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  1. Yes - I read about the Shelmore Embankment becoming necessary when a landowner insisted on the canal being diverted from a proposed path through his woodland. (If I remember correctly).
  2. You don't have to be a relative to be upset by some of the jokey comments. Somebody has possibly/probably died.
  3. Here is a 1904 map showing the railway transhipment wharf at Great Bridge, near West Bromwich.
  4. Nothing too demanding - fitted an engine-stop switch.
  5. Thanks, Tacet, for your comments. The responses to this topic have been really helpful.
  6. Thank you all for your replies. Taken together, they more than answer my question. ?
  7. When canals were proposed, and their Acts of Parliament were passed, the inclusion of the proposed route was an important feature. But what was the legal position concerning the owners of the land through which the canal was to pass? Were they obliged to sell to the canal company? I know there were some influential landowners who were able to insist on deviations in routes to suit themselves, but in general terms, what was the requirement on landowners?
  8. Very interesting. Never heard of mudweights but I'll have a think about them. My 23 ft GRP is moored on a finger jetty about 8 ft shorter than the boat so the bow rope is not at the best angle and the front end moves about quite a bit. It's not a heavy boat, so one of those at the front might help it keep still.
  9. Talking of which - those boats seem to have hardly anything to tie up to, just a little bit of jetty at the back end. So what's keeping them more or less perpendicular to the towpath?
  10. Star City. They don't call it "Stab City" for nothing.
  11. I think the naming of the driver was due to the media being so keen to get the story first, and a willingness among people who knew the driver to identify him. I don't think the authorities would have named him quite so soon.
  12. Re. going slow enough and steering: My Honda 10 hp outboard, on tickover, gives a very slow running speed. Leisurely walkers on the towpath overtake the boat. While you've got the boat out of the water, you might like to consider fitting an add-a-rudder. They cost under £40 and make a big difference to steering, with a quicker and more positive response and this is specially helpful at slow speeds. Even with no power on but some movement (such as dropping into neutral when coming in to the canal side) you still have some steering as long as the boat's moving.
  13. Here it is: You'll only need to watch the first seven minutes.
  14. This water-point appeared in a you tube video the other day. The vloggers were a bit worried because said that it's listed on the C&RT website, but isn't included on the Open Canal app, but I've just had a look and it is, named as "C&RT Services". So it seems to be available to all.
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