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  1. Thanks for that. Just wondering would you have an estimated figure in mind for the cost of solar and very basic 230v e.g. shore line for winter mooring hook up. Based upon some very basic research I have done I am thinking I may need around 400 watts of solar which may get me through spring-autumn cruising.
  2. Thanks for that, reassuring to know they still recondition them and install them in their narrowboats.
  3. If Calcutt confirm that the B.M.C engine in their opinion is ok and I get a positive response in regards to a new BSC included in price as well as it has been on for 3 months. Is the asking price realistic in your opinion for what it has to offer? Also the little I know about B.MC I think they are old engines and from opinions on this forum, their are still lots of them about, so spares/parts should be ok.
  4. Thanks for that view regarding negiotation with broker very useful. I am attaching a link for a boat that I quiet like look of only thing is I think it needs some work on the electrical side to make it work for liveabroad. It does not have an inverter or solar and I am not sure whether it has shoreline either. From my understanding a simple shore line socket is not difficult/ expensive to set up when on winter mooring in a marina. I am wonder whether my budget will allow for all this updates? also not sure whether it has a cratch board/cover also something I would need to allow for. Anyway, the boat is a www.calcutt.com/A4 boatdetails Merlin. pdf
  5. Thanks for your reply, I have taken into consideration licence, insurance, blacking, canal rescue, winter mooring fee and the list goes on.....
  6. Hi all, I thought I would post this to see if anyone out their knows of any good boats which may fit my criteria,. My total budget is 42K. It is broken down as follows 36K boat, 5k unexpected costs, repairs etc, necessary modifications to make it more suitable for me. Also allowed 1k for fully survey/haul out. I am assuming I have got my sums right, please let me know if this sounds realistic. The use would be for a solo liveabroad and probably winter moorings Dec-Feb. I would like plenty of light especially in saloon/galley area, not fussed so much in bed/bath room. I would prefer as open a layout as possible especially in saloon/gallery area. Any questions do not hesitate to ask! thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all, another day another engine... seriously how about a Mermaid XLD? The overplating, engine charging issues and overpriced is concerning me so maybe bin the SR3 boat, Heh ho the search continues.
  8. Thankyou for all your help. I have contacted the broker to confirm with the owner that the engine is infact a SR3 as stated in the advert.
  9. Just realised my comment about adding a "12v fridge/freezer" is not applicable.(My lack of knowledge). Reread the comment about "high rate charging is hard to achieve" this is a concern. It was mentioned that photos of the alternator and drive may help. Should I express this concern to the seller and ask for photo's?
  10. Would a 12v fridge/freezer solve the battery charging problems? I would of course get a pre-purchase out of water survey on any boat I buy. In regards to insurance I need fully comprehensive as it would be my home. I am assuming that if a hull is fully plated then this would not be a problem? I am also assuming that being fully plated is very costly for a 60ft boat and again I assume the seller is wanting to recoup some of that cost? perhaps that is why it has been commented that it is overpriced.
  11. I have been informed that the hull has been "fully overplated" which to be honest does make me feel a bit nervous. It was done last year at Whilton. On the up side if it is a job then hopefully should be good to go for some time.
  12. Hi I have looked at the advert again and it states the boat has a Lister SR3 if this helps? To add engine power is 18 Hp, is that ok for a 60 ft boat?
  13. HI everyone, I am attempting to post a link to a boat that I might consider. Any thoughts on it would be appreciated,https://www.castleboatsales.co.uk/sites/default/files/boat-pdf/Sundance Trinity Marina Details sheet 12-20_0.pdf
  14. Thanks guys, I need to do a bit of research then and find out some more info.
  15. Hi everyone, just wanted to ask are the Lister 3 cylinder engines rare and are spares/parts easy to get hold of? I have seen a boat for sale with this engine, would a newbie with no experience of maintaining an engine be able to cope with this one? Any info/advice appreciated.
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