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  1. I saw a Mexican-looking man wheeling his trolley out of Morrison's today. He had two crates of San Miguel, 5 paellas and 3 sombreros. I thought, "Hispanic buying."
  2. I have a 23-foot cruiser. It weighs next to nothing compared to narrowboats, but it has a v-shaped hull and anywhere near 3 or 4 mph it starts to make a wash. So I slow right down to my 9.9 hp's tickover when passing moored boats, well in advance and giving plenty of further room after passing. This really is dead slow! I've noticed that many narrowboaters will thank me if they're outside or, if inside, will tap on their window and give me a wave. Not all, of course, but it's nice to see this two-way kind of etiquette being observed. I'm sure others will have experienced this, too.
  3. It isn't. I unplug it and put it back in the drawer and then turn the power off before I leave.
  4. Miles away, I should think. I've locked the boat up and gone home a few times since I got it, and it always works when I go back.
  5. I bought one of these to give a rough idea of how my battery's doing.
  6. I have one of those. I was delighted to learn (after letting it slip out of my hand while going through a lock) that it floats!
  7. I had to wait a long time for my boat, Godot.
  8. I would have thought that CCers have the same chances as everyone else, "boating season" or not - significantly, that you can continuously cruise on any part of the system that's open to navigation at the time. Unforeseen circumstances are always going to lead to some closures, regardless of the time of year.
  9. On this day, last week. A little cruise on the Staffs and Worcs. Met some friendly boaters, cleaned the side of the boat I can't normally reach when in the marina, watched a narrowboat steerer put the bow into a lock landing, put a crew member off with a bow rope and then try to jump the three feet or so from the stern to the towpath, with the inevitable result, met some friendly boaters at the locks and passed through some beautiful scenery.
  10. With a really good fish and chip shop next-door-but-one.
  11. Fitted a pair of handed cleats to the (wooden) handrails of my Norman, to make it easier to use the bow rope as a centre line at lock landings.
  12. I downloaded an app that uses GPS to record MPH. Using that, I soon got used to the engine revs needed to maintain that speed. I don't have a rev counter so I put a mark on my control lever housing to mark that speed and just used that as a very rough guide, making allowances for "wind assistance" or the opposite. Now, of course eyesight alone is a reliable indicator. Generally, I like to cruise a bit slower than 4MPH, anyway. I slow right down for bridges and moored boats. My boat's a GRP cruiser which pushes the water down, under and out the back, so it doesn't take much to cause quite a wake. That's another visual guide I use. As far as being on the receiving end is concerned, a light (2 tons) boat like mine doesn't half get bounced about when a big narrowboat speeds past!
  13. I'm not an expert, but 8hp seems a little underpowered for such a heavy boat on a river. (I say "heavy" by comparison to my GRP 23-footer, which has a Honda 9.9hp outboard on the canals). The max speed I've ever got on a really wide bit of canal one day, was 7 mph. I would worry about taking it on a river.
  14. I'm still happy to police myself, which is largely how the country used to run itself when I was a lad.
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