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  1. until recently lived at Fleet at the canal was a frequent dog walking location, however in 10 years can count on one hand the number of boats we saw moving on it. Often used to drive up to Aldermastern to walk along the K&A and see a bit more boating action!
  2. ha ha same here. if one has to cross an ocean then having a few thousand tons under your feet is a nice feeling....
  3. Basingstoke....? (yes it is open to navigation some of the times....)
  4. I would agree with Howard, that better to go for the Competent Crew (which is only a practical if I remember) which would give the OP a good taster to see if they enjoy it before moving on the more in depth DS theory and Practical. UNLESS ( always an exception to the rule!) the OP already has some boating experience and can look at the CC syllabus and honestly say that they understand and have experience of it.
  5. As a fellow experienced lumpy water person, I would say that Alan's advise, particular the bit I have quoted, is very relevant. I love messing around on the water in all types of boat, always important that you use the right boat for the right type of water that you wish to explore.
  6. Thanks Tim, that was an interesting watch!
  7. and they don't handle that well on open water either....speaking from experience!
  8. got nothing against the design of the boat itself, Stødig (arctic-lifeboat.com) shows a particular successful conversion (though think I would go for a dark blue hull and white topsides myself....However not really suitable for use on the canals, broad or narrow....
  9. Mrs Dharl and myself also enjoy watching Cruising the Cut and Fixes Afloat, also Robbie Cummings is enjoyable. if we lived afloat then I dare say we would watch a lot less canal vlogs, but particularly this year, we enjoy watching them.
  10. Yes the architecture of Grimsby is a different matter......
  11. Cracking fish and chips in Grimsby though!
  12. Getting a ship on the blocks and then off again is always a nerve racking experience, both as a ChMate (1st Lt for you Grey Funnel line chaps) as he has to do all the hard work getting ready for the dock including the stability calculations as well as being the “Old Man” ( my first trip as Capt I was actually the youngest on board apart from the 2nd Mate and the Cadet!)
  13. Having read the whole thread, this post really made my night as it made me laugh out loud and spilled my tea, especially with your daughter asking if the smartphone helped just before you winded and went past them all again! 😅
  14. Welcome to the forum and good luck with the vlog. I enjoy watching vlogs on canal boating (as well as other subjects) as whilst an avid canal boater I am not on the boat as much as I like and I do enjoy seeing areas that I have been myself or looking at places I would like to explore in the future. watched your Vlog and enjoyed the different style of exploring the area around the canal rather than just on the canal itself. Only construction critism that I would offer is that when you are talking the music either needs to be reduced or ideally turned off all together.
  15. The Princesses have some beautiful woodwork on their boats done by craftsmen. worth checking out the YouTube vids by “Aquaholic” who does reviews on all kinds of boats floating on salty stuff.....
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