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  1. Hello again, does anyone have any up to date info on any of the following pubs... Pelsall : - The Fingerpost - Old House at Home - Railway Inn Rushall : - Boathouse - Four Crosses Ryders Green / Swan Village - Sow & Pigs
  2. Pete of Ebor

    Winding at the top of Walsall flight

    We're aiming to go to Walsall for a lunchtime stop. I'm debating whether it's worth taking the boat down the 8 then back up again after lunch, or leaving it at the top and walking down. Leaving it at the junction is further to walk. Suppose we could try to wind, and if we can't then it's down and up again.
  3. Hi. Does anyone know whether you can wind a 70' boat at the top of the Walsall flight ? My old Nicholsons shows a winding hole just above the top lock, but checking on Google Earth does not seem to show that much space.
  4. Pete of Ebor

    Pubs on The Curly-Wurly..

    I'm planning our May trip, and were looking to do The Curly Wurly (Wyrely & Essington) from Wolverhampton > Walsall > Anglesey Basin > Daw End > Rushall > Ryder's Green. Can anyone recommend any pubs to go to (..or avoid..) Equally, any places we ought to avoid mooring. Not sure how many pubs in my 20 year old copy of Nicholson will still even be there...
  5. Pete of Ebor

    Liverpool Link - Self Operation

    So there is still to be an embargo on movements in and out of the link on Tuesdays ? That is a shame. We tried to get a hireboat to do The Link. The nearest we could find was Claymore at Preston Brook. Using Canalplan we worked out it could be done in a week. The only problem was that being a Fri-Fri hire it meant we would arrive in Liverpool on Mon, and have to leave on Tue to get back by Friday. Even with a Sat-Sat hire, we'd still have arrived in Liverpool on Tues and still not be able to access The Link. We ended up going to the top of the Huddersfield Narrow (Wool Rd) instead, but Liverpool os still on our 'to do list'...
  6. Pete of Ebor

    Scary Moment in York

    There is about a mile of navigable River Foss in York but little space to moor. It is relatively flood proof (unless the Foss barrier fails like it did last year) The only problem is that once the Ouse starts to rise... which it can do very quicklly, the Foss Barrier is shut preventing boats accessing The Foss. Ideally, a flood lock and some mooring is required. That would mean boaters would have a safe bolthole between Selby & Linton.
  7. Pete of Ebor

    Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    ... or a good old-fashioned lengthsman .. sorry, lengthsperson.
  8. Pete of Ebor

    Tardebigge Times

    We did an ascent in 3hrs 6 mins. I remembered to take a photo at both the bottom and top locks - Bottom was taken at 15:04 and top was taken at 18:10. When we started up the flight, we could see no one ahead of us, but we did eventually catch someone up and had to follow them up the last 10 locks somewhat more slowly...
  9. Pete of Ebor

    Sony Car Radio loses power intermittently.

    Does the radio have any removable panels ? Some older ones used to have a removable facia for security - I had a similar sounding problem with one in my car. Vibration had caused there to be a poor intermittent contact with the front panel. Cleaned all the contacts and the problem went away.
  10. Pete of Ebor

    Worcester to Stratford vs. Stourport Ring

    We did Wootton Wawen > Droitwich > Worcester then back in 2014. That was a week and didn't even include going all the way to Stratford. 191 Locks and 90 miles. https://sites.google.com/site/thebonaboaters/the-bona-boater-s-trips/2014
  11. Pete of Ebor

    No need to CM to take over the towpath

    Looks like Patricroft Bridge (Br. 47) on The Bridgewater... exactly where we'd want to moor to visit The Stanley Arms...
  12. Pete of Ebor

    Battery - not boat but car...

    She said the battery isl less than 2 yrs old, but she does only do short runs and not very frequently.. in fact she had trouble with her last car which was a diesel (this one is petrol) which I diagnosed as diesel bug ! They had two cars and hers used to sit for weeks on end unused. She took it to the garage, but they'd never heard of diesel bug, and had no idea what it was... other than the diesel filter was blocked with some slimy gunk.
  13. Pete of Ebor


    I thought the main limitation on boat numbers was the need to open Wango Lane swingbridge. It's a busy road which I understand causes a backlog when opened which in turn could delay emergency vehicles. Only CART operatives can open it. Only opened twice a day to allow a max of 6 boats through.
  14. Pete of Ebor

    A check list for would be boaters?

    The one thing no-one has mentioned is ICE - as in being iced in and unable to move to get water or fuel and being unbable to empty the bog ! Not very frequent I admit, but a potential gamechanger for some.
  15. Pete of Ebor

    Battery - not boat but car...

    Just a shout to the battery experts on the forum. I know it's not a boat, but my firend's mother's car would not start so I went round to jump start it. out of curiosity, I put a voltmeter on it just to see what it said.. it said 9.1V ! I don't know if it is any special type (eg Calcium silver.. or bog standard Lead) but at 9.1V, is it likely to be trashed ? The car did jump start OK, and was left running for 20 mins before I had to go. She did take it for a run later that day and it started OK.

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