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  1. Rebotco

    Cruiser Stern - Securing Batteries??

    Could you not just drill holes in the existing tray lip to take a bolt and ring? Ratchet type hold down straps usually have a hook at each end which would hook into the rings.
  2. Rebotco

    Midgham lock K&A

    Looks quite a short boat, so I would think a cilling is unlikely. More likely is that, going downhill, he tied to a bollard before emptying the lock. A suicidal practice I have seen a number of times. Pure speculation of course, and no help, unless it serves to warn other boaters not to fall in the same trap.
  3. Rebotco

    Horn delay

    Oh very drole! 'Ow do you know anyway?
  4. Rebotco

    RNLI -Petition

    Yes, I too believe this was not about the mugs, but much more that has not been made public. But it suits our gutter press to promote a distorted view if it might sell a few more of their rags.
  5. Rebotco

    I think my 12v fridge is on the blink

    As a refrigeration manufacturer for over 30 yrs, that is not advice I would give. In some circumstances 4 hrs could be sufficient, in others it will be inadequate. It depends on the ambient temperature and length of time the equipment has been inverted.
  6. Rebotco

    I think my 12v fridge is on the blink

    Yes, the crucial thing is to wait 24 hrs at room temperature to allow the oil to drain back down, before switching on.
  7. Rebotco

    I think my 12v fridge is on the blink

    You have quite a lot to lose if you do this to a compressor fridge. The oil in the compressor will flow down to the capillary or TEV where the lower temperature will convert it into a wax and prevent any flow of the refrigerant. Goodbye fridge! It could be effective on absorption type fridges, but they work on an entirely different principle.
  8. Rebotco

    I think my 12v fridge is on the blink

    If you can truly hear gurgling going on, the motor is running. That means the thermostat is OK. Most likely fault in that case is that it has lost its refrigerant gas, and a recharge will work for a while. But the leak will still be there and will eventually need repair. That gets expensive, but not as expensive as a replacement fridge! If the "gurgling" is just a buzzing type noise, it is a voltage or compressor fault.
  9. Rebotco


    Almost certainly the top light will be the warmest setting. To confirm this, just set it for that, then let it run until the thermostat cuts out and the motor stops. Wait a minute or so then adjust it so the bottom light illuminates. If the motor then starts up again, this will confirm the above is correct. If it does not start the motor, then it is the reverse. i.e. the the top light is the coldest setting (most unlikely tho).
  10. Rebotco

    Cruiser stern "dodger"

    Have you read the instructions on the bottle? I mean the bit about it being long term lethal for aquatic life
  11. Rebotco

    Map of canals on Google Earth

    Great help - unless you are on the K&A. Total moorings available within 10 miles of Bath = 0 😠
  12. Rebotco

    Which Switch?

    As a matter of interest this is the switch I've ordered Push Switch The supply to the bilge pump is wired direct to the batteries via a fuse, so the isolator will not prevent it working.
  13. Rebotco

    Which Switch?

    Thanks folks. That is a great help. A separate push switch it is then. Thats a bonus for me, as it will be much easier to install than a combined switch. Cheap too! Excellent advice ta. 👍
  14. Rebotco

    Which Switch?

    I see what you mean. But would anything nasty happen if someone pressed the push switch when the pump was already running from the float switch? Can you have 2 x +ves active on the pump at the same time without causing damage? Sorry if that sounds a bit thick - but it is late!!
  15. Rebotco

    Which Switch?

    I'm having trouble trying to locate a suitable bilge pump Single Pole +ve control switch for mounting in my control panel. What I'm looking for is a 12v switch that:- 1. Is normally "on" (to connect to the float switch) 2. Can be switched to "manual over ride" against a spring (and disconnecting float feed). 3. Returns to "on" when released. (i.e. Can never be inadvertently switched off) Prefer type fitting into circular hole around 1/2" diameter. Any suggestions/sources gratefully received. Thanks

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