winds made keeping station in the pound difficult. On one occasion the boater going the other way got very irate and preferred to argue rather than move his boat. Very red in face he demanded that I reverse out, "Why?" I asked. Meanwhile the crew of the boat behind me had arrived and seeing two boats in the lock, shut the gates and the crew of the pair of boats behind him opened the paddles. "That's bluddy why" he shouted as our boats started rising in the lock. As I steamed out of top gates his face had turned puce as he argued with the crew of the brested up pair who wanted him to reverse out as they had already lost time waiting for him going down already! I did feel a bit guilty, as my wife, (who had been told by the crew of the brested pair that they would handle the lock, and she could go on to the next one)told me she had talked to him a she passed and he had told her that because of the wind, he was going to wait in the lock until his wife phoned to say the next lock was nearly set. Later, I consoled myself by considering that it was entirely the fault of the 'argumentative git' by being so argumentative and inconsiderate to other boaters,
  12. Two points of advice on 'shafts' gained from personal experience. 1. Don't paint them the same colour as your wooden hand rails. 2, Never use one as a vaulting pole when the gap betwixt boat and bank is a smidgen too far to jump. I don't think these need any explanation!
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. Yes, I would fail that on the same grounds. It's not so much a question of a spark getting out but of gas getting in. IP66 does not guarantee it to be gas tight. I would need to see certification/evidence of intrinsic safety. Depending on the layout/size of the gas/chain locker I could have serious doubts about the suitability of anchor chain being stowed alongside gas bottles.
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