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  1. Been there, done that too... ironically, on one of their own boats so we felt it would be somewhat 'diplomatic' not to make too much of a fuss...
  2. That's exactly why I was looking at The Rochdale as an alternative.. Although we've been boating for nearly 30 years, we've never done Standedge Tunnel nor the Western side of The Rochdale... so either one is 'new track' to us.
  3. Thanks for the info. We're not usually put off by 'dodgy' bits... and it surely can't be any worse than the Ryders Green flight... which was full of cr*p, but had no water either !
  4. Hi. Just started 'tentatively' planning our 2021 cruise - hoping that it will be allowed by the end of May. We had booked for May 2020 with Shire Cruisers, but covid put paid to that. Shire have however moved the booking to May 2021 so we already have the boat booked from last year. We are intending (..hoping ?..) to go from Sowerby Bridge to Ashton (..or vice versa as it's a one-way hire..) via Standedge Tunnel. As a backup plan, I am also planning the trip via The Rochdale just in case there are any unforseen stoppages on The Standedge route. Can anyone tell me what the booking requirements are for the Rochdale. I understand the climb out of Manchester has (or had ?) to be booked in advance, but I can't find anything on the C&RT site. Thanks.
  5. In a different vein, the OP said he was 'looking at residential mooring in Thames Ditton' - Does 'looking at' mean the same as 'got one' ? I'm no expert on moorings around London - other than what I read on this forum, but if he hasn't already got a permanent mooring, then having to CC and work and do it up all at the same time... Bit of a tall order, maybe ? Hope it all works out OK though.
  6. I was always taught.. If you want to live and thrive, Let a spider run alive.. A bit like Planet Earth really.. " Mostly harmless"..
  7. Closest waterway: Selby Canal Starts at: Tankards Bridge Ends at: Tankards Bridge Upstream winding hole: Above Lock Downstream winding hole: Selby Basin Description The bridge has been struct by a vehicle and pushed the upstream parapet wall over. Leaving the structure in an unsafe condition. No boats will be allowed to pass under the bridge until the structure is made safe.
  8. Does anyone know whether Hirecos are allowed hire to groups of adults under the current covid regs ? The group would be 6 or 7, consisting of one couple, the remainder being singles, and all aged between 58 and 75. I have emailed two hirecos so far, but not had any replies.. Has anyone on here successfully hired for such a group recently ?
  9. If you are looking for a reasonably good on-line map for route planning, there's one hidden away on the BCN page of the C&RT website. You have to scroll down the page a bit, but the map is interactive and does scale up to the level of individual locks. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/canal-and-river-network/birmingham-canal-navigations
  10. working fine for me.. just make sure you're using the right web address. It does seem to have changed a few times of the past few years.. https://canalplan.uk/
  11. Hope you don't mean Potassium Hydroxide ! Certainly would clean all the flesh off your bones !
  12. As well as the tides below Naburn, I'd also be concerned with flooding, as you are going in winter. The Ouse is notoriously fickle in Winter. Bit of rain (or snow melt) up in the Dales and The Ouse can rise alarmingly quickly. You will need to be prepared in case of delay, and maybe work it into your schedule.
  13. Agree ! Whilst it might be nice to reopen the locks, unless Peel become more amenable to easily allowing boats on to the Ship Canal, there's not much point as there might be no reason to go down there in the first place... other than the usual 'because they're there' reason.
  14. If you look at the footage on The BBC of the spillway running prior to the failure, right at the beginning of the video you can clearly see plants growing on the spillway, and they don't appear be getting washed away.. which seems to suggest they had decent roots down into something...
  15. Was the The India Garden next door to The Bull's Head ? We had an excellent meal there in 2017... and a veritable skinfull of Titanic Plum Porter in The Bull's head..
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