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  1. Hi! I have owned a 10 year old Amber Boats built Nb for the last 4 years. Comments from the surveyor pre-purchase were very positive regarding the quality of the workmanship/welding, particularly the fact that welds under strakes had been done completely, not just tack welded as apparently often happens. Subsequent dry docking/blackings have also given me every confidence that I have, for once, unlike my car purchases, bought well and have a sound well built vessel. She also did all that was asked last year covering over 1000 lock miles without any real issues - I appreciate many may consider that a mere weekend away but for me it was a brilliant summer! It may not be one of the “chosen” or “highly valued” or “respected” or “fashionable” builders - searching for the right term there - but I hope you know what I mean, but if I had to buy another boat then if the price was right I wouldn’t think twice about buying another Amber Good luck and enjoy! B
  2. Just to say I agree with Athy’s comments and update you on the wide beam situation It was moved last summer - I understand an “interesting” short voyage down to Boot Wharf where it was lifted out and relocated to the continent by road
  3. Update, with apologies for the delay in posting! We reached Langley Mill with no problems and can confirm that the Erewash is well worth the effort! Should also add that several, much needed beers and a good meal ( 2 eat for £10) were enjoyed at the Great Northern last night and we will be revisiting before we leave! Once again, thank you all for your feedback and advice, without which we would probably have not made the trip which would have been a shame - we have both really enjoyed the experience! Kind regards Brian
  4. Thank you all for your feedback and advice, it is very much appreciated! On the basis of this we have decided to go for it and are looking forward to a few celebratory pints in some of Langley Mill's hostelries! We will update as and when! Thank you again Brian
  5. Hoping to make a trip up the Erewash to the Great North Basin next week, after half term, but am being told it's not currently possible with a draught of more than 2 ft due to the lack of rain this spring. Two 58 ft NB's hoping to make the trip - one at 2 ft, the other at 2 ft 6 in Have done a search on the forum but only finding info relating to 2016 and earlier Does anybody have any recent experience or advice? Thank you in advance for your help
  6. My word! I am truly humbled and extremely honoured to receive such an accolade from your goodself! It really does mean a lot, thank you! SD
  7. Hello All My first post! I have been "watching" the CWDF for a couple of years or so as a guest, having bought Ar Lass just over two years ago and have found many, many, of the threads informative, entertaining and sometimes thought provoking. Until this evening I have not felt the need, confidence or motivation to subscribe and given what seems to be happening it seems ironic somehow that today turns out to be the day..... Being moored in the Blisworth area and having the luxury, being retired (early) of spending weeks at a time on my boat, in the Marina or in the area I find that one of my dog's favourite walks is along the Northampton Arm and the Rothersthorpe Flight. The towpath is mostly gravelled and even in the wettest weather I am normally able to return to the boat with a relatively clean and mud free dog. Over the last couple of years I have bumped into "Leon" and chatted with him many times and feel the need to speak up. He is, in IMHO, a nice guy and to coin a phrase - there but for the grace of....., who has been handed the dirty end of the stick. He has acknowledged to me, many times, that he has an alcohol problem which often becomes exacerbated later in the day but he would love to be able to get it sorted. He can be a little eccentric at times and his dress code can be more than a little revealing on occasions. Yes, he does offer to help Boats up and down the flight, ideally for a few quid in return but often gets nothing despite the Boat Owner agreeing initially to pay. Some offer food, some offer alcohol, tobacco, whatever. He has many regular clients from the Middle Levels etc who ring him and book his services a few days ahead. He seems to me to be a guy who is at least trying to make his way in life and yes he has two homes - he was delighted to show me his new home a couple of weeks ago - a new tent he bought in the end of season sale from Tesco for £7.50 which would come in handy if No 1 Tent is damaged over the coming winter. It has been reported elsewhere that the CRT have obtained an ASBO to keep him away from the flight but I have been assured that this is not the case despite the three attempts CRT made to get it through the courts. I have heard via the proverbial "towpath telegraph" that he has allegedly intimidated some Owners into paying over the odds for his services - this may be true, but I echo the opinions of the majority of the earlier posters who have found him to be a real help in negotiating the flight. To summarise - he's a nice guy trying to earn a crust rather than sitting on his backside begging and if he's pissed then tell him to bugger off - surely you wont want to risk having a drunken guy helping you up/down 17 locks?
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