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  1. I must be missing something obvious here but this has been puzzling me for some time: I have read umpteen threads which explain that it is necessary to give a Webasto Thermo Top sufficient load to stop it cycling and then sooting up. I have also read many threads where people are purchasing reconditioned units and successfuly using them for their boats. I understand that the supply of second hand units for reconditioning comes from road vehicles. How on earth does a road vehicle provide a load comparable to a calorifier and several domestic radiators?
  2. Update: I am told that CRT intend to demolish the bridge and finish the lock work by Easter. It will be a 'tight' schedule. This will reopen the through route to Froghall for boats and also the towpath. Reconstruction of the bridge will take place at some later time not yet determined, but presumably not before next winter.
  3. You are right, of course. Typo by me. I would be grateful if any passing mod would correct the thread title and my original post.
  4. CRT have already been working on Lock 12, a scheduled stoppage for new gates and other work. They have had a temporary dam in place to hold back the pound whilst working on the empty lock. Yesterday Bridge 57, which is immediately below the lock, began to display evidence of severe structural faults which render it unsafe to cross or pass beneath. The bridge is an accomodation bridge which gives pedestrian and vehicle access both to agricultural land and to a number of offside moorings on both the Top Canal (Leek Arm) and Bottom Canal (Main Line to Froghall). I am told that there were difficulties yesterday when local boaters were trying to dissuade towpath users from endangering themselves, which resulted in Police involvement. I am not a structural engineer but, from what I can see, the bridge will need to be reconstructed rather than repaired. This will obviously take some considerable time to carry out; local opinion believes that the structure may be Listed which may add to a very lengthy stoppage. Ignoring local access issues, the effect of this stoppage on boating will be to cut off the Caldon Main Line from Hazelhurst Junction to Froghall.
  5. What happened to your lowering mechanism?
  6. So is his boat 'Nancy Blackett', the model for 'Goblin' in 'We Didn't Mean To Go To Sea': https://nancyblackett.org/
  7. I came across this picture via Twitter: ' On the Towpath by David Farqhuarson 1882-83 ' Is there a reason why horses might have been used to draw a steam boat through locks or is this a case of artistic licence/confusion? It also appears to be a narrow lock. I'm no expert but I would have thought the given date a little early for steam?
  8. My Kippor generator has two outlets, directly paralleled internally. Rather than creating a permanent internal N-E bond or a bonded cable I use a 'dummy' trailing plug with the N-E bond within.
  9. As has been said, many narrow locks will try to chuck the boat about if filled quickly. There is one in particular, though, of the Cheshire locks on the T&M which is particularly cunning. I'm afraid I have forgotten which one it is but it has caught me out more than once. With the others, if you open the paddles slowly and cautiously, you should be OK. The devious one behaves very nicely at first, waits for you to have decided that it's harmless and have fully opened the paddles, waits another minute or so for your concentration to wander and only then will it pick up the boat and hurl it at the top gates. I suspect that it's this one mentioned by the OP.
  10. The desire of many people on here to discuss general (not directly boat or waterway related) politics has always baffled me. Do they also discuss battery charging, canal history etc on political forums? I personally choose not read these topics, for two reasons: Firstly, as above, it's the wrong place and secondly because I don't want to discover that the person who was so helpful over a previous boating query is, in fact, deeply unpleasant. This has happened in the past.
  11. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/reservoir-sealed-police-people-told-16681771 I'm not good at reading contours but it looks like it could go straight down the canal?
  12. Britain's first decimal coin, 1849.
  13. You will find that there are two species of aerosol foam, gap filling and adhesive. The adhesive is just sticky and doesn't expand. If you attempt to fix your Celotex with the wrong type you will spend an exhausting and fruitless few minutes trying to push the board back onto the shell and a further half hour hacking it all off. DAMHIK.
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