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  1. Council Report March 2019 I have spoken about not being well; one of the joys of renal failure is your ability to pick up whatever viruses are going round and hold them in your body for months; resulting in exhaustion an no ability to do anything other than what is essential. Hence, no Council report has been written until now and for this I apologise. As usual, please be advised these are my recollections from notes made; therefore, they should not be regarded as minutes and anything missed is entirely down to the fact I haven’t noted it or I just didn’t remember. We met in Manchester on 20 March - a Wednesday, so no dialysis and as I could get a local train into the city, I didn’t need to get up at the crack of dawn. We met just after 9am and on this day, the local team take the Council on a show and tell - in our case round the side of the Bridgewater to Lock 89 and a walk to Lock 87 (I had no idea this short cut was there). Lock 89 is where there have been two fatalities as people use the header gates to cross the canal rather than the nice bridge provided above the tail gates, so a temporary fence has been erected but allowing boaters to access the lock and preventing the use of the header gates as a walkway. The Trust has joined in with Peel Holdings, the Fire Service, Police, Manchester City Council in the Water Safety Initiative. (This is a wonderful opportunity to engage Peel and hopefully resolve the issue of the Bridgewater Canal). we walked up to Lock 87; there are plans to redevelop all this and the area around Piccadilly Basin as a destination zone - something Manchester is lacking and therefore misses out on tourism pounds. As an aside next to Chrchgate House on Oxford Road ithere is a statue of a horse next to it on the offside as a nod to the horses used in the past. We then returned to the Bridgewater Hall for the Council Meeting, The Governance Report was issued and there are to be additional members elected and appointed and the that these to take effect from March 2020 after the next elections are in December 2019. They propose some additional elected and nominated reps to Council including a fifth Private Boaters Rep - (we said this should be a liveaboard bearing in mind the significant increase in these.) For those now wondering, I shall be seeking re-election to Council as I feel after four years we are finally getting somewhere and changes will happen, although probably slowly. We had a full report from Julie Sharman, the Chief Operating Officer, who gave a full report on Winter Improvement Works, the uptake on Winter moorings with 703 permits sold for a total 2294 months. There is ongoing work for Green Flag Awards; there are various initiatives going on to promote Don’t Drink and Drown, particularly in City Centres. She also updated us on Marple Flight due to open at the end of May 2019. We then broke for lunch and resumed at 1.30 where a presentation was made by Kevin Fitzgerald, the Chair of the Waterways Ombudsman Committee with an introduction to the new Waterways Ombudsman designate, Sarah Daniel who officially starts in June 2019. Council had requested some items for debate and the first was on Sharing the Towpath. I was asked to speak on behalf of boaters, with angling, walking members also speaking. The Cycling UK member sent apologies which was a shame as we need responsible cyclists to set examples to the few who insist on speeding and that was the crux of the issue. It is a small strip of land adjacent to the canal, usually no more than six feet wide and often narrower than that and everyone is responsible for their own behaviour. Regarding anglers, if you see bad behaviour , please report it as Angling clubs sign a code of conduct with Canal and River Trust and can be fined if their members are not adhering. I tried not to just be critical of cyclists as I know commuting is limited to certain areas and particularly bad behaviour to a minority; so reporting all incidents, no matter how minor, is important. After the various presentations, we split into groups to discuss and see if we could find any ideas - in brief, better directional signage where there is a dedicated cycle path nearby; more communication with Councils and other stakeholders about access and egress and making reporting incidents on the website easier as there is loads on anecdotal evidence and little reporting. The meeting closed at 4.30pm, the next one is after the AGM on Thursday 20 September in Birmingham. .
  2. I am waiting until October when the new prices are published, then a "conversation" will be held You see this is all down to whoever you have managing the marina, I find the managers at NM to be short of customer service training and the GDPR is non existant.
  3. With a training and development need, yes. Also, ABC don't own residential marinas anywhere else, nor do they manage moorings for CRT. I find the staff have a training deficit in customer service. When we recieved the first DD schedule, they had charged us the same as marina berths, I phoned and it took four phone calls for them to correct it. It's as if they cannot make a decision.
