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Tom Morgan

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  1. Tom Morgan

    Retail Christmas.....will it be a final nail for some

    And there you have it. The rise in online shopping, plus large supermarkets in town centres, means that you don't have to go to "traditional" shops any more as was the case in my childhood, where mums went shopping nearly every day. The supermarkets will often deliver, and Amazon is having a free trial of their Prime service in the run-up to Christmas. (I ordered an 18 mm plug spanner socket for my boat yesterday afternoon, and it will be delivered today. My local autoparts shop didn't have one - I did try). As you don't have to go to the shops any more, the only shops that are likely to succeed are the ones where you DO have to go there in person - restaurants and take-aways, of course, but also hairdressers, nail-bars, tanning places etc. And this is what you now get in lots of town centres. A local trader here counted around 30 such places within a quarter of a mile of the clock tower in our town centre.
  2. Tom Morgan

    The best waterside pubs

    My (non-boating) mate Baz always enthuses about the cobs (rolls, barms or whatever they call them down your way) at the Anchor just off the Staffs. and Worcs. at Caunsall. I only got my boat at the start of October but have already spotted in my Nicholson a good mooring next to a public footpath that goes straight from the canal to the pub. So that's going to be a target for my first proper cruise of 2019. Good cider, too, according to Baz.
  3. Tom Morgan

    boat related humour - share your boating jokes

    How many boaters does it take to fill a lock? It depends on how much they've had to drink.
  4. Lovely video - thanks for posting it. But they seem to be going a bit fast, don't they?
  5. Tom Morgan

    This is very sad

    There's a good chance that your great uncles' bodies were found - just not identified. For example, the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing on the Somme has approx. 73,000 names but there are approx. 35,000 unidentified graves in the Somme cemeteries. So about half of those named on the memorial were found, but are buried in unidentified graves.
  6. Tom Morgan

    Complete newbies

    But at least you've thought about a mooring first! That's a good start.
  7. Tom Morgan

    Photos of your boat.

    Here's my boat on the Staffs and Worcs. Just a few little finishing-off jobs to do.
  8. Tom Morgan

    Modelled on a Starvationer?

    Just for a second there, I thought I saw a Norman 23 bow pulpit over on the right. Just what I'm looking for, but no.
  9. Tom Morgan

    Britain's forgotten watermen to be remembered

    Many boatmen joined the army as fighting troops and it's right that they should be remembered. The Royal Engineers had a very large Inland Waterways and Docks section, with boats ferrying war material to ports, as well as providing hospital barges from the fighting zones via canals and rivers to the ports in France and Belgium. The members of these units weren't exposed to the same dangers as their fellow in the trenches, but their work was vital. "The Canals at War" is a poorly-recorded aspect.
  10. Tom Morgan

    Your Best EBay Purchases

    My best purchase off eBay (with the operative word being "off") was my boat! I saw it as a relisted item as the original winning bidder hadn't made any contact with the seller. This second attempt to sell it had just finished when I saw the auction listing. I messaged the seller and asked him if his second winning bidder did the same as the first, could I come and see the boat before he relisted it again? This is exactly what happened. There was another no-show auction winner. I came, I viewed, I purchased. The seller reduced the asking price by the amount of the eBay fees he no longer had to pay, so it was a win-win.
  11. Tom Morgan

    Cyclists & Pedestrians To Have Right Of Way Over Cars

    I spend a lot of time working in Belgium, where cyclists have priority on roundabouts, crossroads and such like. It works well, but this is probably because cyclists generally have their own dedicated cycle paths and the priority issue only comes into force when these cycle paths have to cross the road in some way. That's what we're missing over here.
  12. Tom Morgan

    Route suggestions for 2 week hire

    Plus one for the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal from Great Haywood to Stourport and back. Widely considered to be one of the prettiest canals and (opened 1772) one of the earliest. 46 miles and 43 locks, mostly singles and well-spaced out.
  13. Tom Morgan

    Oh man; decisions....!

    Good luck with your survey and subsequent offer, and I hope you get the boat you want. I did, a couple of weeks ago, and moved it to my home marina today.
  14. Tom Morgan

    1000w watt inverter - absolute beginner question.

    I had nothing to plug in! To be honest, I can't see myself needing the inverter much, but it was included in the sale but not actually fitted when I viewed the boat (the previous owner was using it on his narrowboat). I saw it in place when I made my first visit as owner, and only switched it on to see if it was connected. I understand that make and model info is pretty important to those trying to answer my question. So let's put this on hold until Sunday, when I'll be able to say exactly what it is. I'll be staying on the boat Sunday night ready for an early start to another marina for craning on Monday morning. I'll have a look and post details then. In the meantime, thanks for people's comments so far.
  15. I have used the forum's search facility but haven't found an answer to my question, probably because it's so basic! The Norman 23 I've just bought has a 1000w inverter and one 12v battery. I've only had the chance to visit my new boat once, and that was a "checking it over" visit. The battery is quite well-charged, reading about 12.4 volts. I'm sorry not to have thought to take a photo of the inverter or maker a note of the make/model, but it has an on/off switch, three lights and two plug sockets. I think it may have a USB socket, too. When I switch it on it beeps, the three lights come on for a second and then go off, and that's it. Nothing was plugged into it. My basic question is - what's supposed to happen?

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