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  1. Spot on as ever 🙂 I surveyed my own boat whilst it was in the water. Most of the time was spent going through the extensive history and meticulous documentation that the owner had kept so well. Seeing the maintenance records and a quick look under the floor was basically enough. Also the fact that it is a Peter Nicholls build told me quite a lot about it. Of course with a different boat, possibly poorly maintained and lacking history, I probably wouldnt have bothered. Some of had good results with surveys throwing up issues which the seller has fixed before the money has been handed over, but many have not. Caveat Emptor and all that.
  2. I have an old Beta 35, the mechanical fuel pump was ditched years ago and an electric one fitted. Dead simple to connect the pipework and have a feed run from the ignition switch. When changing fuel filters the pump makes life a lot easier bleeding the system.
  3. We lived as a family of 4 in a permanent caravan for years, 32 ft Bluebird as I recall. It had a brilliant 'Murphy type' fold down double bed that simply went up into the wall, still made up. Then a dining table folded out from the bed base. It was so simple to fold the table and lower the bed down, all ready for use. If I was remodelling my boat I would definitely be incorporating something similar.
  4. I can concur with your concerns regarding finding a mooring on that stretch, having done the trip myself last May/June. The river is difficult to find decent places to stop, having more "NO MOORING" signs than the Thames, as well as the usual continuous moorers occupying every available slot. At Hanham lock the 48 hr moorings were full but I was lucky to find a spot on the very nice pontoon at Bitton just before bridge 211. In Bath after Bridge 202 there were plenty of mootings on the river. Continuing east I had no further issues finding spots to moor and stopped just after Dundas services on rings. From then onwards Avoncliffe to the other side of BoA was very difficult to find anywhere half decent. Moulton Drive was ok but the bank is very soft and passing boats continually pulled the pins out. Next stop at Seend was good and I got lucky grabbing a spot just as a hire boat left. Further east the 48 hr moorings at Bishop Cannings were all occupied, as was Pewsey and Gt Bedwyn. I stopped one night on a lock landing, arriving late and leaving early so as not to cause inconvenience. From there onwards I had no real issues finding decent mooring spots, but noted that anywhere with any decent access to a road was always occupied.
  5. Just get any ordinary boat, add some solar and a bigish diesel genny. Have Diesel heating and electric cooking. Run the whole show on HVO = Non fossil fuel Job done. PS Dont tell anyone you use gas for making your cocoa after 8 pm cos you cant run the genny.
  6. I recall seeing something about the redevelopment of Marple Wharf years ago but it seems planning permission was denied. Well things may be changing fairly soon from my observations of the past few days. There has been a CaRT Team measuring up and looking to move things around and it would appear the original plan is now a go ahead deal. This is what I managed to 'overhear' them discussing. The old Wharf building will have a new role. The New Horizons PWD Boat will be moving to be moored closer to the Wharf building - saw them measuring up and assessing the arrangements 2 days ago. It will go partially under the wharf building. The old building in the wharf yard will become the Toilet/Elsan point but access will be limited because of the New Horizons boat. The water point will likely be moved to the lock landing around the corner because of access limitation as above. Wait for it.... The existing New Horizons yard, CaRT yard and toilet block etc will be gone and 6 new houses built on the site.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Did you find anything? I was offered a private offside mooring between High Lane and Marple yesterday. and went to look at it today. It is very 'off grid' but doable providing your boat is not too big or deep. Has its own access and parking, but nothing else. Land owner seems reasonable enough, but would not commit to a figure when asked how much ???? Msg me for info.
  9. My experience exactly. I did everything else and had fuel coming through on highest setting but as soon as it was reassembled it burned with a smoky yellow flame, very sooty. I eventually found the blockage in the feed pipe as the design of the soot scraper on the inlet causes crud to build up in the pipe.
  10. Well... Two people on board for two weeks a year are bound to be able to use a Seperator (not Composting) loo successfully with no real issues as they happily take their dried turds home to compost for the next 12 months. What I would like to see is a report from a CCing family on a boat. How do they get on with the amount of solid waste generated and where do they store it for the 'up to 12 months' it needs to become compost. That is the real issue with seperator loos and the main reason why many of us genuine CCers are under the impression we cannot consider them viable.
  11. I bought my boat via brokerage and I consider they did a very good job working well for both me and the vendor. They were informative and open about all aspects and advised me to make what I considered to be a really low ball first offer. The agreed price came out about half way between my original offer and what was asked. Paperwork was done in just over a week and everyone was happy. There are indeed some good brokers around, but from some of the stories I have heard, quite a few not so good too.
  12. Locals told me Elsie Tanner. The Coronation St info says it was owned by Pat Phoenix and was up for sale in 2008 for £125k
  13. Yes it was the TT, same pint in Ye Olde Kings Head Macclesfield 2 weeks earlier was £1 cheaper !
  14. I have just been up and back down the Upper Peak Forest, stayed in Whaley 5 days and Bugsworth for 2. There is plenty of space there and quite good facilities too. The Navigation Pub at Bugsworth is one of the most expensive I have been to this year, £4.90 a pint !!! There are good safe moorings on many parts of the canal, especially near Disley which is a small town well worth a visit. Great pubs and lovely people. I stayed a few days on the way up and also coming back down. It was such a good experience that I have stopped at Marple and I am considering a return trip soon. Msg me if you need any more info, enjoy
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