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  1. Rebotco

    Using Aluminium section

    I've never encountered any problem with Aluminium against steel. But Aluminium against copper is definitely reactive, with electrolysis unavoidable in the presence of moisture.
  2. Rebotco

    Hempsted historic dry dock ltd

    Up until a couple of months ago their painting was done independently by an elderly couple. They made a good job of it, but it was wise to keep a close eye on progress. They have now parted company with the dry dock, but still undertake excellent signwriting. I believe you can hire the dry dock to do your own painting, which should be OK. I don't know what arrangements they now have to do the painting for you, but I would advise great care.
  3. Rebotco

    Hempsted historic dry dock ltd

    Have you not heard of a "Trojan"? Its a nasty little virus that wriggles around inside your computer and causes mayhem 👿
  4. Rebotco

    Hempsted historic dry dock ltd

    Too late! I think you have already been got at - by the look of your boat name😪
  5. Rebotco

    12v Fridge

    You must be joking!!!!! Nearly £2000 just for an insulated box! Compressor another £600 Installation, probably around £500 = over £3K for a tiny fridge!
  6. Rebotco

    Hempsted historic dry dock ltd

    Done. Suggest you delete your email address from a public forum tho!
  7. Rebotco

    Hempsted historic dry dock ltd

    Yes, very much so. And recently. Sorry I'm not free to elucidate further, but be very careful! 🤬
  8. Rebotco

    Increasing our fresh water supply

    I would have thought it unreasonable to expect to carry around 2 weeks supply of water on most narrowboats. We are only leisure boaters and with 2 or 3 people on board we need to refill at least once a week, and we have a similar size integral tank. Surely its possible to select mooring spots within easy reach of a water point most of the time? Also give you a little jaunt out once a week - so long as no one has nicked your mooring in the meantime! 😠
  9. Rebotco


    Oi! No Trolls here, don't ya know. Tis against the rools innit.
  10. On the contrary, I would recommend them. Things can go wrong for the best of them. The vital test is how they respond. In this case a prompt and full refund was rightly given. So they took full responsibility and suffered the loss themselves. I give them full marks for that and would have confidence in any other work they might do in the future.
  11. Rebotco


    When you're fully recovered (probably mostly from the port!) perhaps you could start inventing an automatic getter-outerer. We would all be most grateful - and you might make your long-awaited fortune!
  12. Rebotco

    UK's Winter Power Back-Up Plans Ruled As Illegal by ECJ

    Ok, got the wrong court then! These are the baddies - so we can carry on shooting them at will.😏
  13. Rebotco

    UK's Winter Power Back-Up Plans Ruled As Illegal by ECJ

    The ECJ has nothing to do with the EU. It was set up after WW2 - before the the EU was thought of. Whilst I agree with your sentiments, let's not shoot at the wrong target!
  14. Rebotco

    Anyone seen Oates or Baltic?

    Don't think that will answer a question asked over 8 years ago!
  15. Rebotco

    MPPT controller

    Forked. I should think.😏

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