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  1. Never get anything on the prop again!

    A couple of castors on the front end, and you could carry on even with no water! Ideal for the drought season. Wouldn't even need a lorry to transport it - you could just trundle up the M1.
  2. Pressure release valve

    Glad you've got the desired result. Sooo ...... which way do you turn it to reduce the pressure?
  3. Pressure release valve

    That centre screw between the two cables looks the same adjuster as my Parmax 2.9. If its already adjusted to maximum by previous owner, it should only be able to turn one way, which will reduce the cut-out pressure. The pump label shows its factory set cut-out was 1.7 bar, but this is adjustable if its the same as mine, which I think it will be.
  4. Pressure release valve

    I think you have to unclip the rectangular blue plastic cover for access to the pressure adjustment screw. Mine's a Parmax 2.9 and has a small phillips head screw to turn - but I've forgotten which way! Trial and error I guess.
  5. trims

    Google wood mouldings thousands here, including some of the DIY sheds. Richard Burbidge seems a huge range. Here you go Mouldings
  6. May be of interest to some. Lidl oil pump 12v
  7. Why Do I get Sparks?

    She'll be in trouble if she ever has to have her tonsils out!
  8. Why Do I get Sparks?

    Thanks for that. Not sure I understand half of it, but got some understanding of the other half!
  9. Why Do I get Sparks?

    Thanks - I was not aware of that! Is this to do with the engine starter battery? If the hull is a negative, why cannot boats be wired with one positive cable to appliances, with the return via the hull, like in cars? Sorry if these are dumb questions.
  10. When connecting a new bilge pump direct to the batteries, my spanner accidentally touched the the hull whilst loosening the positive battery terminal. This resulted in a small, but very definite spark, which puzzles me. I didn't think there was any contact between batteries and hull, so why would I get a spark? I do not have any shore power circuits (do have a small inverter though). Does this spark indicate something might be wrong? Any enlightenment would be appreciated.
  11. Carbon Monoxide Alarm Petition

    The reason I enjoy boating, is the relative freedom it offers from the bottom-wiping dictatorial nanny State. So I do not welcome yet more regulation telling me what I can and can't do. For goodness sake, allow people to take responsibility for their own actions (or lack of). I can quite see why anyone who has lost a loved one to accidental CO poisoning would think more "regulations" would be a "good thing". But its really not more laws that are needed, but more education in the realities and risks in any human activity. People must take responsibility for the consequences of their activity, and stop blaming "the System" when it all goes wrong.
  12. Local mooring

  13. Local mooring

    Who said anything otherwise?
  14. Cello 12v TV

    Dunno about that - but it has got Freeview built in.
  15. Local mooring

    Perhaps you should read CRT's terms & conditions - see para 2 from CRT website CRT visitor moorings