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  1. I have a complete photocopy of the enabling act. I am at Braunston this weekend but after that I will be available on and off to sort things out. George
  2. You have no evidence that "the best lies" won and zero evidence that I relish it. Nothing new there. George
  3. Until comparatively recently, the north west had a policy of using old working boats. I believe they even had a policy of swapping newer boats with other areas to achieve this. GAILEY is currently on the Macc. Other boats known to have been in the NW fleet include HERCULES, TAYGETA, MALVERN, GRENVILLE, and EFFINGHAM. There were certainly others and no doubt others will fill in the gaps. George
  4. Fully agree with you. Things like red busses have been mentioned repeatedly, but very few of the remain lies seem to surface. Before any remainer says, "such as?" in an attempt to make me work to respond, ALL those lies have been stated in these 589 pages and the previous thread, and I have no intention of repeating myself for the hard of reading. George "BBC apologising"..............................now that IS a rarity! George
  5. My flat caps cost about £10 a pop and having spent their lifetimes on MY head are probably best left in the depths of Harecastle should such an event occur! 🙂 George
  6. I am the first to admit this is not my specialist subject. I was looking at the 200,000 cu. m. of hydrogen at atmospheric pressure needed to keep The Hindenburg up in the air, with the approx 80 tonnes of hydrogen needed to power a 747 across the Atlantic.. I'd have thought the 80 tonnes gives a bigger bang when released but I could well be wrong.
  7. Originally thinking this was a fancy name for a chinese hat on a chimney, I was keeping out of it. Finally, and slowly, cottoning on to the fact you were talking about an item of clothing, I Googled the term. I am not a Yorkshireman, coming from the correct side of the Pennines but......................................HOW MUCH!!!!!!!! George
  8. That's the problem with cruising in small numbers! 😋 George
  9. Use a composting holding tank and you can add a bit of methane to the power mix!. 🙂 George
  10. If this hydrogen powered plane is to even take off, let alone cover any distance, I think you need to transpose the words "limited" and "huge" in the post I have quoted. George
  11. I was referring to the vast amounts of hydrogen stored on board, but I suspect you knew that. What it was used for is pretty immaterial. George
  12. I think the ast time that was tried for flying machines didn't go too well! George
  13. It's not always the same person, they do swap about.
  14. I thought Allchins were 1.5" so there you go, there's always someone to look down on. Anyone got a Mamod? 🙂 George
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