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  1. Rings rusted into the bores Or worse - water in the cylinder. Richard
  2. We may be able to find you one Call Sue on 01925 356200 Richard
  3. We have a BMC 2.2 in our distressed engine pile Richard
  4. RLWP

    JP2 heads won't lift

    Give us a ring, there's a link in my signature Richard
  5. RLWP

    JP2 heads won't lift

    We have had seat inserts fitted to JP heads. I'm fussy about valve regression We have pistons, valves, head gaskets, manuals etc. Richard
  6. That explains what Sue just asked me Most of the solenoids will be for the Lister Alpha engines. I'm sure you could make such a solenoid fit an SR, most things are possible Do bear in mind many Alpha owners fit a simple stop cable when the solenoid fails Richard
  7. Did I say this wasn't your kind of boat?
  8. I'd advise you add a plate to that to protect the deck of the block, otherwise there's a good chance of tearing out a lump of cast iron Richard
  9. £18K for a 60' home in London? This was very much not your kind of boat. If the Ebay advert is still there, there was a very nice Lister switch panel and a lovely pressure gauge in the engine room I'd say it was home-build by an enthusiast in the 70's Richard
  10. Far from it. And the quote she got was pretty reasonable This isn't a classic 'JP-in-an-engine-room' boat. It appears to have been a home build with a wooden top Richard
  11. As far as I can tell, 60' boat for £18K is quite a bargain Maybe elastic is handy when comparing chalk and cheese. Who is buying JP2 engines these days? Do you want another National? Richard
  12. What's the market for them? It looks like a tired, manual start JP2M is worth about £1800 Richard
  13. I managed to get it started, it clearly needed some work though. She had clearly bought the boat to live on, and from the bit of googling I did it didn't cost a lot Richard
  14. That's what she said when I saw the engine in the boat Richard
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