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  1. For anyone who can still recall Kinver in the early 1990s, was that the then Wem Brewery pub ?
  2. We've stopped near Bishton's Bridge a couple of lunchtimes, but it's a good 20 min walk from there. Don't know what it's like for an evening though.
  3. I've often wondered about this too. This year we got caught in the restrictions on The Leeds & Liverpool. Locks 44 down to 30 were restricted to 10am-5pm with last entry to the flights at 4pm. As hirers, we weren't in the position of not taking the trip... well, at least not once we'd paid for the boat ! We have to work round the restrictions. I can't see how a queue of boats waiting to climb a set of locks is better than the same number of boats spread out. The only advantage I see (.. but only on a wide canal..) is it may force boats to share rather than turn up singly, and thus may reduce the overall number of lockages. I can't really see any advantage on a narrow canal.
  4. Yes, I realise that, and I agree that it's the people operating the paddles that should be keeping an eye on the boat. There's not much the steerer (..or anyone else on the boat..) can do once the boat is snagged.
  5. WE had a close shave on the L&L last week. I thought it was Dowley Gap bottom but it could have been Eshton Rd... I didn't see exactly which lock as I was inside cooking. We snagged on some brickwork and listed alarmingly. Well deck scuppers were underwater and the welldeck was filling, and only 1" short of coming in through the cabin door when the boat freed. Maybe C&RT need to investigate all these locks for sticky-out bits..
  6. What, no mention of The River Foss in York ? Guides say it's navigable up to Wormald's Cut (about 1/4 mile above Castle Mill Lock on The Ouse) but a pair of narrowboats made it up to Huntington Road (about 1 mile further) a few years ago.. Reported in the local press and on here...somewhere... but I can't seem to find it now. Incidentally, we (The Bona Boaters - linkything below) have been to quite a few of those places.
  7. We've done both sides, but not the tunnel.. On the west side particularly, we found 'random' mooring difficult as it can be quite shallow towards the edge in places. We stopped at Tesco in Stalybridge twice with no problems (except goose sh*t !) , Wool Rd Services, and Roaches Lock Visitor Mooring. On the way up, we decided to take the boat up past the VM and moor above the village, but couldn't get in anywhere, so we went on to Uppermill. Moored at Roache's Lock VM on the way down and walked up to the Tollmache Arms then back down to The Roache's Lock.
  8. Hi. Just in the throes of planning our May trip. We're hiring from Shire Cruisers at Barnoldswick and going down towards Leeds, but not all the way. Was hoping to wind near Moss Swingbridge 218 as advised by Shire Cruisers, however Canalplan says we cannot wind a 56' boat near Br. 218. Anyone have any local knowledge as to whether we can or can't wind there ? Admittedly, neither of my old copies of Nicholsons actually show a winding hole at or near Br. 218. Canalplan shows either Calverly WH 1 mile short or Aire Valley Marina 4 miles & 7 Locks each way... (from Shire Cruisers Website..) "Rodley 72 miles 62 locks 45 hours At Bingley, pass down the Five Rise, the first of several staircases � the most dramatic sort of lock. Soon you arrive in the World Heritage Site of Saltaire, Sir Titus Salt's Italianate mills and model town founded on the wool of the alpaca. See the streets named after his eleven children, and find his statue in the nearby park. There's also a splendid display of Hockneys - he is a Bradford lad. Turn after Bridge 218." Any ideas ? Pete.
  9. This year we're doing The Leeds/Liverpool from Barnoldswick > Apperley Bridge & back. We were originally going to go all the way down to Leeds, but decided that the extra half-day each way probably wasn't worth it just for an evening in Leeds. On the plus side, it gives us a more leisurely week, ie more time for pub-stops. So, apart from the towns like Skipton, Keighley, Bingley & Saltaire, can anyone recommend any good pubs which me might otherwise go straight past - or indeed any pubs the we should go straight past !
  10. We did look at the one way trips but they were already booked up. Shire don't do Sowerby Bridge to Burnley any more. That was out second trip way back in 1993. As for this year, we've decided to give Leeds a miss so we can spend more time in Keighley, but as the KWVR is not running, we might have to console ourselves in The Boltmakers instead.
  11. We regularly see pictures of drained canals with this sort of rubbish. Does anyone (eg C&RT and/or local canal vollies) ever actually use the obvious opportunity to actually get it out and dispose of it, or does it get left there 'cos it hasn't ben a problem.. yet ?
  12. Looking to plan next year's trip, and we've settled on hiring form Shire Cruisers and running down towards Leeds from Barnoldswick and back. Shire seem to suggest winding near Rodley but we really want to go all the way down to Leeds. It would probably be a Monday afternoon run down to Leeds from Rodley and Tuesday morning back. Are there any issues with an aftenoon/ early evening run into Leeds ? I recall some years back that advice was to make that passage in the morning to avoid issues. What's that area like now ?
  13. Hirecos do vary. One (...it may have been Silsden Boats... I can't recall exactly as it was many years ago...) had a fully working cutaway model of a lock. Glass sides and filled with water (..and the gates didn't leak..) It showed exactly how a lock works, but did it prepare a complete novice crew for a real lock ? Not so sure. Andersen (Middlewich) insisted on accompanying us on the boat through the first lock even though that was our 11th trip.. overkill maybe.. Our first trip in 1992 was from Tardebigge (Dartline at the time) and we were heading to Birmingham so no locks to show us - unless they were gonna to force us to turn round and go down then up the flight ! It is a difficult one, but as a previous poster said, these folks are on holiday, probably excited and just itching to get away. How much can you teach them, but more to the point, how much will they actually take in.
  14. OK. This was late May on The Ryder's Green Flight. Doesn't look much yet because I hadn't yet managed to free the coat or the toaster off the barbed wire that was still round the prop... Admittedly the trolley did not come up through the weedhatch but was 'rescued' in the same pound.
  15. Is this C&RTs latest idea to combat plastic waste in the cut.. a plastic-eating giraffe ???
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