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  1. On that point, is your email working?
  2. But only if you take your teeth out first
  3. I've got at least two of the Dean maps, I have worn one out!
  4. This years paperwork will be proofread this evening We have a finish, it isn't one we have used before which is nice Richard
  5. You may not get a response from the website, if you did it would be a positive one Richard
  6. It isn't unusual to see it spelled that way, or with an h too Can you imagine trying to translate broad Black Country into Ordnance Survey? Richard
  7. Have you got 'Too Many Boats' by Robert Wilson, Jan? It apparently has some stuff on Station Boats: https://hnbc.org.uk/shop/too-many-boats Richard
  8. Let's play for a second pint Taking another view at this, Mike Musson's excellent 'Warwickshire Railways' might help. I'm guessing you want the MR/LMS basins: https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/lms/index.htm Richard
  9. http://www.primrose-engineering.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Birmingham-Canal-Navigations-A-Cruising-And-Walking-Guide.pdf Found it, and put it on my website Richard
  10. It would be even more helpful if I could find my version of the PDF!
  11. 'Birmingham Canal Navigations - A cruising and walking guide', 1984, IWA Birmingham Branch subcommittee It looks like Tim's online version doesn't exist any more. It's a roughly A5 book with a blue cover and a plastic spiral binding and rare. If you can find a PDF version, you can print it out at A4 making it readable, put the pages into a more logical order and colour it in to make the diagrams easier to understand. It takes a canal and describes it in a linear form listing all the lines, junctions, arms and wharfs Richard https://www.amazon.co.uk/Birmingham-Canal-Navigations-cruising-Walking/dp/B00I3O0YYC https://captainahabswaterytales.blogspot.com/2011/10/birmingham-canal-navigations-cruising.html
  12. There are lots of them, Jan. For example Hockley Port: https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=18&lat=52.4921&lon=-1.9260&layers=168&b=1 Your best bet would be to find a copy of the 'Blue Book'. Tim Lewis used to have a PDF version Richard
  13. Where's the exhaust outlet? Also, had water got half way up the block - there may be a tide mark
  14. Rings rusted into the bores Or worse - water in the cylinder. Richard
  15. We may be able to find you one Call Sue on 01925 356200 Richard
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