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  1. I've lived in the Black Country for over 70 years, never more than half a mile from a canal, and I've never heard anyone call them longboats. We just call them canal boats to distinguish them from all the other types of boat.
  2. Happy to take Tony’s judgement on this. When it happened on my bike, a new battery cured it so I didn’t have to look any further.
  3. On my motor bike, the starter solenoid chattering was sign that new battery was needed. As you have one, I think the solenoid might be the next thing to look at.
  4. I'm new to boating so it all seems fresh and interesting to me. But I do go back 50 years with ancient motorcycles (still ride) and 60 plus years with an interest in the First World War battlefields (which has been my job for the last 20 years) and I do notice changes there. It doesn't matter where our enthusiasm leads us, we will, in the end, usually start to perceive a Golden Age which we were part of and which has now gone. It's normal paranoia and everyone gets it. Stick up for the old Golden Age and keep its values going for as long as you can. They are still needed.
  5. I'm a member too and just went to have a look. The forum asked for my user name and password - first time, I think, as I checked the "remember me" box when I joined. It's still active with posts dated today, the 15th.
  6. There's a really busy and rather dangerous traffic light controlled junction on the road to my old workplace. It needs a lot of concentration because of all the red light dodgers. I often got to work to find that I had absolutely no recollection of going across the junction that morning.
  7. Staffs and Worcs. I love the history it has.
  8. Magpie - that was Susan Stranks.
  9. I'm not suggesting that there is any mechanical advantage - just that a lever (say) 5 feet long is only going to take up 4 feet of the deck, if it starts one foot behind the boat. But what do I know? My boat's a yogurt pot with a steering-wheel!
  10. The swan-neck form allows the tiller bar to start "further back" (actually beyond the back of the boat) so giving a longer lever in a confined space, more room, and less radial sideways movement for the benefit of the steerer.
  11. Welcome to the Forum, New Boater 1976. Farmers' fields are not a good idea if you have mobility issues. The main reason, I think, is that the nearest access to a road could be a long, long way from the canal bank, with no easy paths. Another serious concern for me would be leaving the boat out in the middle of nowhere when you're not using it - maybe for weeks at a time. (I'm a leisure boater like you plan to be. I have a 23-foot GRP boat for day trips with grandchildren and only the occasional few nights away now and then. I'm still seeing where boat ownership will lead me). I live not far from you and keep my boat in a Marina. I can park my car just a few yards away from the boat, there are marina staff who live on site, and there are other boaters around a lot of the time, who can offer help and advice with all sorts of boating issues. Of course, you have to pay for a place in a marina, but I think it's worth it.
  12. It'd be OK if you like everything to taste a bit cheesy.
  13. Thanks for your reply, Ronnie. I'm very much interested in replicating your setup. (Later in the year, when I have a suitable solar panel to keep the battery topped up.
  14. Reading with great interest, but one thing I'm not quite sure of. Does the old phone doing the tethering need any internet connection of its own? If it does - is it using up data all the time?
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