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  1. RLWP

    Shorten a narrowboat

    True - cheaper that way too
  2. RLWP

    Shorten a narrowboat

    Shortening a working boat is pretty easy. Shortening a fitted out boat sounds like a nightmare. I suspect step one is strip out and throw away most of the internal fittings Put it this way - if you shorten a boat, do you remove the bedroom, or the galley, or the bathroom, or what? And how do you fit in the replacement for the thing you just cut out? I can't help thinking buying a different boat would be cheaper Richard
  3. RLWP

    Lister FR2 manual

    We have them in stock
  4. Yes, that's often the case. I salvaged some from a BMC 2.2 the other day, the plugs must be well over thirty years old. They were fine so they went into an ancient Dorman Richard
  5. RLWP

    Ford XLD418

    Not much. As long as you can get access along the left hand side and the front, a cam belt change on an XLD is pretty easy. Judging by the photo, it looks fine Richard
  6. RLWP

    Ford XLD418

    That sounds like something specific to your twin alternator installation. If you have just one, you only need to remove the belt Richard
  7. RLWP

    Ford XLD418

    Usually, it comes in the kit Richard
  8. RLWP

    Ford XLD418

    Not that access looks bad in that one. The belt change is pretty easy Check the engine mounts too. Otherwise - it's a car engine that has been through a massive development programme, unlike most boat engines. I'd be happy with one Richard
  9. RLWP


    Plenty of places to stop between Lapworth and Stratford
  10. RLWP

    Dredging the Chesterfield?

    Good point - I should have sold it to her
  11. I'd save yourself a trip and order them now. Assuming they are broken of course. I just overhauled a Dorman with these plugs and only had to replace the wires Richard
  12. I'm sorry, I don't understand that. The elements in these are fully isolated from earth, you can only check the resistance terminal to terminal. Not terminal to earth

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