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  1. An early morning picture of Honeystreet moored just below the VMs at The Folly at Napton.
  2. The Challenger livery looks smart and I do like the lines of the hull and cabin. If only they had done a reverse layout might have gone for one.....
  3. Had Tim and Pru (with two hire boats and at least a 10 man/women film crew....takes the magic away a bit) film on the Oxford last week from Banbury to The Folly......guess not the same, no sign of Zombies!
  4. The tug share boat, or at least one of them, is managed by BCBM and is painted i their fetching grey and black livery. Had a look around her in March as thinking of getting a second share and I quite fancy a boat with a real engine room. Need more time to convince both Mrs Dharl and our Labradoodle who has concerns over her tail in the fly wheel.....(that’s the dog and not Mrs Dharl BTW)
  5. It sounds like it’s the Mooring Owners responsibility to sort it out, not the OP. If M&T has a contract with the mooring owner, and has paid, then they should have access to the mooring. If the mooring owner is owned 3 years or rent for the owner of the boat, then they have a right of lien over the Freeman, irrespective of who now currently owns that boat. I do do hope it gets sorted out without an major issue....but it’s really the responsibility of the mooring owner.
  6. Will blame auto correct on that one! Yes it was very enjoyable brew!
  7. Been here at Wigrams turn last few days as Monday was the only good boating day, and need to be back by Friday.... anyway saw some of the yard hands attemp to move a boat from the berth to the fuel berth...but with the wind earlier they had problems reversing out the end of the pontoons and turn for the fuel berth. After a few minutes of trying to sort it out they wisely moved it back to the original berth. They popped back later this afternoon and had a successful attempt!
  8. Anouther vote for this book! When I first moved from blue water to the cut I got a copy of this and it was very useful indeed, full of useful tricks of the trade as well as a good yarn. In fact just ordered a new copy as I can’t find my original version!
  9. Got 40 mph winds here at Wigrams today...seen two boats go for fuel and p/o this morning and struggled with the wind. Happy sitting here next to a lite stove with the dog sleeping at my feet! If light winds then then would come out of my berth and back down to the service berth. However even when the wind calms down to ‘only’ 20mph on Thursday and Friday think best plan will be leave the marina directly, turnaround outside at the Jnc then back into the berth. Then only reversing will be directly into the wind when coming away from the berth.
  10. Intresting observation on nappy pins, I have always found them easy to use.....but rarely do I stay on the same place for longer than 36-48hrs so never had long term morning issues. Also if staying overnight or longer I tend to use min 3 nappy pins, use a spring fwd which normally which keeps the boat nice and secure.
  11. Yes winds this week are strong! We are using Honeystreet as a Holiday cottage this week whilst off exploring, and avoiding wind, rain and snow (yes had some on Sunday night!). Like the OP on Friday we have to shift for a p/o before the wind returns...... not quite the boating holiday I was looking forward to but still good. Walked up Hatton 21 yesterday and up the NAPTON flight this afternoon in a rare bit of sun. Inspected Lock 9, ( good job) and pint in The Folly (Old Hockey’s, very nice).
  12. Dharl

    A near miss

    however by having the windlass hooked on means you have both hands free to climb ladders and to hold on to rails as you cross the gates....
  13. Dharl

    A near miss

    Having been brought up around boats from an early age I have been taught 'one hand for you and one for the ship'! Most of the time I walk to be the lock gates and 100% if it has been raining or that little voice in the back of your head tells me so!! Slight aside i have a dog a dog lead which with clips you can extend or make shorter, find this very useful as a sling to hang a windlass
  14. Dharl

    A near miss

    I always wear my walking boots when boating, particularly after a simular incident a couple of years ago, except was mooring up at the time so was a risk of swimming rather than getting crushed. However an incident this this summer really brought it home. Coming down Wooton Rivers flight on the K&A, I was just holding the boat on lock landing whilst Mrs Dharl was helping a fellow boater who was coming up. I heard a splash and a cry from the lock, I dashed down as Mrs Dharl said the other boater had fallen in the filling lock, the other boaters wife was just standing on the other side as I shouted to drop the paddles whilst I grabbed our windlass and did the same on the towpath side. Meantime a passerby had jumped on to their boat which I also did to help the guy out of the water (looking back I am not 100% sure how I managed this as it was a single boat and had drifted to the middle of the lock!). After helping the chap out nad checking he was ok the first thing he said was 'oh well perhaps I shouldn't be wearing these sandals!" Apparently he had fallen in a lock before (slipped off the side deck) whilst wearing these foot
  15. Dharl

    New livery

    Looks a great job, very smart! Last couple of of weeks I touched up some of the paint on Honeystreet, just the hatch over the water tank and the main hatch and touching up a few of the seasons bumps and scratches, which as said choosing the right weather was fun! However did it attempt any change of colour!
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