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  1. Thanks for the advice. Its a pretty labour intensive task whichever method is used. I had wondered if something like Nitromors paint stripper would help, although its rubbish these days, compared to what it used to be before the EU banned it.
  2. Yes, its those tubular handrails that put me off repainting my roof too! Did you find any short cuts to speed that part up? Or any ideas of what may be worth trying?
  3. Doubt if its a hole in the floor! 😏
  4. Yes. Then they asked you for 3/9d!
  5. Rebotco

    12v TV sound

    IIRC it was Peter Brough and "Archie Andrews" who hold that honour. Did I ever mention my juggling demonstration on the Home Service in 1956? (That's the wireless to you youngsters!)
  6. Rebotco

    12v TV sound

    Wasn't he the famous radio ventriloquist? 😏
  7. They look as though they may be Caldwells windows. If so, they are still around. Try this link https://caldwellswindows.co.uk/narrowboat If the link doesn't work, just copy and paste into google.
  8. Yeah but .... how does it know which to do - whether to keep something hot or cold? 😏 Damn clever these foreigners!
  9. Whatever next! Before long some twerp will suggest you could move canal boats that way !!😊
  10. Trouble is - in NZ you're at the bottom of the world, so whichever way you go its uphill. Now if you brought it to the UK, you would find it much easier, cos everywhere is downhill, so you don't need much wind here! 😏
  11. Other than road transport, this is the only practical and safest route for your journey. But it will depend on any CRT closures en route as to how long it will take you.
  12. For a complete novice, it is suicidal to contemplate taking a narrowboat from Sharpness/Portishead/Bristol. It is a huge challenge for experienced boaters, requiring lots of knowledge, preparation and professional assistance. In any case, the K&A is closed at lock 16 until at least the 2nd April.
  13. There were some there up til last October - end of the boating season. I guess they will be back in March when it starts to get busy again. Not full time though. "Tis a matter of luck if they are there when you need to go through.
  14. These days there are quite often CRT Volunteer lockies here, which can be very helpful.
  15. Yep. That is absolutely right.
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