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  1. Tony - I'm a leisure boater and on the boat I have a 12-litre demountable tank with carrying handle, and two 5-litre plastic petrol cans. These are manageable enough for two of them to be carried full, and there are two supermarket filling stations within a 10 minute walk of the towpath. One is 7 hours cruise from the marina. The other is four hours in the opposite direction. So far, I've managed to do all my cruising within the range that these two filling stations allow. But now that my ancient outboard is being replaced with a brand new one (tomorrow) I expect to be covering greater distances and will have to be prepared to walk for longer to get petrol. I'm thinking of getting one of those lightweight, folding sack trucks.
  2. I have a GRP cruiser which I love, as it's ideal for the type of boating I do - days out on canals, with the occasional few nights away. It's 23 long which is an advantage when boating expenses like mooring and licence fees are calculated according to the length of the boat. The boat has a petrol outboard motor which is miserly in its use of fuel. This is a good thing as petrol is basically unobtainable from canal-side fuel suppliers and the amount of petrol you are allowed to carry on the boat is 30 litres only, in a maximum of two approved containers. (My home canal is about 45 miles long, and there are no canalside petrol supplies anywhere along it.) You have to plan where you're going to get fuel from filling stations/supermarkets near enough to your route to actually go and buy the petrol and carry it back to your boat. A minor inconvenience for me, but one that doesn't worry narrowboaters, with their much larger tanks which can be filled from canalside suppliers.
  3. I bet I'm not alone in having been there only once, a few years ago now. I found it really interesting, but not interesting enough to want to go again! Foxes are inviting expressions of interest in buying their boat as their new build starts soon. They describe it as "one of the most famous narrowboats in the world!"
  4. Can't say about prices but the N23 is certainly not as wide as a Freeman 22. 6' 10" for the Norman and 7' 6" for the Freeman, I think.
  5. I have a Norman 23. On mine, the dinette has been removed and replaced with a single bench seat, so my boat sleeps three. When made up for three to sleep, there isn't much room left for all their things! (Where the dinette is still in place, the resulting double bed is narrow for adults, but it would be OK for 2 children, I think.) As built, the N23 had quite a roomy cockpit, as Chevron says, and many of them have been converted to give comfy outdoor seating which, depending on how it was done, could be used as sleeping space for smaller people. They are good, strong boats.
  6. Tom Morgan


    I stop at the South portal of Cookley Tunnel on the Staffs & Worcs, walk up into the village and get my chips from the village chip shop, Cookley Fisheries. Opinions may vary, of course, but to my mind, all chips are dross that are not from Cookley Fisheries.
  7. And we referred to the film itself as a picture, as in "That was a good picture". The use of "pictures" to describe cinemas and the films they showed has quite an exalted pedigree. The 'Oscars' are award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
  8. I'd have said a leather hat, but I haven't seen many of those, lately. Perhaps they've fallen out of fashion.
  9. Alan - I took the photo while the paint on the cone was drying - but well spotted!!
  10. Coming back to thank members for their help. After several days of rubbing down, I put on two coats of etching primer and three coats of Trilux 33. Ready to go back on the boat this coming weekend. I hope this will give this sound but rather ancient motor enough protection to last a bit longer. (And I'll leave it tilted out of the water).
  11. Alan - the engine's in the back of my van at the moment. I took it off the boat this evening. I have an engine stand here, so I can work at home.
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