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  1. RLWP

    Dorman 2DSM

    That's a shame, we scrapped a 4DSM last year that had the instrument board in place - no instruments Richard
  2. I'll have a check. I know we have an industrial FR2 in pieces, and I might be able to negotiate a loan of a part from a marine engine Richard
  3. RLWP

    Dating a JP2M

    The only sure way is to saw it through and count the rings
  4. Ours are fully rebuilt and set up, you'd get two for £150 Richard
  5. We much prefer to fit the old style metal cased leather seals (AKA Weston seals) over modern lip seals. They're a bit more tolerant about dirt, damaged shafts and so on We've probably got them in stock Richard
  6. You need to put the top ring into a clean ring groove, then put a feeler gauge between the side of the ring and the piston. As the piston moves up and down, the ring wears the side of the groove. Richard
  7. It's the number of the piston, not the piston and ring assembly It doesn't have an oversize mark on it so it is probably standard The correct way to find out is to measure the bore! Do check that the ring groove on the top ring of the piston is OK. Richard
  8. We have them in stock, give Sue a rig and she'll sort you out 01926 356200 - Marine Engine Services Richard
  9. Talk to Jason Gallop at Bollington Wharf: 01625 575811 He's pretty good with Listers Richard
  10. On of my treasured memories of that Challenge! Richard
  11. Your best bet is see how warm the pipe from the exhaust manifold gets - it is the one that sticks up on the left hand side of your picture. That one is getting direct heat from the exhaust I think I can see a thermostat housing on the far end of the engine, otherwise it would be useful to have some more pictures. There are a variety of ways the cooling system on these engines can be set up Richard
  12. It actually lost one in that last advert, and is now back to the correct number Richard
  13. It has moved from Pillings lock then. Unless something has changed since I last saw her, "She has got a newly refurbished lister 3 cylinder engine which is in pristine condition" isn't exactly correct Richard
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