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  1. link doesn't seem to work for me
  2. moor Autherley junction overnight. Then Wolverhampton 21, new main line to moor outside NIA / Old Turn Junction next night (or better still in Ouzels Loop if there is a space. Then via Worcester and Birmingham / North Stratford to Lapworth for the following night (all assuming no stoppages - I haven't checked). Welcome back to Calcutt.
  3. We have this, under the hatch opposite a U shaped galley
  4. Chrish01


  5. Chrish01


  6. Between 1964 and 1967 I went to school on a LC green routemaster (I think route 346) in Watford and it certainly did not have any rear doors
  7. I see there is now a historic canal layer on Railmap Online (http://www.railmaponline.com/Canals.php). I don't now if this has any useful data?
  8. Was 2/3 full this time last week - and plenty of available mooring on the river as well.
  9. Had a good lunch there today. 5 or 6 real ales (I had a nice pint of 'Cape of Good Hops' from Church House Brewery). Pub busy, mainly with locals, few moored boats. Reccomend it.
  10. I volunteer on the Basingstoke canal and at least one of our members has left their NB in the care of Galleon Marine (www.galleonmarine.co.uk) at Odiham for 2 - 3 weeks with no problems. Chris
  11. We had a good lunchtime light lunch at the 'Secret Mess' last week. Would recommend it. Chris
  12. We were and are. Currently based at Anderton but moving to Alvechurch in March/April (we tend to move around every year to two to give different cruising opportunities). There are currently 2 shares for sale in Rodbaston (not ours) if you are interested Chris
  13. We are part owners in a shared ownership boat and were based at Gayton 2 yrs ago. Marina staff very helpful with full facilities. Trips done by ourselves and other owners: Leicester Ring Birmingham Stratford on Avon The South Oxford The Nene and Gt Ooze (2 weeks to get to Bedford, then do a remote changeover with another owner to return the boat) Short cruises to Welford, Rugby Length of time depends on how many hours a day you want to cruise Chris
  14. There is this OSM based one: http://canalmap.net/canal.html - but it doesn't have bridge names or numbers that I can see. Chris
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