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  1. Anyone who lives/sleeps on a boat without a CO alarm is a fool, if they use any gas or solid fuel. But they are a fool only to themselves. My concern is this could be the thin end of a large wedge. I believe every other BSS requirement is designed to address risks that may affect OTHER boaters. But this, for the first time, strays into the realm of Big Brother dictating how we should live "for our own good" even tho it affects nobody else. How long before they add "no smoking" or "no alcohol" or whatever on boats, because its "safer" for the individual? Smoke alarms could be justified because any boat fire puts other boaters at risk, but CO does not. So however life-saving, sensible and desirable CO alarms are, they should not be dictated by the BSS. They should be encouraged by other means.
  2. You could always filter the paint through a lady's stocking. Just ensure she isn't wearing them at the time!
  3. Rebotco

    Sanding tubular rails

    Ok it seems the knotted wire brush method is the best of a bad lot. This I will try - unless I invent an amazing tool that would make it a doddle, beforehand. Thanks for your input all. Even those who were so off-topic, I didn't know what they were talking about!
  4. Rebotco

    Sanding tubular rails

    Well thanks folks - it seems there's no quick and easy way yet been discovered! So we're all in the same boat, so to speak!
  5. Rebotco

    Sanding tubular rails

    Yes, it will be just a key to repaint. The loop would work around the rear deck rails, but the cabin handrails are joined to the roof with a vertical strip of welded steel, so couldn't work there.
  6. Rebotco

    Sanding tubular rails

    I do have access to one of those. But is a flat sander the best thing on a circular section?
  7. I'm soon going to have to de-rust and repaint the circular handrails along each side of the cabin and round the back deck of my cruiser stern narrowboat. In total this amounts to around 100 ft. of 2" diameter tubing. I really don't fancy sanding all that by hand if there are are any more effective ways to do it! Any bright ideas or shortcut suggestions would be most welcome.
  8. Rebotco

    Christopher Chope, what an idiot...

    It is unbelievable how easily so many people fall for journalistic misrepresentation of "news". Personally I am glad that someone is brave enough to resist further laws being introduced without any debate or vote in parliament, at the whim of any private member, whether good or bad. All sorts of crackpot and harebrained legislation would be passed into law if this system of private member's bills remained unchallenged. its bad enough when bills have been passed with proper debate and voting, but much worse when even this constraint is by-passed. And that is the whole point of this guy's objection. He's not necessarily against the content of any private members bill - He's only against the system which removes parliamentary consideration of any new law. But it suits the media to misrepresent this as him blocking worthy laws, because that will sell more newspapers than the truth. His political opponents, and a gullible public, will accept this as good enough reason to crucify the bloke. The issue is not this bill at all - it is the prevention of perverse laws being imposed without constraint by half a dozen sozzled MPs on a quiet Friday afternoon. I am grateful for this protection of the proper use of democracy.
  9. Rebotco

    Cruiser Stern - Securing Batteries??

    Could you not just drill holes in the existing tray lip to take a bolt and ring? Ratchet type hold down straps usually have a hook at each end which would hook into the rings.
  10. Rebotco

    Midgham lock K&A

    Looks quite a short boat, so I would think a cilling is unlikely. More likely is that, going downhill, he tied to a bollard before emptying the lock. A suicidal practice I have seen a number of times. Pure speculation of course, and no help, unless it serves to warn other boaters not to fall in the same trap.
  11. Rebotco

    Horn delay

    Oh very drole! 'Ow do you know anyway?
  12. Rebotco

    RNLI -Petition

    Yes, I too believe this was not about the mugs, but much more that has not been made public. But it suits our gutter press to promote a distorted view if it might sell a few more of their rags.
  13. Rebotco

    I think my 12v fridge is on the blink

    As a refrigeration manufacturer for over 30 yrs, that is not advice I would give. In some circumstances 4 hrs could be sufficient, in others it will be inadequate. It depends on the ambient temperature and length of time the equipment has been inverted.
  14. Rebotco

    I think my 12v fridge is on the blink

    Yes, the crucial thing is to wait 24 hrs at room temperature to allow the oil to drain back down, before switching on.
  15. Rebotco

    I think my 12v fridge is on the blink

    You have quite a lot to lose if you do this to a compressor fridge. The oil in the compressor will flow down to the capillary or TEV where the lower temperature will convert it into a wax and prevent any flow of the refrigerant. Goodbye fridge! It could be effective on absorption type fridges, but they work on an entirely different principle.

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