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  1. Rebotco

    The "thing" is back!

    Yes. It's quite a large number ................ ........ of defects in tastefulness department!
  2. Rebotco

    The "thing" is back!

    How about "The Bloated Floater" ?!😏
  3. Rebotco

    The "thing" is back!

    I would think the vendor would have more success advertising in his local asylum, rather than ebay.
  4. Rebotco

    Mystery Electrical Contraptions

    The green box is a cobweb disperser. P.S. Its bust!
  5. Rebotco

    How to strengthen this knob

    I tried that once .............. .....Bloody mouse ate it the same night! 😥
  6. Rebotco

    How long does a water pressure pump last

    Mine have always lasted until they bust. Hope that helps. 😊
  7. Rebotco

    A Fishy Story

    Nah - must've bin a spulling mis-skate.😏
  8. Rebotco

    A Fishy Story

    Poor Mr Salmon - 'eel be gutted!
  9. Rebotco

    LED halogen replacement bulbs

    relatively harsh, clinical bluish-white light The "warm-white" colour doesn't. It gives a slightly golden glow. Much easier on the eyes.
  10. Rebotco

    Non slip deck

    If they can't spell "excellent" or "flexibility" I wouldn't risk their paint!
  11. Rebotco

    Chop saws for DIY uses

    I use the DeWalt sliding mitre saw. It ticks all the boxes you mention. It aint cheap, but its rock solid and dead accurate. I wouldn't change it for anything else where consistent accuracy is demanded. The only thing I would consider is the Evolution Rage saws, but only because they can cut metal as well using the same blade. But I very much doubt it would get anywhere near the accuracy of the DeWalts. Both ranges available from Screwfix etc.
  12. Rebotco

    Water tank blacking

    That's the trouble with democracies - once elected they morph into dictatorships.
  13. Rebotco

    Over plating

    I find these pictures fascinating. When overplating, what preparation has to be done on the existing surface? Also, how do you ensure no moisture is trapped between the old and new steel?
  14. Rebotco

    Three Kingfishers

    I seem to remember that Kingfisher was the most popular name on the Canal Junction website records.
  15. Rebotco

    Three Kingfishers

    On the West K&A we have seen just one Kingfisher this year. Thought "the beast from the east" must have killed them off. Usually see a dozen or more most years. Or maybe its just the same one we see a dozen times!

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