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  1. Gareth E

    Labour Women's Conference

    Not at all, I meant what I said. What you suggest might have been the case a generation or two ago but to suggest that nowadays seems rather patronising towards women. In any case, not all women have partners and those that do may have male or female partners, or both, or several. We've moved on since the 1960's.
  2. Gareth E

    Labour Women's Conference

    She was wise your mother, she hit the nail squarely on the head. Gender equality is about maintaining the advantages females have (longevity/ higher preventative health spending/ lower suicide rate) whilst trying to make sure that women earn exactly the same as men regardless of chosen career path and lifestyle choices.
  3. Gareth E

    Brexit 2017

    The problem with a general election, in terms of respecting the result of the referendum, is that neither of the two important parties are likely to campaign on delivering Brexit in any meaningful way. It would be a very convenient get out for the politicians. The 52% could always vote UKIP I suppose but the reality is that they won't win an election, everyone knows that. So, Britain would then either remain or go into a Norway style deal; effectively remain. The politicians would have avoided a dubious second referendum but was can foresee this, it would not be democracy.
  4. Gareth E

    Labour Women's Conference

    Back in the real world of so called equality the special groups (including women) enjoy such protection from freedom of speech in official circles; there would be more chance of affecting political change in North Korea.
  5. Mine is Manchester, a mild version from south of the city. It's good here, we manage to speak our a's without feeling the need to insert an unnecessary 'r' most times, as they do in the south, for some peculiar reason. Must make learning English a whole lot easier for our invited guests. Funny thing about inserting the 'r' after a's it's a trait of most or all of the south, not just those with guttural accents. It's hilarious to hear a news reader attempt a foreign pronunciation in one article and then in the next, talk about an incident in "Glarsgow". I'm told this phenomenon is of long standing, with its roots in southern perceived superiority over the north. Just sounds silly to me, and god knows what the foreigners think.
  6. Gareth E

    Brexit 2017

    I think it's about the right time for some EU flag burning ceremonies.
  7. Gareth E

    Brexit 2017

    Yup, makes sense to me. Do you accept?
  8. Gareth E

    Brexit 2017

    I'll just tidy this this up a bit, if you don't mind. It's our money which we give to the eu, then the eu graciously tells us how we must spend some of it. The rest of our money is spent overseas.
  9. Cheers, I'll stand corrected, let's call it a strong London accent then. I've never understood it. Sometimes an 'l' is said like an 'l'. 'Landon' (London) for example. At other times it's spoken like a w Biw (Bill) was so iw (ill) he few (fell) down a hiw (hill). Why isn't Landon Wandon? Can't follow it all.
  10. Gareth E

    Labour Women's Conference

    Interesting one that. On one hand you have women. They have been told they are special for so long, it's deeply established. Then you have the relatively new kids on the block in terms of being a 'special' group; transgender folk. I'd imagine it's tough for a woman to accept a transgender person as being equal, knowing as they do that they are men really, who aren't a special group. The transgender folk must be miffed though, you'd think that all special groups would want to pull together, against all the groups that aren't special. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out.
  11. Gareth E

    Labour Women's Conference

    Good job you worked that out, rather than Diane Abbott. Otherwise we'd probably still be here now, and the population of Britain would be approaching 10 billion.
  12. Not for me unfortunately, the guttural cockney accents make me wince.
  13. Gareth E

    Brexit 2017

    Nah can't be arsed. I was talking about the hypocrisy within wider society, rather than any personal trauma
  14. Gareth E

    Bugsworth basin

    Bosley still closed though. Has to be I guess, as they've brought winter works forward. The strange thing about this is that despite bringing the works forward, the locks are still due to be closed for the full original winter stoppages period. Begs the question, what's the point of bringing the works forward, if it doesn't bring the opening date of the locks forward, and prevents the locks opening in the meantime, should there be heavy rain?
  15. Gareth E

    Brexit 2017

    Not as intense or as complicated as that! Simply when two people in a relationship decide and agree, without undue influence from either party, that life is better when there is more variety. Society will say and teach that emotions such as jealousy and ownership of another person are 'bad'. Then, when a little known alternative crops up that does away with these 'bad' things this alternative is also 'bad'. It all seems a bit silly really. What's really going on here isn't what we think. We aren't a modern, progressive, liberal, forward thinking society. Instead, we're a backward and regressive bunch or at least, that's what our societal norms suggest. Some would say that the likes of Saudi Arabia live in the dark ages. Perhaps so. If they do though, so does Britain. The only difference is that Britain has compiled a short list, seemingly randomly: lesbian, gay, bi, transgender. Those within these groups have been propelled, virtually overnight, from being freaks, perverts, weirdos etc. etc. to people to be 'celebrated'. All this while the many other groups of consenting adults with alternative interests or drives continue to be the freaks, perverts and weirdos. It's not related to Brexit, but it's all rather strange, when you apply logical thinking to the bigger picture.

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