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  1. I'm going to phone the BSS man and ask him more questions in light of all your responses. He is the same person who passed it last time.
  2. Right, I will definitely look into appealing. Thanks gazza and everyone else.
  3. Hi all, Thanks very much for the advice. It failed because the flue from the back of the fridge is not going out of the back of the boat properly apparently. It is a bit of a mystery because it didn't fail last time and I haven't changed anything. But I wasn't there when the guy came to do it so couldn't ask him myself. I never use the fridge - indeed have never used it - so thought it might just be easier to get rid. But maybe I should appeal instead.
  4. Hi, our boat has just failed its BSS because of the gas fridge, which we never use and was in the boat when we bought it. Does anyone know how to remove a gas fridge? Thank you!
  5. The welding is visible, but the roof is smooth with a nice curve, which I believe makes it good. Yes, sorry - not a clear description of where the gas locker is. It is on the port side of the "back" cabin at the stern. The stern is trad style. Sounds like it is possible that it is a Springer then??
  6. Pleased this has generated so many responses already! Not wanting to be rude to any Springer owners, but the good welding on the roof was one of the main reasons that my friend thought it couldn't be a Springer. Did he ever get anyone else to do his welding? Any thoughts about the position of the gas locker? 
  7. Hi all, according to a credible source, my boat isn't a Springer, although that is what it was sold to me as. It has a v bottom, a gas locker on the trad stern, and wooden grab rails. It doesn't have a "moustache". It is quite thin steel - about 5 ml - on the bottom. The welding on the roof is apparently very good. It is about 25 years old. Any ideas??? TIA
  8. Hi folks, My 1990s narrowboat needs striping, sanding, de rusting and repainting. I'm moored on the Thames near Henley and don't have the time to take the boat that far to get it done. Does anyone know any good local boat painters to recommend? Thanks very much
  9. Hi, Does anyone know a good engineer who understands engine electrics? My engine won't charge my batteries, and I suspect it's because the alternator has blown (batteries will charge with a charger). I'm between Henley and Marlow on the Thames, near enough to Reading and the Kennett and Avon. Thanks!
  10. Thanks very much everyone - definitely food for though. Esp about not being able to fit the pole in the car. Hadn't thought of that! (duh). Whatkathydid http://www.whatkathydid.blogspot.com
  11. Does anyone know where to buy new poles and a gangplank for my narrowboat? South East if poss. Thanks
  12. hi, Can anyone recommend a person to build narrowboat doors (preferably steel) for a boat moored near Henley on the Thames? Reasonably-priced if possible! Thanks
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