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  1. The smaller Beetles have been selling secondhand for close to the new price, I bought and sold one 2 years ago and have another in build, however I don't know if anyone has yet sold a 40ft one.
  2. There is an Aintree Beetle owners group on Facebook with a few owners of 40ft versions who seem pleased with them. The Beetle engines get larger with longer versions so should have adequate power with a 30hp Beta. Not the largest water or calorifier capacity but enough for your planned use.
  3. Looking at their website it seems to be already booked for most of next summer. Only the very occasional week available then and solid for the rest of this year.
  4. Tying a boat up on a canal is very simple, much more interesting is securing a keelboat in a drying harbour so that it does not topple over when the tide goes out, something I was first faced with when exiting the Canal du Midi 50 years ago at Bordeaux and finding the harbour at Royan full of small plywood yachts not shown in the pilot book, leaving drying out on the end wall as the only option as the water level dropped.
  5. Just that tying to something secure will always be better and no shortage of piling to secure to in most areas, but being over 80 I am probably more nervous than I used to be and more inclined to look for possible problems.
  6. No, I was just curious to read the replies, I would never leave a boat unattended on pins, but think that passing moored boats at speed is inconsiderate and their owners should not be blamed for their own incompetence when they say so.
  7. Yes I know all that and do so. Having boated since the 60s when I was used to wooden narrowboats and also ran hire boats I don't feel the need for tuition.
  8. That was not enough when I had a 25 ton boat, they still worked loose with shallow canals like the Llangollen when the water was sucked out from under the boat.
  9. Could someone please explain how to tie a boat up properly when there are no rings bollards or piling available?
  10. I used to watch Grand Prix and Moto GP but the BBC have dumped those for football tennis and snooker, also comedy series when they were funny. It is becoming harder every year to find anything interesting, maybe because at my age there is not much that seems different.
  11. They have two apartments you can rent above the shop and office, we took one for a few days last year being boatless at the time and the staff are all very helpful.
  12. I remember hiring this dry dock from BW in the 60s, but cannot remember the daily rate for DIY.
  13. Not nice when Tony has spent so much time trying to help you!
  14. I remember Steve Hudson persuading me to have green when I was suggesting blue, the Lister engine colour was the decider.
  15. The one benefit of a square stern is that it gives more space under a cruiser deck for things such as fuel tanks, calorifiers and heating units.
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