  4. We are on online moorings outsourced to Pridewater from CRT Waterside Moorings and now administered by ABC. We had to cross out the line in the contract which stated we would not be using our boats for living on; so it appears they don't allow liveaboards. Sending a letter to moorers seems an alien concept, their communication is appalling. They offer poor WI-FI, 10% off hire boats but we haven't seen any benefits, I am unimpressed by ABC
  5. That's going to mess up a lot of Trader's plans
  6. I read (On the FB post on London Boaters) that the craft has difficulty going under bridges - therefore there maybe another reason why they have refused to licence him (if indeed they have)
  7. Boats are back, I have discovered Manchester City Council own it, managed by BWML, unsure what happens when CRT sell BWML
  8. Hi, curiosity really, who owns New Islington Marina and who sets mooring fees? Recently, Canal and River Trust sent notices to residents on London Moorings and I was curious as to who sets the prices for New Islington as they seem to be invisible https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/whats-on/food-drink-news/hidden-waterside-oasis-manchester-city-14908743#ICID=Android_MENNewsApp_AppShare
  9. It isn't a chaired meeting as such, i didn't really make this bit clear. They look at both dredging and vegetation schedules and if they coincide, they allocate vegetation clearance to be done in conjunction with dredging. Thus only one boat and crew are used and it saves navigations being out of use twice - the dredging schedules MAY be cutback owing to all the breaches and capital.cost of repairs. Hope this clears any confusion
  10. I know the National.Advisory Group (NAG) has been advising on this, profile etc.
  11. Good question, they might appreciate some ideas on that. I know they mentioned enforcement in the past, but I think that is what will become clearer.
  12. Thanks Tim, hopefully, we can help nearer the time with objections. Thanks everyone, I really want everyone to know that I do try to keep.you all informed.unfortunately Andy couldnt be there, so this was more important. I.hope it at least helps you understand that CRT really do get that bpaters are central.and that they really need us to help them.
  13. 200 km extra of the backlog, apologies, I was a bit tired writing it. It's extra to normal if that makes sense. I have sent these notes round to the other reps who were there, hopefully they will clarify it for me. Tbh, I was a bit tired and note taking was sketchy.
  14. Boaters Reps Meeting - 28 June 2018 - Birmingham, Aqua House Yesterday was a long day - out at 6am for dialysis, did exactly 4 hours 12 minutes as I needed to be on the train to Birmingham at 12.30pm. I arrived after the meeting started, so the first item agenda the Trust’s New Structure I missed - the rest if my report are from my sketchy notes and recollections - I make no apologies, I was a bit shattered (I got home at 8pm, had tea and slept a solid 15 hours); therefore, these are not minutes, nor should be regarded as such. We did emphasise that they inform boaters about all problems they are experiencing and best practice should be followed. Peter Birch came in to talk about offside vegetation - reiterated the need for our help in reporting areas - there is a backlog of offside vegetation cutback, but they are committed to doing 200km per annum to catch up. They also reassign some offside vegetation cutback budget to the dredging team for them to complete whilst dredging. The dredging backlog is being cleared, but bearing in mind, budgets are pushed to the utmost with the breaches at Middlewich, Liverpool and closures of the flight at Marple (and now Bosley) the dredging schedule may be severely cut back. However, if you find yourself aground, please phone or use the online form to let them know. Also, they are taking the best practice of the Summit Pound Vegetation clearance in the use of volunteers in offside vegetation clearance and the fact that both the Peak Forest and Macclesfield Canals are now on a three year rolling off side vegetation clearance using volunteers - this is what they would like to achieve nationwide. There was talk about the emissions; boats are exempt, but localised issues mean the Trust “has to be seen to be pulling their weight” Persuading boaters to use right types of wood, smokeless coal in built up areas, not burning plastic etc all help - they put advice out every autumn regarding this. We briefly talked about facilities and Marple in particular - the contractors rebuilding Lock 15 blocked access to the bins for emptying for virtually eight months - My suggestion that they must put the need for permanent access for emptying the bins into any design and engineering brief was noted; also the use of rubbish boats as well. Again, they rely on boaters letting them know of problems via Customer Service or website form (Link below) The BWML sale has had significant interest and an announcement will probably be made in the autumn Wide Beam Boats - canal width designation will be available in September Boaters Handbook - a new copy is due shortly - they will probably only make available online, section for new boaters. Cyclists on Towpaths - various initiatives - painted sleeping policemen, towpath rangers - they are running the “Share the Space, Drop the Pace” again - I highlighted a particular problem in Victoria Park for Roving Traders and the London Team are actioning this. They use Towpath Rangers to stop and speak to cyclists. Please use the online form to report all incidents. Limehouse Basin - proposal from BWML to put extra pontoons to charge bookable spaces in at the Tidal Lock landings, this is where boats moor awaiting to go onto the Thames - not before the Planning Committee yet - sill keep you updated - asked CRT to look at this as the Landowner.
  15. I.know, no hope for us. Our boat bulges and couldn't get through Hurleston, although we .never had a problem in this lock in the past.
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