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  1. furnessvale

    Brexit 2019

    I am sure the UK will play ball. Which country offered first to sort out the residency rights of the others citizens, hint UK, and which country refused to discuss it, hint EU. Which country then unilaterally settled the rights of residency of the others citizens, hint UK. Which country then was shamed into reciprocating, hint EU. George
  2. furnessvale

    Brexit 2019

    Thanks for the confirmation that joining the EU is akin to becoming one country. George
  3. furnessvale

    Brexit 2019

    And they will receive those benefits on the same terms as any other UK citizen who chooses to retire to a foreign county. Who knows, they may even benefit from the better arrangements available when retiring to selected countries, if the EU plays ball. George
  4. furnessvale

    Brexit 2019

    UK government imposing full duty on diesel propulsion fuel for boats, BY ORDER OF THE EU, an absolute certainty. George
  5. furnessvale

    Brexit 2019

    Fair enough. Remainers believe it is fair that we PAY the EU to maintain a £67bn trade deficit with them. I can't, and have no desire to, argue against such a mindset. George
  6. furnessvale

    Brexit 2019

    I suggest you read it again. Main bullet point number four clearly states that the £67bn deficit is AFTER our surplus in services has been deducted. A trade deficit of £95bn is netted down to a £67bn overall loss. George
  7. furnessvale

    Brexit 2019

    https://researchbriefings.parliament.uk/ResearchBriefing/Summary/CBP-7851 George
  8. furnessvale

    Brexit 2019

    What favourable terms would they be then? The right to favourably pay the EU £billions to have a trade imbalance of about £70bn pa? George
  9. furnessvale

    Brexit 2019

    That is exactly what the establishment has been working towards for the past 2+years. Get everyone bored rigid and drop in the, "Lets forget the whole thing and stay in". George
  10. furnessvale

    Jam 'Ole Run

    Get shut of half the continuous moorers. Make the remaining half pay mooring fees as well as a licence. Cost neutral and 50% clearer canals.😄 By the way, if you read the first half of my post I don't think your response is entirely appropriate.
  11. furnessvale

    Brexit 2019

    So our net shortfall has fallen to 20% which I am sure other countries would fill if necessary. Given that France alone exported £1bn in wine to the UK last year, compared to them buying £47m from us, I cannot see them refusing to sell to us. George
  12. furnessvale

    Atherstone top lock mooring.

    Not keen on football myself. A load of overpaid prima donnas if you ask me! 😀😀 George
  13. furnessvale

    Jam 'Ole Run

    Not from me. I have never been on it but IMO the idea is to commemorate the last commercial carrying NOT to match its timings. Sadly some boaters do the latter and do (ex)working boats and boaters no favours. Having said that, the virtual continuous line of continuous moorers now encountered down south would try the patience of a saint! George
  14. furnessvale

    Car Ownership

    Well that's one way of seeing off tailgaters! George
  15. furnessvale

    Brexit 2019

    Well the Labour party should have been bothered. They lost votes in huge numbers to UKIP as well. George

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