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  1. RLWP

    Weed Hatch Luck Dip

    That's good, you don't want orobelems
  2. RLWP

    Another New Sign

    I was pointing out there is already a sign not far away declaring that this is the Rochdale canal I'm wondering how much outrage there was about that one Richard
  3. RLWP

    Another New Sign

  4. You have an interesting style for a 62 year old man. Nice dress
  5. RLWP


    It could be worn splines in the forward clutch, especially in an old gearbox. Do the basics (oil level/type/control cable) first Richard
  6. RLWP

    Mooring in Marina unlicenced

    I want to be an elk
  7. RLWP

    Engine Question

    Which is bloody useless for most practical purposes. I bet the 'uprated' engine gives 36BHP at 2600rpm, and more importantly you wouldn't use either much above 1500-1800rpm
  8. RLWP

    Mr gopal/copal/paypal is back

    BSS issue there to do with flammable materials next to the flue
  9. RLWP

    What fuel filter do I need?

    They might be for the type with a filter on the top of the sedimenter. I know one of them uses different size rings.
  10. RLWP

    What fuel filter do I need?

    We have sets of seals for them. From memory, they are different to the fuel filter sealing rings Richard
  11. RLWP

    What fuel filter do I need?

    It is there to separate water out of the diesel We are going to need some more clues to find the main filter, like perhaps engine type, or some photos of the engine bay Richard It even says that Richard
  12. RLWP

    What fuel filter do I need?

    That's a water trap, not a fuel filter. That's why there isn't a filter in it Richard
  13. RLWP

    Lack of platforms at locks

    What, like people not attached to a boat?
  14. RLWP

    Lack of platforms at locks

    Based on this: https://www.waterways.org.uk/avonandwilts/a_picture_the_current_situation_on_bristol_avon and this: https://canalplan.org.uk/place/gpdq I think it's the same as for any C&RT navigation Richard

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