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  1. furnessvale

    Brexit 2019

    I don't want to go too deep into my fairly light hearted comment BUT I did not say it IS a Ponzi scheme it simply has many of the attributes of a teeming and lading offence. George
  2. furnessvale

    Brexit 2019

    If truth be known it is not too far away from a Ponzi scheme. If practiced by any other than the government, the user would be sailing close to the wind on an offence of teeming and lading. George
  3. furnessvale


    And clearly visible on the waterline at the bow are the ice plates which are always fitted to wooden working boats. George
  4. furnessvale

    Brexit 2019

    Unless the price of any raw materials imported is MORE than the price of the finished item, in which case I doubt the business will last long, this is a completely spurious argument. George
  5. furnessvale

    Brexit 2019

    Of course WE haven't made any preparations. The WE in question is a remainer establishment and all the rest of us have seen is a carefully choreographed plan to remain in the EU. The rest of us are now seeing the final stages of that plan being enacted. George
  6. furnessvale


    Yes, and my diesel was in litres..........................damn these EU regulations!😊 George
  7. furnessvale

    Brexit 2019

    Didn't the EU get involved in the putting down of Catalunian indepedence, if not physically certainly politically. George
  8. furnessvale


    Well this was the original question: "so, whats the max capacity in metric tonnes of cargo a widebeam cargo boat can carry?" I've only just realised the question referred to METRIC TONNES. I should have replied " we don't carry any of them funny furrin' loads on our canals, only proper British TONS" George
  9. Fair enough Nick. You have a reputation of arguing for the sake of it. Carry on. George
  10. furnessvale

    Thames Moorings a warning

    I don't know if "Parking Eye" are on the cut but they need watching. On car parks, a camera records your entry and reg no. When you leave you enter your reg in a machine and it tells you what to pay. As you leave the camera photographs your reg no again. No problems? This is the clever bit. As you enter your reg no in the machine, predictive text fills in the rest for you on the screen as it identifies your number. DON'T BE FOOLED! Make sure you fill in the rest yourself even though the screen is already showing it! When you get your receipt it will only show the digits YOU entered. If you haven't entered the full reg, a week later you will receive a penalty notice showing photos of your car saying no payment was made for this vehicle. If you haven't kept your receipt you are stuffed. Luckily, I spotted the short reg on my receipt and kept it just in case. I presented the evidence to them and told them what happened. They "graciously" waved the charge. I complained at their sharp practice and told them I would have seen them in court before paying. George
  11. Not entirely true though is it? If every person in the UK told his MP overflying helicopters should be banned, the MPs "could" at least do something about it. If however every person in the UK said the same about meteors? George
  12. I can't do anything about incoming meteors but I can protest about totally unnecessary lumps of manmade metal overhead, and I will! I also live in a rural area so I must be considered expendable given the number of lightweight choppers going overhead! George
  13. If people want to kill themselves in flying machines that is entirely up to them. Unfortunately, people like me are walking around underneath and I take great exception to the idea of one dropping on my head. For that reason I expect the highest safety standards to be applied. It is also why I oppose these ideas of drone delivery of parcels. It is hard enough to cross the road let alone keep an eye skywards for falling drones. George
  14. furnessvale

    Brexit 2019

    On one thing I can agree with you. Remaining in the EU will temper the worst excesses of an incoming Corbyn government which can only be a good thing. George
  15. furnessvale


    As a perway engineer, when we electrified Weaver Jcn to Glasgow we measured in miles and metres. What's wrong with that then? 🙂 George

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