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  1. Yes, under the bridges was most "interesting"! A great whirlpool encountered there. Spent a lot of time travelling sideways at that point, and occasionally backwards! Definitely not a river to be underestimated.
  2. 12 years ago I was in almost the identical position you face. I had just bought my first narrowboat (60 ft) at the very end of October, from Tardibigge, and needed to get it to Bath pdq. Due to planned winter closures at various points on all the long routes, I chose to go down the river Severn route via Sharpness and Portishead/Bristol. To make matters worse, the tides meant I had to do it late at night, and in the feezing cold! I did have a knowledgeable friend with me who did know the river very well, but not an official Pilot. It was a dramatic and hairy trip, but, as you will deduce, we have lived to tell the tale! I am so glad I experienced that trip, but I probably wouldn't do it again under the same circumstances. My ignorance of the dangers was my greatest asset at the time, but unfortunately I have now lost that childlike innocence! So my advice would be to not write off the Severn route completely - it can be done, but you MUST have the right weather conditions, the right tide timings, and a very competent pilot. You cannot muck about with the river Severn, it does demand the greatest respect always. You go WITH it - or you don't go at all!
  3. Or stick on strips of roofing felt instead of wood. Lighter and no screw holes needed.
  4. That is not a boat at all - it is a heap of rotting junk that is getting worse year by year. It will never move again in a horizontal direction. It can only be vertical - either upwards by removal, or downwards by sinking. Just a question of what comes first. I wonder he did with the £7K he was given to repair it?
  5. Another vote for CraftInsure. Been with them for 12 years now. Everything done online and very simple and clear. Premiums are highly competitive. Had one large claim a couple of years ago, and they paid out very fairly. (Over £6K).
  6. In a normal small fridge, the thermostat is operated by the temperature of its evaporator, usually around -18 deg C. It cuts in and out at a fixed differential either side of that. This is because a normal front opening fridge loses all its cold air when the door is opened. The compressor would then run for an excessive time to cool the new warm and humid air to around 5 - 7 deg C, which in turn causes a large build up of ice on the evaporator. This then becomes highly inefficient and progressively less effective. Using the evaporator as the sensing point allows it to be kept relatively clear of excessive icing up, whilst still controlling the temperature of the air. A chest freezer is quite different in that when the top lid is opened the cold air stays put. I have never run a chest freezer as a refrigerator using its air temperature as the thermostat control, but I imagine it could work up to a point. My concern would be whether it caused short-cycling with the compressor running too frequently and for a short time. It is unlikely the compressor would overheat, as it is doing far less work than it was designed for.
  7. As an ex refrigeration engineer, I would be quite happy with that. It will run more frequently in a warm environment than cold, of course. It will also run more frequently when the thermostat is on a colder setting. I think you are probably worrying about nothing. 👍
  8. If there's enough room, that's what I will do.
  9. Your views and experiences are as valid and important as any other boaters. But they are not representative of the great majority. The danger is that CRT could try and pretend this survey reflects the opinions of ALL boaters - which it won't.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I do have a calorifier and the engine is an Izusu 42, so will do as you suggest.
  11. I have done this "census" as a leisure boater. It is nearly all about liveaboards, not the vast majority who are not. I did point out that any results they choose to extrapolate are totally invalid to boaters as a whole. They only apply to a tiny minority of all boaters. To use any of this census as representative of boaters, would be wanton deception.
  12. Due to a hose clip failure, I recently lost about 6 litres of coolant. Being out in the sticks, I had to repair clip and added just plain tap water. Due to air trapped in the system, I have also had to top up with small amounts of additional water. So now, mixture is far too weak. Question is, how do I restore the coolant to its normal 50/50 strength? Can I just add neat anti-freeze? Will it mix in eventually? (Don't really want to drain and refill with correct strength if poss) Advice appreciated.
  13. This press release from CRT seems to be almost exclusively concerned with information relevant to liveaboard boaters only. Whilst these are significant, they are nonetheless a tiny proportion of total boaters. By far, leisure boaters are the overwhelming majority. Probably in the region of 90% of boaters are leisure boaters. Yet none of their "needs" are highlighted, or even recognised, in this press release. This leads me to suppose that CRT has an agenda for their census, which is not the well being of the great majority, but the management of the few that give them their greatest headaches! Whilst I am in favour of them seeking accurate information for that purpose, I am wholly against them dressing this up as a census of all boaters. Especially if CRT mis-use the results as "evidence" of all boaters needs, rather than of a small sub-group of boaters. I fear this will will only lead to further erosions for everyone's freedoms, as we have increasingly seen over the past few years. It is the freedom offered by leisure boating that is its greatest attraction. More interference and restrictions from "authorities" using flawed evidence, is the last thing we need.
  14. In hot weather my cunning plan is to put about 6" of cold water in the bath/shower tray. A regular cold paddle works wonders - especially at night.
  15. On the contrary, the discussion has been most helpful. As a result I have ordered the BlueSmart 30 Amp charger for £169 and it is due tomorrow> I just hope it was the old charger that caused all the shennanigins in the first place!!
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