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  1. BCN Challenge 2018

    You won't beat Laurie to the wooden spoon starting from Fazeley This is the man that managed one lock in one years challenge Richard
  2. One For Machine Tool Fans

    Is it?
  3. 2LW Oil filter and Oil

    Most of that is oil technology
  4. 2LW Oil filter and Oil

    I was assuming you wouldn't use the motorcycle or running in oil
  5. 2LW Oil filter and Oil

    There are three types: https://www.castrol.com/en_gb/united-kingdom/products/cars/classic-oils/classic-engine-oils.html
  6. I thought Green only made aero engines
  7. London gets tough

    Less potential for trouble. Get it away from the site and dismantle at your leisure Richard
  8. London gets tough

    Not entirely clear that they lived there
  9. Gearbox oil level/type.

    There are usually three plain bolts and one with a special head. You only use the one with the special head to check alignment by turning the coupling around There is a metal plate that runs across the coupling, the left hand bolt is sitting on that Richard
  10. Corrosive Orange Fungus

    No idea. I suspected Tawny had some some time ago, there were pits with very shiny metal that leaked rusty water. She has no 240v, no landline and doesn't live in a marina Richard
  11. Corrosive Orange Fungus

  12. Gearbox oil level/type.

    The left bolt has a plate under it, the right one only a washer.
  13. Gearbox oil level/type.

    No, it's a mechanical gearbox It may have a proper label on the side Richard
  14. Gearbox oil level/type.

    It's probably a Hurth/ZF and you put ATF in it, like it says on the label. ATF - Automatic Transmission Fluid The hex on the bottom is the drain No, they don't hold a lot of oil Richard
  15. BCN Challenge 2018

    Yes, I would expect a connection from the Wolverhampton level through to the bottom of a pump well at the pumphouse This is pretty normal canal engineering Richard http://bcnsociety.com/moorings/titford/titford-pump-house/