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  1. As has been said, many narrow locks will try to chuck the boat about if filled quickly. There is one in particular, though, of the Cheshire locks on the T&M which is particularly cunning. I'm afraid I have forgotten which one it is but it has caught me out more than once. With the others, if you open the paddles slowly and cautiously, you should be OK. The devious one behaves very nicely at first, waits for you to have decided that it's harmless and have fully opened the paddles, waits another minute or so for your concentration to wander and only then will it pick up the boat and hurl it at the top gates. I suspect that it's this one mentioned by the OP.
  2. The desire of many people on here to discuss general (not directly boat or waterway related) politics has always baffled me. Do they also discuss battery charging, canal history etc on political forums? I personally choose not read these topics, for two reasons: Firstly, as above, it's the wrong place and secondly because I don't want to discover that the person who was so helpful over a previous boating query is, in fact, deeply unpleasant. This has happened in the past.
  3. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/reservoir-sealed-police-people-told-16681771 I'm not good at reading contours but it looks like it could go straight down the canal?
  4. Britain's first decimal coin, 1849.
  5. You will find that there are two species of aerosol foam, gap filling and adhesive. The adhesive is just sticky and doesn't expand. If you attempt to fix your Celotex with the wrong type you will spend an exhausting and fruitless few minutes trying to push the board back onto the shell and a further half hour hacking it all off. DAMHIK.
  6. A couple of months ago I had an email stating 'It looks like your boat may have been moored in the same general area for more than 14 days'. My boat hasn't moved from its offside home mooring for three years (refitting). I ignored it. Their system is intrusive and useless.
  7. Many years ago we were hireboating on the L&L, two boatloads of us. We stopped off at Saltaire and had a look round and visited the Mill to see the Hockneys. We had previously decided on which restaurant we would visit in the evening but on walking back to the boats around teatime we came across a chipshop which smelled absolutely wonderful. A mountain of chips and fish were purchased and we gorged back on board, all thoughts of restaurant abandoned. They were the best chips ever. Cooked in lard.
  8. Yes, sorry for the confusion, I was referring to 'Round the Horne', not the 'infamy' quote.
  9. Sorry but have to be a pedant here, it's too important to ignore! RtH was written by Barry Took and Marty Feldman. I believe that there were occasional contributions from others but Muir and Norden had nothing to do with it. J Peasemold Gruntfuttock
  10. rupertbear


    I intend to run a variety of electronic equipment from 5V and 12V lines rather than use a device such as this for each individual item. Many thanks for this link, very helpful, as is the whole site.
  11. rupertbear


    This topic is slowly moving towards a question I've been meaning to pose for some time. I'm familiar with the cheap (but magical, to someone as old as me) boost-buck converters from Ebay and have used them in the past. But how good are they at filtering (and themselves, coping with) transients? As Tony says items such as water pumps must create some major spikes. And the follow up, if they aren't good at this, what is required in addition to clean up the supply sufficiently for safe use with electronic equipment?
  12. Hang on! I took a quick opportunity to pass on a piece of news which I thought may be of interest to some here but which they may otherwise have missed. Apparently it's fine for several posts to query my motives and character without themselves adding anything of value, whereas my original post is to be condemned. The reaction simply makes me not want to bother in future.
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