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  1. Not true. Fuel duty on diesel and petrol in the UK is the same rate, 57.5ppl. What makes diesel dearer in the UK is a higher base rate charged on diesel by the oil companies. I believe this is due to a net shortage of diesel in the UK meaning we have to import refined diesel from the continent making it more expensive. In turn this net shortage is caused by our over reliance on road haulage, compared to our continental neighbours, who make greater use of rail and inland shipping. George
  2. furnessvale

    Cyclists & Pedestrians To Have Right Of Way Over Cars

    It certainly isn't dangerous for me but, in the wrong circumstances the bike going underneath my car can scratch its paintwork. George
  3. Was this one of the rules in 1975 when we voted to join the EEC? OR is it one of those EXTRA rules that the EU delights in imposing on all its members such that we voted OUT when last given a choice? George There are other "luxury" items that use red diesel but only boats are uniquely taxed this way. George
  4. furnessvale

    Brexit 2017

    I cannot imagine the howls of protests from remainers had the vote gone the other way but the government had opted for leave! George
  5. furnessvale

    Guns - what's the law?

    True. I wasn't attempting to define a public place. Earlier in the thread someone said the towpath at that point was a public footpath, therefore at that point the towpath is a public place. Nothing more than that. George
  6. furnessvale

    Guns - what's the law?

    Thanks for that. I've already had more out of the pension fund than I paid in and I'm hoping for a few more years yet! ☺️ George
  7. furnessvale

    Canal junk removal

    Yes, but given the nature of the waterway, just how deep was it originally? George
  8. furnessvale

    Braunston abandoned boat ?

    There is a vaguely similar looking boat on the system with a name like Frederic William. George
  9. furnessvale

    Guns - what's the law?

    I thought that too, but as it is 21+ years since I retired I looked up the legislation and could find no reference to the weapon being covered to allow movement in public. I assumed the law had been tightened since I retired but it appears others may have found something covering it. It makes sense otherwise how is anyone going to move the gun from a to b. George
  10. furnessvale

    Guns - what's the law?

    Yes, another offence under the Firearms Act. So much better legislation than soppy CRT byelaws. George
  11. furnessvale

    Guns - what's the law?

    Section 19 of the Firearms Act 1968 bans the possession of an air weapon, loaded or not, in a public place. If the towpath there is a public footpath, it is a public place. George
  12. furnessvale

    Allies and Enemies.....who are they these days?

    You misinterpret my post. I am pro Brexit. I was wondering how remainers can tell us we are too entwined with the EU to withdraw, but somehow we "have" to ditch the Saudis no matter what it costs us. George
  13. furnessvale

    Brexit 2017

    I would think that particular horse has already bolted! George
  14. furnessvale

    Allies and Enemies.....who are they these days?

    So rather like the EU and Brexit, we cannot afford to disconnect no matter how bad our "partners" are! George
  15. furnessvale

    Pump out manual and pump out station

    Selwood Simplite diaphragm pump. By far the best pump for mobile sludge pumping applications. Can be powered by a self contained petrol engine or an electric motor in a static situation. George

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