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  1. Thank you for that. I was getting coal from Mary and Phil, but you are right, I have passed out of their area. I will give Julia and Richard a call. Be good to catch up with Gary, but probably when I get closer to Leighton. Thanks again. John.
  2. Hi. Anyone know if a fuel boat is coming through Marsworth?
  3. Thanks. I will start the old lister tomorrow and put a meter across the alternator. The red light used to go out with revs, for a while it has been on and gets dimmer as revs fall. Now it is constantly on.
  4. Hi guys. 5 new batteries one starter. The red light on ignition has been staying on for a while but the alternator has been giving charge. In the last week the alternator seems to be giving 14.4 v but only the starter battery is charging. I have a simple durite relay. Could that be the problem?
  5. Has anyone got a number for a pump out boat please? GU Kings Langley.
  6. Hi I just landed here while looking for some information on my mt50..I have set up a 20w MPPT with the controller. I have a 175w panel feeding two 110 ah batteries. My question is.. there is a value on the left (panel) reads 22v at 1.3 amps and load on the right.(not connected) the one in the middle (battery) is at 13.7 v at 1.9 amps...Is this what is going into the battery? Or what is being used? Sorry for what may be a stupid question...Thanks
  7. MORCO...NOT MOROCCO!!! Bloody auto whatsit lol
  8. Hi, me again.. So Ive ordered the new Morco D61E to replace the D51B and I have been reading a lot of past posts on the dangers of having a morocco in the bathroom. Also, the flue on the old one is short, not the 600mm stated as required by Morco, and there is only a mushroom externally. Do I move the appliance to the kitchen? Do I get the replacement flue?
  9. Ok. So I have the collar fitted and am looking to fill the gap between the collar and flue. Best way please? Thanks
  10. Hi, I am in the process of fitting a traditional collar for my stove. I have increased the size of the hole to allow the collar to fit I could do with advice on how to seal the collar, thanks
  11. Thats good to know, it is the D51B and it looks like the 61B is the one that will be easiest. Thanks Alan
  12. So our old Morco D51B boiler is not well and I know that I can change it for the D61B, but what others would be relatively easy to fit, which is a good buy?
  13. Hi Strummer Joe. Hope we get to see your boat soon
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