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  1. RLWP

    Lister HR3

    Not so fast - we are trying to establish if this is user error
  2. RLWP

    Lister HR3

    I don't remember your current engine being much fuss to start
  3. Nice! You could probably fit a more modern regulator inside it
  4. Some little scrote has chucked half the cobbles in the cut
  5. Centre of Birmingham, a Rose hire boat whose name I'm not sure of at the moment. We will be on one of the reserved moorings outside the NIA (or whatever it is called now) Richard The Flapper, Cambrian Wharf
  6. If you have been following the construction of this, they put a lot of effort into making them leak Richard
  7. Staircase lock for very short narrowboats Richard
  8. It's a BMC 1500 with a PRM 260 gerbox The alternator isn't specific to that engine, that one seems to have some sort of aftermarket thing fixed to the back You'll need to make an instrument panel, although I can't see what's wrong with that one Richard
  9. There was some playfulness that he had missed going on. Someone had quoted him and edited what he said in the quote He didn't understand that could be done and assumed he had been hacked Richard
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