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  1. will have to find it on the "BBC SOUNDS" and have a listen....
  2. yes thats absolutly spot on!! how did you guess?
  3. Whilst under COLREGS (which would apply in this case on the Trent) Sail, in most cases, has right of way, however both vessels have a duty not to place them selves in danger of collision. The Helmsman knew they were taking a tack by that bouy, but you didnt, they could have signed you to let you know that they were about to change course so that either you could slow down to give them a bit of room, or they could have hold their course a bit longer to tack after you had passed by safely.
  4. Dharl

    NB Phoenix

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. I like the looks of her, a nice workmanship bow to her, however my only concern would be the entrance on/off at the stern right within the tiller arm arch. As when berthing crew mainly get on and off and stern, especially with a high bow like that, would consider that a little dangerious. Howeevr when moored up the "swim platform" does make a good way on and off the boat, especially with our 4 legged crew memebers as they get a bit older! If there was a way on and off the boat, perhaps closer to the m,ain hatch entarce to the cabin (perhaps a sliding section of rail?) that would make a nice solution...however difficult to add in at this stage! Happy boating and look forward to giving you a wave on the cut!
  5. Dharl

    NB Phoenix

    yes lots of room for different boats I agree. I like the look of her bow, do you have a picture of her stern please? (non of th eold links worked!) be intrested in seeing what she looks like! happy boating
  6. Wow, that vid certainly did Mr Haywood not favours in trying to prove his point about being a polite and courtious boater...or even that he has a high standard in boating skills! MtB mentions about doing a stern fetch (current under your stern) when single handed, which I have done a number of times, as well as doing the more tradtional ferry glide approach. Best moment was arriving in Weymouth Harbour on a Saturday evening i getting a 34ft yacht into a 38ft gap, with a raft of boats on either side 2 or 3 deep. To be far i had lots of fenders, several willing crew members and not racing anouther boat for the same berth. Though when alongside a sister yacht did tie up to us as well!
  7. Fair point, i am not familiar with that particular part of the system. However if near the town centre thought more likely to have signs advising that you are approaching a canal basin.....?
  8. Am glad that they are alive and well. But ‘ no warning signs ‘ surly they must have passed a sign somewhere to notify them that they were on a canal tow path??
  9. seen her on a few occasions around the system and even helped work her through the lock at Woolhampton. She IS a nice looking WB boat...
  10. Also whilst Mrs Dharl is quite a good helmsman with locks and generrarly trundling aloing the cut, (dont tell her I told you) when it comes to manorvering she sort of throws me the helm..or when it comes to casting off or tying up she says "oh you be OK without me? I just need to check something in the galley / wash my hair / read a book" or simular which leaves me sort of single handed on those occasions!
  11. Just been doing a bit of research on the "WB Progress" and found the following on the website "tring History" which might go to give a definative answere on the matter...... https://tringhistory.tringlocalhistorymuseum.org.uk/Canal/c_chapter_14.htm “The Grand Union Canal throughout its length presents special features . . . . As far as the length from Uxbridge to Birmingham is concerned, the question has often been debated whether it is or is not a ‘narrow’ canal. The facts are these. The canal was constructed for use by wide boats as far as Braunston. A substantial scheme on converting the waterways as a whole into a wide canal was put in hand by the former owners between the wars and all the locks can accommodate craft 14ft x 70ft.But the scheme was never completed and substantial amounts of ancillary supporting work (estimated several years ago to cost several million pounds) would be necessary to enable wide craft to use the waterway in a fully effective way (to pass each other practically wherever they happened to meet, for instance). From the point of view of commercial carrying, therefore, the Grand Union system must be treated as within the group of narrow canals . . . .” The Facts About the Waterways, British Waterways Board, London, 1965
  12. Welcome to the Forum! I started out my inland boating career on the K&A with hiring twice from Hilperton before having Honeystreet based on there for 2 tears as well. It IS hard work locks, shallow sides and busy in places, but also it is very pretty and enjoyable. we love the Thames, never tried the Basingstoke ( it runs only 1 mile from the house so have walked it with the dog many times). Caan Hill should be done at least once in your boating life, hard work but enjoyable!
  13. Guess it depends on your network. I am on “EE” whilst Mrs Dharl is on Vodaphone. She struggles with phone signal but I am ok there. Got a high sided campervan, perhaps that’s the reason.............. normally I park on the drive on the left rather than in the car park itself.
  14. Yes when those pontoons ar wet or icy I am not keen to go down them.....
  15. Two very good points that I forget to mention!
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