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  1. If that was some time ago, their whitemetalling man has moved to Coventry Classics. Richard
  2. RLWP

    JP water pump

    Apologies - you are right. I hadn't read the whole thread
  3. RLWP

    JP water pump

    Indeed. If it's a Marine JP you are going to have to take the flywheel off, and when you refit the gear housing you must get the fuel pump timing right Richard
  4. RLWP

    JP water pump

    Not really. There are several versions of the JP manual to trap the unwary. The reprints we sell have the plunger pump added at the back Wait 'til you try and work out a part number... Richard
  5. Last time I dealt with a Fuzhou gearbox on one of the Kingfisher engines it had broken the spindle to the oil pump Richard
  6. I'm warning against my idle, untested speculation. From the bits of theory I remember the engine is one mass/spring/damper system with the damping coming from mainly from the engine mounts. This system is going to have a (or more likely many) resonant frequency which is determined by all of those. You cannot change the mass, the springing and damping come from the engine mounts So, in theory, if you've got an engine that's going into resonance at an undesirable cruising speed, you could change the frequency by having different types of mount front and rear On the other hand - I'm speculating idly and R&D do this for a living. Go with the R&D set up Richard
  7. Do they - and is that a good thing? After all, the engine can't wag at different speeds at each end of the block - it's a single solid item My guess (WARNING) is you end up with a different resonant frequency for the complete engine. And it might be that you completely upset the resonances in the setup to your advantage I've never done it, I do wonder if different stiffness mounts front and back would be a good thing Richard
  8. Oooh no - that's not right Things go wrong, and they still go on running Without engine mounts Richard
  9. Attached to what - a skyhook?
  10. Kick the pin a couple of times at 90 degrees, then pull it out using the mooring line through the loop Richard
  11. We sell them fairly often along with the metal cased lip seals Richard
  12. OOh, no. Not horses Sheep! All we like sheep Richard
  13. Sure? And where have you been for the last couple of days... Hannibal Lecter style I think I've got a large dog cage somewhere, would that be useful? Richard
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. 'Ere - you've nicked my duck! I say mine - he joined Melaleuca at the bottom lock of the Delph nine. Looks like he's joined Delhi's crew Richard
  16. In your picture, the data plate is just above the hydraulic pipe on the right hand side, below the sump pump. It's a brass plate Richard
  17. I'm minded to take them to Braunston then sell them to the highest bidder Richard
  18. It was, Daisy won! The queen with her crown was genius Richard
  19. There have been suggestions that Rivets 5000 makes an excellent diving platform Richard
  20. I was tempted to count them as -0.5 crew each, bringing Tatty Lucy's crew down to one Richard
  21. Notice the different approaches from two, two person crews with different length boats Richard
  22. Place Boat Miles Locks Points 1 Vulpes 35 79 387.83 2 Tatty Lucy 55.5 37 374.65 3 Rebellion 44 82 359.05 4 Julie 50.5 62 358.55 5 Goosander 43 81 356.4
  23. Place Boat Miles Locks Points 6 Rivets 5000 61.5 37 341.5 7 Golden Eagle 36.5 72 327.15 8 Karis 39 61 306.83 9 Delhi 34.5 66 305.8 10 Daisy 35 57 262.1
  24. Place Boat Miles Locks Points 11 Red Wharf 27 51 218.85 12 Ferrous 36 25 215.75 13 Tamar No2 19.5 38 152.6 14 Oates 32.5 36 144.75 15 Joanna 19 18 118.23 16 Piglet 9.5 3 43.95
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