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  1. Chrish01


  2. Chrish01

    London Boat prices and sellers expectations

    Sometimes fell off the rear platform
  3. Chrish01

    London Boat prices and sellers expectations

    Between 1964 and 1967 I went to school on a LC green routemaster (I think route 346) in Watford and it certainly did not have any rear doors
  4. Chrish01

    Open Canal Map

    I see there is now a historic canal layer on Railmap Online (http://www.railmaponline.com/Canals.php). I don't now if this has any useful data?
  5. Chrish01

    Stratford upon Avon basin

    Was 2/3 full this time last week - and plenty of available mooring on the river as well.
  6. Chrish01

    Cape of good hope, Warwick.

    Had a good lunch there today. 5 or 6 real ales (I had a nice pint of 'Cape of Good Hops' from Church House Brewery). Pub busy, mainly with locals, few moored boats. Reccomend it.
  7. Chrish01

    Basingstoke Canal - Temp Moorings?

    I volunteer on the Basingstoke canal and at least one of our members has left their NB in the care of Galleon Marine (www.galleonmarine.co.uk) at Odiham for 2 - 3 weeks with no problems. Chris
  8. We had a good lunchtime light lunch at the 'Secret Mess' last week. Would recommend it. Chris
  9. Chrish01

    Based at Gayton?

    We were and are. Currently based at Anderton but moving to Alvechurch in March/April (we tend to move around every year to two to give different cruising opportunities). There are currently 2 shares for sale in Rodbaston (not ours) if you are interested Chris
  10. Chrish01

    Based at Gayton?

    We are part owners in a shared ownership boat and were based at Gayton 2 yrs ago. Marina staff very helpful with full facilities. Trips done by ourselves and other owners: Leicester Ring Birmingham Stratford on Avon The South Oxford The Nene and Gt Ooze (2 weeks to get to Bedford, then do a remote changeover with another owner to return the boat) Short cruises to Welford, Rugby Length of time depends on how many hours a day you want to cruise Chris
  11. There is this OSM based one: http://canalmap.net/canal.html - but it doesn't have bridge names or numbers that I can see. Chris
  12. Chrish01

    e-canal app (sorry)

    works OK on my android tablet
  13. Chrish01

    Tunnel Light

    Went through Harecastle 2 weeks ago and the tunnel keeper wanted to see out light on and hear the horn. Don't know what he would have done if they weren't working.
  14. Chrish01

    Up and Down Locks

    You come down out of King's lock in Middlewich, turn right into the Wardle Canal and immediately go up through a lock again. Chris
  15. Chrish01

    An alternative canal map

    The Thames is actually navigable for a mile or so above Lechlade Bristol isn't on the Severn! Where you have Bristol is actually Avonmouth - Bristol is a few miles up the Avon Would the Leicester arm of the GU / Soar look better as a straight line? Is the River Derwent and the Pocklington Canal missing? Chris