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  1. Thoughts on this boat please folks.

    Steve Hudson used to complain about Barry Hawkins poaching his employees. That probably happened the other way too. A 70ft boat without an engine room gives much more accommodation space so good for a liveaboard.
  2. Thoughts on this boat please folks.

    One of the Barry Hawkins boats would get my vote, real quality.
  3. Anyone Based at Pyrford Marina on the Wey?

    Thanks, Mike is keeping an eye on her and all is well. We are on the Sea Otter pontoon too so will probably see you there. I just spent 40 Euros on two return flights from France from 6th April for two weeks.
  4. Taking Wide Boat across channel to France

    I always had motorsailers so there was another way to get somewhere if the engine failed for any reason. I did have a burst injector pipe when approaching l'Aberwrach one time which was rather exciting with all the rocks on the way in.
  5. Taking Wide Boat across channel to France

    I would not want a twin engine boat for inland use and when I went to sea with a friend with a twin screw boat both engines stopped with dirty fuel, so we had to be towed in by a single engined fishing boat. I hope the OP hasn't been frightened off as I crossed the channel several times in the past without ever having any qualifications. The ICC is a joke and no substitute for experience which comes from actually cruising. Yes lots to learn through reading but a perfectly good plan once the current regulations have been covered.
  6. Holyhead Marina has taken a Beating

    I am currently on my sailboat in Sant Carles marina in Spain. The worst and most sleepless night we had here was a few years ago when the marina recorded 86 knots. A truck was blown off the bridge over the river Ebro that night and the roof came off a new Carrefour supermercado nearby. The big difference was that thankfully we get no waves or swell in the marina here so all the boats were safe except for minor damage when a few finger posts folded.

    It seems ridiculous to me that you cannot do an on-line notification of a change of ownership. CRT have had the money for the year so why have all this beurocratic performance.
  8. Celebrity Five go Barging

    This is what they tried to use there instead of the lock flight but it didn't work so was abandoned. It was called the Foncerannes water slope.
  9. Narrowboat at sea adventure

    Sounds right as long as the ballast is held down and cannot move, not too reliable with bricks and loose flooring. Our old 15mm base plate was ideal for that.
  10. Narrowboat at sea adventure

    Weather forecasting is much better than it used to be. When we were based in Port Grimaud in the 70s we were always being caught out in a mistral because Meteo France only ever forecast them after they had started, but now with Ugrib etc. there is good accuracy almost everywhere using sites such as Passage Weather.
  11. Narrowboat at sea adventure

    Before coming to live in France I had a chat with Chris Coburn about what might be necessary to prepare our then 70ft Hudson tug for a channel crossing. He said that the usual changes would not be necessary as the tug deck would prevent the forward well deck from filling and having a day tank would mean that there would not be the usual problem of dirt being stirred up in the diesel and blocking the filters. Steve Hudson was also keen to be on board for the crossing, but in the end we decided against it as I thought the boat having a JP3 would be too difficult to control in the river sections of French waterways.
  12. Traveling on a canal at night?

    There is no need to have a tunnel light pointing at oncoming boats, better to have it pointing upward to shown the curve of the roof. This topic reminds me of running a tripboat narrowboat in the 1960s when I was surprised to find that there was no need for a bar license on board as long as the boat was moving. We did many night time cruises for rugby clubs and the like. The only problem being that we had a large elsan toilet which needed emptying during the cruise and one night a passenger was washing his tankard over the side and looked back to see the elsan contents going in the cut. None of these new fangled holding tanks in those days.
  13. Selling a 65 ft boat privately

    There are some very trusting people on the forum. Maybe I should put up a free ad, go and stand by a boat somewhere and wait for someone to come by and give me a bag full of money. Easyer than working for it.
  14. Mildew under mattress

    Snap, I bought these for my sailboat in Spain http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/mattresses/slatted-bed-bases/luröy-slatted-bed-base-art-50278726/
  15. Bilateral Worlds.

    If you need to leave the cut you could try living in a French village where everybody says hello and you have to kiss all the women. Only the occasional tractor passes our gate. Just like a bankside mooring really.