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  1. I should be so lucky. I'm "up there" planning to head out.................Today! 😞 George
  2. The UK may not have "won" the war, but we certainly could have lost it. Had Germany won, would the positions of the UK and Germany be reversed as we see them today? George
  3. Before I met my wife, she came home once to find her daughter combining the tasks of soaking her feet in a bowl of water AND doing the ironing! Even my wife thought there was something wrong with that. When we met, I checked all the house appliances. Not a single plug had the cable gripper doing its job and most had silver paper or paper clip fuses installed! All sorted PDQ. George
  4. No mention of the recently coined insult I see. Presumably such things are OK coming from remainers lips because of the moral superiority they "think" they have. George
  5. This recently coined insult aimed at those who wish to leave that corrupt and protectionist organisation called the EU, does not sit well coming from a French resident who wishes to keep open the option to return to the UK when the going gets tough. George
  6. Given that the UK is still a full member of the EU, exactly what has been "won" and by whom? At present getting the biggest number in a referendum has the feeling of voting in soviet USSR. It counts for nothing. George
  7. A big word is "IF". As the old saying goes "If my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle". George
  8. And a bit like the village football pitch at the back of my house before the new drainage was installed.......rather damp! George
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-humber-47214591 George
  10. As opposed to Triumph Motorcycles at Hinckley? George
  11. If you use the same gridwatch site as me, the figure for wind has to be increased by 30% to include embedded* windpower which only shows as a reduction in demand. Thus 24% rises to over 30%. *Embedded windpower includes items such as small turbines run by farmers which gives them direct power and enables them to make less call on electricity from the grid. George
  12. Yes, that's the one. The Tories have had plenty of opportunity to bin it and have chosen not to do so. George
  13. You mean like the Barnett formula buys the Tory government votes in Scotland? George
  14. I was hoping to save rebranding costs and keep with EU, Earth Union.
  15. Given the expansionist agenda of the EU, that may come sooner than you think! George
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