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  1. Yes all he had to do was be apologetic and keep quiet for a while and not mention the event and it would have blown over........
  2. I am currently based ashore and my office is based around the courner and I walked past it down to the Cenotaph on Monday for Armistice Day. Currently a building site covered in scafolding.
  3. thought it might be then use the brick to break open the padlock on the drinks cabinet...
  4. Wouldnt recommend that, 1SL hasnt been at Admiralty Arch since 2011...its currently being turned into a hotel! The chap with all the braid now resides over the road at the MOD building
  5. Out in the sticks like to be at least a full length boat away from other boats, but always nice to see someone else on these colder days as long as not on top of each other. Different story at VMs where try and make sure there is no git gaps
  6. before the days of the internet, the shipping forecast always used to follow The Archers, so their is a dedicated following amoungst boaters, both salty and fresh water versions! When off Gibraltar you could still pick up Radio 4 if the athmospheric conditions were right, heading South you knew that as it faded out you were gone for a while and when it started fading in you knew you were on the way back to civerlisation! Around the times of broadcast you used to get a odd bunch of off watch crew turning up on the bridge "just to catch the weather chief". Now its all digitalised with WiFi on ships as well you dont have half the same social scene....
  7. We are moving base from Wigrams Turn up to Wrenbury Mill next year. Would appreciate if any one who is based there now, or has been in the last few years could provide some feedbck on mooring there, as well as details on good locla pubs and some mooring spots worth checking out? thanks in advance,
  8. "The International Regulations on avoidance of Collisons (ColRegs) - and how to interpretment them if you have 20t boat" ?
  9. thankful never met....though I do have a large boot size and dont take to kindly to behavour like throwing pins in the cut......not the boating and certainly not a seamanship like approach to your neighbours!
  10. fully agree with most of your statement, unfortnatly some of them are just Ignorant shods! A couple of summers ago we were crusing South of Banbury, it was a lovely day but the following day was forecast heavy rain and strong winds so we decided to stop early in a good spot, where we could have a relaxing day, walk the dog etc. There was a nice spot just about a mile outside of town, between discused drawbridge - bride hole and a new footbridge, not too close to the Motorway either! The Spot was large enough for 5 (60ft) boats, there was two moored toigether close to the bridge hole, and a third down the far end. The two boats at the Banbury end were all locked up whilst I could see that ther were people on the far boat so I decided to moor closer to the pair of boats and leave room for a 5th boat to join us later on. PLan was to have lunch then take the dog for a walk over the fields (they are now building houses on this filed which is a shame). Just as we finished lunch the owners of the two boats arrived back from Banbury and seemed a little put off that there was someone moored close to them, we said hello (we were sitting far end of our boat any way), they just waved and carried on. The owner of the boat immediatly astern of us got a deck chair and radio out and started listening to his radio. Loud enough that we could hear it clearly 60ft away. Wasnt too bad initially however noticed that he kept turning it up louder and louder. We went to walk the dog (as i collected the lead i noticed that his dog had fouled right by our stern...about 6ft from where he was sitting....am sure he must have just not seen it...) Had a good walk, when we got back a 5th boat had joined us, so all spaces now filled up, the owner was down in his cabin, but when he saw us come back he went out again and turned the radio back on. deciding that discration was the better part of valour, we decided to upstick and head round the corner were there was a nouther spot that we had seen earlier (a bit close to the motorway but never mind) so we moved there, where there was a couple of other boats where after a chat to the other owners (and helped anouther boat moor up) we retired to our own boats as the rain arrived. Next day in the heavy rain walked back up towards Banbury, as we passed out previous mooring spot noticed that there was now a Narrow "Dutch" barge moored in that spot...which had got an open frame genny set on the bank going full pelt.....some sort of poetic justice.....
  11. This is key for all boaters! Learning how to secure your boat with more than two loose bits of "blue" string really is a sign of good boatmanship!
  12. Well thats a possible reason, accepet as the entire team, include coaching staff, as far as I could see, took their medlas off or at the very least tucked them inside their tops so wasnt on show. Its seems like it was a little pre-planned for that?
  13. Once the England Team had collected their runner up medals they then took them off straight away. In fact one player (I missed who it was) didnt even allow the offical to place the medal around his neck but just took in his hand and walked off. Seemed to be a bit of poor sportsmanship in having lost the match. The English Fans (as always) were much better behavouired and cheered and appludid the winners and didnt just rush off as their team had lost!
  14. Have to say that of the two pictures posted of the Kidderminster Locks, it is looking a nice place to boat through!
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