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  1. Gareth E

    Chris Pink

    Thanks for that.
  2. Gareth E

    Chris Pink

    I'm trying to contact him regarding a website matter. His web pages are down. Does anyone have a contact number they could pm to me? Thanks.
  3. Gareth E

    Brick attack on the Macc

    Fair point, I've reported it now.
  4. Gareth E

    Brick attack on the Macc

    A couple of hours ago I was having my daily kayak. Passed under bridge 10, near High Lane park. A few seconds after 'kadoosh' something big landed in the water about 3 feet to the side of me. I stopped, heard a couple of people laughing but didn't see anyone. Might pay to keep your eyes open and be aware, if you're going through this area. I thought about contacting the police, but decided a post on here might have more practical value.
  5. Gareth E

    Brexit 2017

    I'm wondering whether the government's propaganda leaflet sent to all households was included within the costs the 'remain' side were limited to. If not, would this spend have resulted in this side overspending too?
  6. Gareth E

    Lidle pump & fuel tank cleaning

    This is exactly the pump I use to do the job. The hose supplied with it is terribly 'coiled' which presents the problem of how to keep it in place at the bottom of the tank while pumping the crud out. I use duct tape to hold it to a broom handle which is then pushed into the bottom corner of the tank. Before doing this I heel the boat over a little towards the corner I'll be pushing the hose/ broom handle into, by tying the centre line to a mooring pin and hammering it well in. This works well but don't expect the pump to last long, I'm on my third in 5 years.
  7. Gareth E

    Brexit 2017

    I see. So simple arguments are always worse then complicated ones and the right is always worse for the people than the left. Does that sum your argument up, or is this too simplistic?
  8. Gareth E

    Brexit 2017

    I see that 80% of the Italian population voted for political parties that are anti EU. It seems that lack of approval for the super club is not confined to Britain.
  9. Gareth E

    The future of coal

    I burn petcoke myself. Not in large quantities because of the warnings of stove damage but it's good for starting a fire, getting it nice and hot before adding normal smokeless. Petcoke burns very cleanly, is as easy to light as any smokeless fuel and most certainly doesn't need forced air for it to burn. Actually you can even close down the air a little without it going out, you can't do this with anthracite.
  10. Gareth E

    Brexit 2017

    Lots of talk about the red bus, and talk of how it swayed folk into voting to leave. This may be the case but equally, how many people who were undecided were convinced to remain as a result of this obvious cynical lie? Equally, the threat of an emergency cash raising budget, the collapse of the economy and house prices, all immediately after a vote 'leave' were other cynical lies. The stated notion that war could result was just laughable. Again, did these lies increase the 'remain' vote or were they seen through and perhaps resulted in the opposite of this? At the end of the day nobody knows the answer to these questions, and never will. It might be fun to talk about this but any opinion on the matter can only ever be conjecture, nothing more.
  11. Gareth E


    I was there on the Saturday. Lancs got a big score, think Clive Lloyd and Frank Hayes got 100's on a day of hot sunshine. On the Monday it was snowed off. I still remember the headline in the papers 'flaming June, and it's snowing'
  12. Gareth E

    Brexit 2017

    Look on the bright side, an hour of his work only costs RP50,000 rather than 50 quid at home. That's less than 3 quid to those watching from outside Indonesia. Who cares if the job needs to be done again when it's that price? Reminds me of last week when fitting a pair of brake pads on my bike cost just 40,000, a little over 2 quid. Brakes are rarely needed over here anyway, so what's the point in paying more?
  13. Gareth E

    Brexit 2017

    What a load of twaddle from the BBC, not for the first time. If one group of people is at risk of malnutrition it's surely the unemployed and homeless, who often can't get benefits and have to rely on charity. The good old BBC, without any evidence at all, offer the notion that 'families with chidren' are the ones suffering. Britain has some of the highest family related benefits in the world yet pays paltry benefits to those without children. If parents really are faced with the choice of feeding themselves or their children, it's clear and obvious that the parents are making extremely poor financial choices.
  14. Gareth E

    Brexit 2017

    It now seems that pretty well everyone, on both sides of the argument, agrees that illegal immigrants must be stopped from entering the U.K., at any cost. Whatever happened to the argument that these were poor desperate people who have a moral right to enter the country, and once here, would enrich it culturally, then also financially, because they work so hard?
  15. Gareth E

    Brexit 2017

    Is it 15 quid now? When I got stopped for going through a red light in Jakarta, and no licence, I offered the kind policeman 3 quid which he refused, but he accepted 6. Rumour has it that the best solution is to pretend you're Russian (no English), the police don't speak it, and will let you go rather than take you down to the police station to go through the formal process. Makes sense I suppose, time at the police station is time where they could be out there collecting bribes.