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  1. We sell them fairly often along with the metal cased lip seals Richard
  2. OOh, no. Not horses Sheep! All we like sheep Richard
  3. Sure? And where have you been for the last couple of days... Hannibal Lecter style I think I've got a large dog cage somewhere, would that be useful? Richard
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. 'Ere - you've nicked my duck! I say mine - he joined Melaleuca at the bottom lock of the Delph nine. Looks like he's joined Delhi's crew Richard
  6. In your picture, the data plate is just above the hydraulic pipe on the right hand side, below the sump pump. It's a brass plate Richard
  7. I'm minded to take them to Braunston then sell them to the highest bidder Richard
  8. It was, Daisy won! The queen with her crown was genius Richard
  9. There have been suggestions that Rivets 5000 makes an excellent diving platform Richard
  10. I was tempted to count them as -0.5 crew each, bringing Tatty Lucy's crew down to one Richard
  11. Notice the different approaches from two, two person crews with different length boats Richard
  12. Place Boat Miles Locks Points 1 Vulpes 35 79 387.83 2 Tatty Lucy 55.5 37 374.65 3 Rebellion 44 82 359.05 4 Julie 50.5 62 358.55 5 Goosander 43 81 356.4
  13. Place Boat Miles Locks Points 6 Rivets 5000 61.5 37 341.5 7 Golden Eagle 36.5 72 327.15 8 Karis 39 61 306.83 9 Delhi 34.5 66 305.8 10 Daisy 35 57 262.1
  14. Place Boat Miles Locks Points 11 Red Wharf 27 51 218.85 12 Ferrous 36 25 215.75 13 Tamar No2 19.5 38 152.6 14 Oates 32.5 36 144.75 15 Joanna 19 18 118.23 16 Piglet 9.5 3 43.95
  15. I think you need to take a good look at all these canal support organizations. All of those campaigning groups were lead by young, enthusiastic individuals who wanted to save the canals. And now they are all getting on in years There are no young, vibrant canal organisations I can think of to be militant Unless you are volunteering, of course Richard
  16. I've been up there in 2009. Honestly you are not missing anything It had numerous brick reefs, trolleys, unpleasant silt and ends up next to a roundabout. Richard
  17. I sense the return of the militant IWA Richard
  18. I missed rivets 5000! Richard
  19. Goosander now mooring Richard
  20. Are you sending your results in? And there's food beer and banter at Withymoor- it's not far Richard Tatty Lucy now here and Delhi Richard
  21. Daisy has arrived. Also Tamar and Keris And Julie Richard
  22. Ferrous now mooring Richard
  23. Paddleboarders now passing Withymoor Richard
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