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  1. prefer to moor against the armco if possible so step off with a nappy pin to hand, run the centre line through this and use it like a pulley to help bring your boat alongside. I then quickly loop this back up to my centre ring or fairlead whilst I sort out the bow and stern lines then remove the centre line. (if staying for a day or two remove and use it to rig spring lines for and aft so that I am moored securely.) If I need to use a mallet and pin I take those with me as I step ashore, once I have driven the pin into the ground then I drop a clove hitch on to the pin whilst sorting out the bow and stern lines.
  2. getting picky on that, as @Athy (nice new avtar btw, though will miss the picture of old Trojan) those two bible verses are from from the New and Old testament respectively and in fact the New Testment verse is written stating that in the Old testament you should take an eye for an eye, however the new commandment is that you should love your neighbour and if struck turn the other cheek! Here endeth the lesson back to boating terms, most Vlockies i have encountered have been helpful and ask if we would like help...however always one who likes to take charge (thats MY job he he he) - providing they arnt doing anything dangerous then let them crack on, life is too short.
  3. Most boats ( and all ships!) steer much better with some stern trim as mentioned above by other people of this parish. if level, or worse bow down, you will have to work harder to steer, this is called “griping” aka “steers like a pig”!
  4. think that was the practice that brought down Ownerships and at least one other of the older Share boat companies and so is frowned upon by the industry BCBM don’t do this as far as I am aware, they do however commission the new builds and sell the shares, but they sell 100% of the shares to bets knowledge.
  5. Got caught out the same when we bought our camper van, thinking that buying would be like boat sales and a second hand one would be equipped! Did warn us that needed to get a gas bottle so picked one up as well as other essentials from GO! outdoors (other camping shops are available). However what we did not know, until we arrived at our first campsite that evening on the way home, was that we also needed a Special valve that needed to be fitted to the gas regulator so we could use the Gas! Luckily nice pub open round the corner
  6. until recently lived at Fleet at the canal was a frequent dog walking location, however in 10 years can count on one hand the number of boats we saw moving on it. Often used to drive up to Aldermastern to walk along the K&A and see a bit more boating action!
  7. ha ha same here. if one has to cross an ocean then having a few thousand tons under your feet is a nice feeling....
  8. Basingstoke....? (yes it is open to navigation some of the times....)
  9. I would agree with Howard, that better to go for the Competent Crew (which is only a practical if I remember) which would give the OP a good taster to see if they enjoy it before moving on the more in depth DS theory and Practical. UNLESS ( always an exception to the rule!) the OP already has some boating experience and can look at the CC syllabus and honestly say that they understand and have experience of it.
  10. As a fellow experienced lumpy water person, I would say that Alan's advise, particular the bit I have quoted, is very relevant. I love messing around on the water in all types of boat, always important that you use the right boat for the right type of water that you wish to explore.
  11. and they don't handle that well on open water either....speaking from experience!
  12. got nothing against the design of the boat itself, Stødig (arctic-lifeboat.com) shows a particular successful conversion (though think I would go for a dark blue hull and white topsides myself....However not really suitable for use on the canals, broad or narrow....
  13. Mrs Dharl and myself also enjoy watching Cruising the Cut and Fixes Afloat, also Robbie Cummings is enjoyable. if we lived afloat then I dare say we would watch a lot less canal vlogs, but particularly this year, we enjoy watching them.
  14. Yes the architecture of Grimsby is a different matter......
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