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  1. Yeah well, bearing in mind his his owner's nutcase experiments, he's probably used up 10 of his 9 lives already! 🐱 😏
  2. Mooring at Goring is pretty much the same as ......... ...........Stopping at Wapping 🤗
  3. Never heard of 'em. There are several Hotel Boats though. They are what you would expect - floating hotels that you can hire for a week or so. Same as hiring your own boat, but driving and meals included.
  4. I used to watch a lot of football in the days it was a sport. I lost all interest when it became a business.
  5. The one I liked was an Indian Takeaway named "SINGH FOR YOUR SUPPER".
  6. Thank you. Any idea why the manufacturers state a max battery capacity of 225Ah if it can also cope with 440Ah battery bank?
  7. I notice this specifies a max size battery bank of 225 Ah. Does anyone know if it can also be used on, say, 440 Ah bank - albeit taking longer for its cycles. Would this damage either the charger or the batteries?
  8. If you have an accumulator on the cold water supply, it may just be that it needs re-pressurising. It worked for me when I had a similar fault develop.
  9. Never used one myself, but I imagine you have to always unwind the whole cassette for it to work - even if you are only 2 metres away from the tap. Best ones by far I've found are the expanding hoses which automatically expand to 3 times their initial length, and automatically shrink back when disconnected. My 20m one is very light to handle and just drops easily into a small bucket when not in use, and can reach over 3 times the length of my boat. The important thing is not to instantly turn the tap fully on initially, otherwise people report they can burst with sudden pressure. Easily avoided by opening the tap gradually. I've been using mine for 3 years without problem, and wouldn't use any other.
  10. Congratulations on a superb video record. Greatly appreciated, thanks.
  11. Does this mean that two ordinary narrowboats can no longer share this lock? If so, this would seem a monumental cock-up!
  12. A couple of years ago I shared that lock with another narrowboat and had the fright of my life. Going down we jammed together (presumably the walls tapered in somewhat.) Whilst the water continued dropping we were both hanging in mid air at a very scary angle. Lost a lot of crockery that day, and most of our dinner! Please don't ask if we both had our fenders down!!!! Never again! Fortunately our lock wheeler managed to drop the paddles before it became a catastrophe.
  13. "'Er indoors" will have to become "It indoors". See how they like that! Pillocks.
  14. Thanks for the advice. Its a pretty labour intensive task whichever method is used. I had wondered if something like Nitromors paint stripper would help, although its rubbish these days, compared to what it used to be before the EU banned it.
  15. Yes, its those tubular handrails that put me off repainting my roof too! Did you find any short cuts to speed that part up? Or any ideas of what may be worth trying?
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