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  1. Not as far as I know. I asked about this recently elsewhere Richard
  2. I'm waiting until Sue Gray reports
  3. <sigh>I'm getting all nostalgic. Happy days
  4. Email problems and Cheshire~Rose - that's new...
  5. Personally I prefer: https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=16&lat=52.59680&lon=-2.08730&layers=6&b=1 Richard It's a similar problem with canoeists, maybe there could be 'campsites' e.g. Ocker Hill Richard
  6. Awww, your belief in us is touching - if misguided.... We're at the 'wouldn't it be a good idea to include walkers!' stage. Nikki and John informally walked part of the challenge a few years back, so we counted them in as competitors. That's as far as we have got - it needs a proper think if walkers are to be competitive in some overall BCN Challenge Winner thing. Clearly having a walking category with it's own Golden Boot is possible There's another can-o-worms I'd like to open at some point which is canoeists. Equally as difficult to work out Richard
  7. We've already co-opted Andy for other purposes Richard
  8. Yes, you would be a 'proper' contestant - only the third from memory It's something that needs developing really. We haven't got a plan for people walking parts of the BCN that cannot be navigated by boat, and I think we should have. It needs someone to push the boundaries a bit and se where we end up Richard
  9. We could have exactly the same multipliers on each section every year. We don't because it is likely to favour experienced crews who know the ins and outs of the competition. We change the points per section to mix up the routes each time And I don't have any evidence that the W&E is more in need of moving boats than any other part of the BCN - the Tame Valley section above Newton junction for instance. If you can have information on boat usage and maintenance need that could help with planning the competition I'd be interested to see it Richard
  10. Not on Tawny! That's what all the crew are taken along for - bowhauling Richard
  11. Hi Laurence, that would be an HW2, and it's going to be too big for Erebus's engine hole Richard
  12. There's a braided hose coming out of the top of the tank Richard
  13. No, we haven't sent out the forms yet, you haven't been missed out! Richard
  14. It's getting good at that! Richard
  15. My understanding is, if the chamber inserts are loose, you cannot skim the head. If you leave them in, they interfere with the tool tip. If you leave them out, they stand too far off the face of the head when you put them back in and the gasket will blow around the inserts. Richard
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