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  1. Can we see the blade full being modelled please? I want to know if it will make suitable banter wear Richard
  2. Thank God - at last someone is buying the damn thing
  3. In fact, I meant to write nuts
  4. No, it fits dodgy 3/8"AF bolts
  5. Nothing daft about 13, it's a prime number
  6. Of course! The imperial ones go very slightly smaller but not quite as big....
  7. They are doing different things, they are essentially the same though - a lump of air in a rubber bag inside a metal cylinder Richard
  8. And of course it does. You can measure the height of the real above water bit and scale the under water bit off the photo Richard
  9. RLWP

    Gear Box Oil

    Wot he said!
  10. Be very careful when you try to start it, take the injectors out and pull it over by hand first. You are checking to see if the rings have rusted into the bores (in which case it won't turn), if there is water in the cylinders (which will come out of the injector holes) and that it will turn several complete revolutions by hand Weak link in this engine is the hydraulic tappets, when they fail they tend to fail 'long'. This leads to the valves hitting the pistons, then bent pushrods and broken rockers. Sometimes blown head gaskets. If a tappet is stuck 'long', the engine won't pull over TDC on that cylinder Richard
  11. RLWP

    Gear Box Oil

    Welcome to the forum It depends which gearbox you have Richard
  12. RLWP

    Remove ejector JS3M

    Before you do, check where the leak is coming from. If the injector cap is loose it's OK to tighten it up. The other likely source is the spill rail where it is screwed onto the injector. Richard
  13. That's more or less the figure the bloke from the council suggested around 5PM. About 400 families Richard
  14. Yes, I remember - should you need one
  15. Pretty similar to the diesel shop we use Richard
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