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  1. rupertbear

    Recommended canal walks

    I know that you are walking rather than boating but I suggest that you buy a couple of boater's canal guides. They will give you much more useful information than walker's guides. Nicholson's are excellent for all the basic facts and can be augmented by Pearson's for more quirky and subjective content. Staffordshire is a big place, are you more Kinver or Leek?
  2. rupertbear

    Bloody Day Boats

    I'm glad that you have all enjoyed my post but I do feel a bit guilty for pushing stereotypes. I often see our local day boat out and about and, as far as I know, it has not caused any bother to anyone.
  3. rupertbear

    Can anyone recommend a web host please?

    I used ukservers/virtualnames for many years and they were excellent. As you say, they were recently purchased by names.co.uk, which is a part of a European conglomorate. Names.co.uk may be good when compared to their corporate peers, I do not know. What I do know is that, when I had a problem with mail on the transfer, the response was distinctly poor when compared to that which I would have received from Virtualnames. I intend to move and will follow this thread with interest.
  4. rupertbear

    Mushroom Vents - Effective Area

    I had considered working it out for myself but I need to know what the 'accepted' method might be. For example, your suggestion seems fine at first (assuming that I have understood it correctly) but would remain the same no matter how far up or down it was screwed. In the absence of anything better, the suggestion that I trawl the web for examples of such vents with quoted areas seems the best way forward. Thanks for the responses.
  5. I have failed to find any statement of the effective ventilation area of mushroom vents, which has surprised me as many people must have needed to know this for their ventilation calculations. I found this in an old post from Radiomariner: '8000 mm2 (80cm2)is more than a standard 4 inch mushroom with a 1 inch gap between shoulder and cowl, or two mushroom vents with half inch gap.' Can anyone point me to anything further? Thanks
  6. rupertbear

    Flue pipe temperature

    I wouldn't worry about the flue but the infra red thermometer is great for making sure that you're not dangerously overheating any surrounding objects/materials. I bought one when I fitted my stove, for this purpose.
  7. rupertbear

    Boat left adrift/abandoned? Hyde Lock, Kinver.

    A great pity. I would now be living a different lifestyle had I been able to claim salvage on all the BW/CART workboats I have rescued, over the years, on finding them adrift.
  8. rupertbear

    Barney Boats

    Thanks, Brian. I don't do Facebook, maybe someone might ask her about Will Crooks?
  9. rupertbear

    Barney Boats

    If my semi-functional memory is correct, the late Joe Jones's boat 'Will Crooks' was a Barney Boat. It had a single cylinder Sabb. Does anyone know what happened to it after his death? I hope that it is still in use and that the current owners know of Joe.
  10. rupertbear

    Any good data deals ?

    Do any of the providers sell data access by the lump, with no time constraints? That is, so can I buy x Gb and then buy a further x when I have run out, whether that be three days or three months later, in the way that I buy coal. I suspect that they make a great deal of money from purchased but unused data under monthly schemes so I would expect it to be more expensive.
  11. rupertbear

    Floor and wall coverings

    Has anyone experience of sheet cork, either below or above the gunwales? It's a possibility I'm considering. From what I have read it would seem to be a suitable material with no obvious negative properties. One acquaintance did suggest that it might have a strong smell, but could not recall where he had gained this impression.
  12. rupertbear

    Railings for Marple aqueduct - whats next?

    It probably depends on the exact nature of the metal but I wouldn't be surprised if that didn't sing nicely in the wind..
  13. I have long wondered (and even more so on reading this thread) what it actually means when it says 'Excel', 'Homefire', 'Supatherm' or whatever on the bag. Does it mean that each is made by an individual company and distributed? Or perhaps made to a recipe by a number of companies? Even allowing for different stoves, locations and users there does seem to be a lot of variation in the characteristics of a specific 'brand'.
  14. rupertbear

    Stove lighting

    After you have got the fire going, how do you get the next load of coal underneath the first?

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