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  1. Gareth E

    Government Plans For Increasing Cycling & Walking

    I agree that adapting rules for your own convenience is wrong. However, adapting the rules for your own safety without compromising the safety of others is common sense with the other option being stupidity. I'd rather be alive and healthy having 'broken the rules' than in the back of an ambulance, the thought that at least I'd followed the rules, it was someone else's fault, would have been very scant consolation. Road rules and the highway code are blunt instruments. They have to be, as they can't possibly take into account all the factors that can vary depending on vehicle type, weather and road conditions etc. On that basis I'll make my choices, and would encourage others too, with the highway code in mind, but usurped by the thought of staying safe, avoiding accidents.
  2. Gareth E

    Government Plans For Increasing Cycling & Walking

    It's a bit easier for me with having a motor driving my 2 wheels but still, I sometimes encounter dangers from car drivers who are insulated from the outside world by a layer of steel and glass. I can forgive those who pull out in front of me, anyone can make a mistake and when the law allows distractions such as sat navs, it's hardly surprising that car drivers sometimes don't fully concentrate on their driving. Anyway, any motorcyclist who doesn't expect every car in sight to do something that's dangerous to them, even though 99.9% don't, isn't going to stay healthy for very long. It's unfortunate that drivers can pass their test merely by complying with the highway code. Nowhere in the code does it say that given darkness and rain, then possibly no street lamps and or road markings and who knows, maybe lots of leaves on the road, that it's extremely dangerous to get close behind a motor cycle doing 25 or 30 on a country road with a limit of 60. I try to avoid riding in such conditions but if needs must, pretty well ever car driver behaves in this way, blissfully unaware that their powerful lights in the bike's mirrors make the motor cyclist blind to the road ahead.
  3. Gareth E

    World Cup football.

    There is no live cricket at all on terrestrial tv. It's a terrible shame to threaten the continued existence of this great game in favour of lining current players' pockets with paid for tv money. Actually it's more than that, it's a disgrace that the government didn't protect this game in the way it did with others.
  4. Gareth E

    Hooray it's raining!

    Yep, steady moderate rain here in Congleton for the past hour or so. I must get those mushroom vents sealed up!
  5. Gareth E

    Government Plans For Increasing Cycling & Walking

    I'm a motor cyclist, it's my only form of transport. It's quite OK to 'filter' between 2 lines of stationary traffic. The gap only needs to be tiny. On occasions I might need to stop and lean my bike over to miss the wing mirror of a car. This is all fine at an appropriate speed, 10 mph absolute maximum, mostly much less than this, when the gaps are narrow, when the traffic is stopping and starting when cars may move lanes, etc. Some people are getting hot under the collar about cyclist jumping red lights. I know 'rules are rules' but imagine being in a right turning lane knowing that when the light changes to green you'll have a line of cars behind you, some of them desperate to get where they are going, will overtake you with little clearance. It's not safe for you, and it frustrates some car drivers. If the way is clear surely it's better to 'jump' the red light so you can clear the junction safely, and leaving a clearer path for other road users. Traffic lights are partly about safety but also about traffic management. Not management of 2 wheel vehicles, they are not considered in these exercises, management of cars and trucks.
  6. Gareth E

    World Cup football.

    Take your point about the semi literacy. It seems that while the rest of the population know that it's correct to say "he did well", footballers, pretty well all of them, say "he done well". Even the usually highly articulate Arsene Wenger has been drawn into this apparent alternative grammar model.
  7. Gareth E

    World Cup football.

    He's really surprised me with his success at home, given that he doesn't have a great deal of talent. Two or three years in the premier league scoring tons of goals propelled him to him being 'world class', without that being properly tested. I don't want to blame Kane for the exit, my point is more about pundits, the media, almost everyone apparently, seemingly needing a talisman, a saviour. Other nations seem to be more team oriented.
  8. Gareth E

    Brexit 2017

    Throughout this long running thread you've always been the voice of reason and logic in response to the (often bigoted) points made by those who are entrenched in their view. We could do with some politicians who think as you do. I take my hat off to you sir.
  9. Gareth E

    World Cup football.

    Beaten by the better team, England's midfield is seriously lacking in quality and particularly, creativity. Sir Harry may get the golden boot but was second rate. At least the hype about him hasn't reached the level of previous vastly overrated players, Rooney and Beckham spring very easily to mind.
  10. Gareth E

    Kayak storage

    I used to keep my sit on kayak on the roof. I secured one side with a chain and padlock, the other with a ratchet strap, each through one of the carrying handles and the handrail on the boat. Worked well but it's quite heavy, lifting it on and off was a pain and it didn't do the paint on my roof any favours. For the past 2 years the kayak has lived in the water. I drag it behind on a rope when I'm cruising. When I moor up I secure it to the Armco with padlock and chain.
  11. Gareth E

    Am I a coward?

    I'm quite intolerant of noise and tend to moor in the sticks most of the time. Having said that, as long as any engine nearby is switched off by around 11 pm I turn a blind eye to it. Or is that a deaf ear? The constant drone isn't great but at least the silence isn't ruined by cars and trucks hurtling past every few seconds, which some people suffer every day. I'm less tolerant of music being played loudly. I love music but never impose it on others and hate having it imposed on me. Any boater who moors near me and starts blaring music out, even during the day, will immediately get a knock from me asking to turn it down. I'm often met by a bewildered looking 'stoner', they have always been apologetic, and complied. I'm not keen on these boaters that cruise with music blaring out, so you can hear than approaching from a quarter of a mile away. I sometimes feel like waving at them holding a pair of earphones, but I resist the temptation, it's not great to make instant enemies.
  12. Gareth E

    Lifeboat Conversion

    Mine is a single 12v Trojan. From memory, I think it's 105 ah. I'm hoping these fairly short bursts of high demand for current, say 35 amps for half and hour, having deducted the input from solar, haven't damaged it!
  13. I'm well on with this now, just need to gloss over a few remaining sanded rectangles tomorrow. I'm pleased with it, it looks great. I've made a mistake though! Despite brushing the loose sand off with a stiff brush the subsequent glossing has resulted in particles of sand being picked up by my brush and going into my (new) 2.5 litre can of gloss. There isn't a lot of sand but I'd prefer it not to be there, when I gloss the remaining areas of the roof. Having said that I'm not into binning a virtually new tin of paint. I was wondering, are these sand particles likely to float, and therefore be towards the top of the tin? If so I could give it a good stir. If the sand sinks though, I could leave the tin undisturbed and use paint from the top, I won't get through the whole tin. Any thoughts?
  14. Gareth E

    Lifeboat Conversion

    Would it not be fair to say that a more powerful inverter could be fitted, provided that due thought is given to what power is going in and out? I myself have just one leisure battery, my normal usage is around 30ah/ day. I do on occasion run my 500w angle grinder through my 600w inverter but only for fairly short periods, maybe half an hour or so. I only do this on sunny summer days (375w solar) or if there's no sun I run either the engine or a generator, to make sure the battery doesn't get too depleted.
  15. Gareth E

    Brexit 2017

    You feel that developments of late have made it more likely that it will be difficult for you to go on holiday in Europe, really??

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