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  1. I don't see why 'stationary' is required, as shifting in to reverse should restart the engine just fine... and if it's designed that it takes .5-1 second in neutral to kill the engine, that's a restart avoided in the shift. And yeah, a "No, really" button - or keyswitch setting - would be quite easy to do.
  2. (Apologies is this is the wrong place to ask, but couldn’t figure a better choice) so, modern cars - starting with the Prius a decade ago, but expanded beyond hybrids, too - turn off their engines rather than idle, starting up again as soon as you press the accelerator. Have any boat engines started doing this yet? A whole lot of diesel is burned at idle and we’d (ok, you’d. I don’t have a boat and won’t for a long time) save a bunch of money if that weren’t the case, as well as being better for the environment. Just wondering... JB
  3. Price: Excellent! Thank you. I missed that in my digging around. Rental period: Yeah, seems things have changed. Mooring: If I ever manage to do this, then yeah, I'm absolutely looking at CCing. Living in a marina is not why I'd be doing it. Thanks again!
  4. Heck, 1000#/month is a seemingly solid piece of information that I haven't found before. Of course, given that they say "3 months" every place as their minimum, who knows how much I should trust you. (Forgive... US Keyboard...)
  5. I'm amazed at the lack of feedback they've ever received here. I just discovered them myself, and I can't tell you how excited I am by the idea of their existence. I mean, they only have one boat where they particularly mention the interior headroom which, at 6'2"/188cm I care about a bunch, but I'd really love to hear anything about them...
  6. DCI Banks series 1 ep 3 opens with a burning boat. Maybe a burnt-out Springer used as the “after” boat?
  7. You were not at home when I walked.by northbound, and asleep when I walked home from the Brasenose Arms around 11. I’m 4 boats south of you on Lily (waiting for RCR, as it turns out. ? )
  8. As near as I could tell heading south yesterday, things were all moored up down to Keen’s bridge. Is there anyone reading this who’d like to volunteer a place to breast up any closer? JB - heading back north from Banbury either today or tomorrow morning.
  9. “Collect+”? This is true, but where can I pick up a bunch of USB-powered camping fans along the GUC or the Oxford?
  10. I’m 6 days in to my odyssey and hearing dire warnings about forthcoming heat, and my earlier discussion on that topic has become one of arborists and trees. So instead I’ll ask a more general UK-type question here: Given that I don’t have a UK address, and I wouldn’t BE at that address anyway, how can I order some cooling equipment from Amazon and actually receive it? Thanks!
  11. @Nunovyrbizz, this is excellent! Thank you so much.
  12. I'm looking for a list of market days in canal-side towns that would be easy for me to get to, should I happen to be in the right place at the right time. I'm particularly interested in the Grand Union from Tring, to the Oxford around Cropredy, but a general list would be excellent. My Pearson guide listed one in the text of one page, and I haven't caught any in my Collins, but without an index and without a map icon, even the textual entry is of limited use, as I don't remember where it was. Thanks very much!
  13. It’s a loan from my cousins, of the boat their mother has owned for the last 20 years (and lived on 7 months of the year during that time) that they’re selling as soon as I’m off of it. Or maybe sooner, I hope not. This all comes up in that they are asking me to pay them back for the license and insurance for the time I’m using it, as it would be sitting moored in a marina until it’s sold, and as I’m American, the precise terminology used in UK insurance, roadside canal assistance, and so on is new to me.
  14. For the boat I’m borrowing in a couple of weeks, my cousin (son of the owner) has been quoted this about insurance and breakdown service: Breakdown can be added on at £40 for Membership, £85 for 3 call outs a year or £100 for 3 callouts a year including recovery. Can anyone explain what these 3 amounts are? Most notably, is “membership” likely to be in addition to the callouts “packages” or is it a separate tier in some way? Thanks...
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