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  1. When you want to sell it you could put details on the Aintree Beetle owners facebook page, someone recently asked if the one I sold over a year ago is still available. They seem to sell very quickly, Aqueduct marina have brokered some recently and they don't have them for long.
  2. Initial depreciation is not always so high, I think it depends on the size of boat and the standard of finish and quality of components. The Aintree Beetle I bought over 2 years ago, second hand but unused, for close to it's original price, I sold a year ago for more than it cost to build. A price increase certainly helped but talk of 25% immediate loss was far from my experience. I have recently ordered another new one with a different layout having returned to live near Nantwich. The previous 70ft tug I had built by the late Steve Hudson in 1999, I sold after 4 years with a drop of £8000 and very little maintenance cost, had she been shorter she would have lost less. .
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. If you can understand French there are many different types of canal boats to look at here https://www.paruvendu.fr/a/nautisme/bateaux-a-moteur/bateau-fluvial/
  7. There is a regular train service between Crewe and Manchester Airport, so one near there would probably be a good choice.
  8. Mine with a JP3 also had the main tank below the floor but I used to fill the day tank every morning using the hand pump, which held enough for two days at least, so not much danger of being caught short.
  9. I had a red Beta 27 hp engine in a Stoke on Trent 42ft boat I bought new from them ready built in 1997. It did have the normal skin tank with three cylinders and seemed rather underpowered on rivers. Maybe that was the standard colour in those days. I paid £32000 for that boat so it is probably worth more than that in today's market.
  10. I had one of the Dunkirk boats 50 years ago, she had a brass plate on the stern. We did day chartering in Malta with her one year then brought her back to Falmouth via the Canal du Midi the year after.
  11. Aintree boats offer what you are looking for and their workmanship and delivery times are good. http://www.aintreeboats.co.uk/specifications/
  12. Following last week's floods there is severe damage to the Canal. Here is a translation of part of the VNF pdf report on the closure. Sector of Trèbes - Orbiel Canal Bridge: damage to the masonry of the work, with loosening of stones. As soon as the event occurred, the reach was lowered in order to reduce the weight of the water. First aid work was immediately started. Also note, subsidence or ruptures of dikes upstream of the structure. In the harbor and up to the Trèbes lock, boats have been lifted by the flood and are stranded today on the bank. However, the section between the locks of Carcassonne and that of Marseillette remain closed to navigation and can not be reopened before the period of work "Chomages" of the Canal du Midi (November - December 2018).
  13. I think you should be OK where you are going, but further upstream we have had terrible flooding last week, it came up to our garden gate but fortunately no higher, but we were without telephone or internet until yesterday and our footbridge was swept away. I live across a small river opposite a village just north of Carcassonne and most of the road bridges between us and there are shut, so not easy to get around. The canal at Trebes is drained with some boats up on the bank, it must have flooded badly and then breached where it is close to the river Aude. We had thick mud from our small river, so couldn't leave the house as there is a ford by our lane where we are the last house and it is lower than at our end where the lane just goes on to fields.
  14. When I used to holiday in Ireland about 60 years ago there was an advertising hoarding competition. One had the Toucan and the slogan "Guinness is good for you". The other one just said "But Murphy's is better" We also used to frequent a Folk club in Salford for the best Guinness, near the docks where the Guinness ships came in so it didn't get shaken up by road travel and only brewed using real Liffey water of course.
  15. He seemed to be your hero who you were looking up to and convinced you to become a labour supporter. I think the whole lot of them are parasites living well at the expense of the public.
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