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  1. Most boats these days sem to be fitted with tinny car horns that wouldn't blow the skin off a rice pudding. The first thing I do with any boat is fit a Klaxon. Not necessarily the genuine article. Cheap copies are available which fit the bill.
  2. Then don't blow your horn, simple. Unlike many countries we have no compulsion to do such things or be treated as a political prisoner.
  3. Marina entrances on narrow canals need to be stanked off by CRT at, say, 8' 6" width so that fat boats in the marina stay there. I have posted before that, if a fat boat approaches me from the other direction, I tie up on the towpath for a brew and HE can have the fun of the offside shallows and overgrowth.
  4. Boats often do, some voluntarily, others by mistake. Don't get too precious about the blacking and there's no problem
  5. Thanks for that. I remember on another occasion with a different satnav, I ventured onto a short new bypass near home. As I had not updated the poor device was quite confused as it thrashed away in a "field" until I regained the old road system.
  6. Indeed. The last time I used a car based GPS to track a narrowboat down the River Weaver, it studiously placed the boat on the bank. Somehow, it just could not accept the fact that the boat was out in the river.
  7. Yes, I was doing a genuine 32mph in a 30 zone the other day, only to be overtaken by a 4 x 4 which slowed after 100 yards or so to turn into a house drive.
  8. Stourport and a cyclist immediately comes to mind.
  9. Pete Harrison is the man with all the information. He is especially helpful if you have information to give him rather than just a one way street.
  10. The lack of freeboard on SANDBACH stopped me crossing the Mersey and I had to go the long way round via Chester, Wigan etc. SANDBACH has at least THREE times the freeboard of that little beauty!
  11. Of course, they can only be "very particular" about mooring on their side of the water. One Easter, blowing a gale as usual, the wind blew ALTON onto their wall. We were breasted up to CLENT at the time to avoid firing up CLENT's Bolinder for a short move. We had been there a minute, sorting out lines to cross the basin without skewering CLENT's wooden side on the old wreck and they were out from the hotel, "you can't moor there!"
  12. Even that is not 100%. When I worked for BR we had a certificate of compliance (or some such terminology). A deposit was placed with the government, I think it used to be £250,000 probably more now. Presumably the interest lost on that money was less than the cost of insuring thousands of vehicles.
  13. Correct. Several years ago I was accused of a 2 when I just and so touched a footboard at Tarvin lock. It was rotten as a pear. At Ellesmere Port I was approached by a BW official who informed me I would be paying for the damage. As luck would have it BW were repairing it as I was returning that way. I photographed the rotten wood on the towpath and told the BW men I would be paying nothing. I heard no more about it.
  14. That certainly happened, but most lineside fires were controlled burns by the local perway gang when working in the area. Sadly, mechanised maintenance put paid to the local gangs and diesels put paid to steam engine burns. Now we have leaves on the line thanks to all the trees.
  15. Agreed. I think another big difference was that, with regular passes of the weedkilling train using sodium chlorate, buddleia and other bushes were being caught as twigs. A different proposition to the full grown bushes now seen sprouting.
  16. I believe the now banned sodium chlorate was rather more effective than that, killing the ground from new growth until the next application. Agreed that above ground structures would need, and got, different treatment.
  17. I am aware of that, being a former railway engineer. However, the weedkiller must have soaked through the ballast on viaducts as the problem of buddliea sprouting from below rail level masonry was not a problem (when I was important)! 😄
  18. Thanks for that. It is probably the case that the previously available chemical, sprayed from the weedkilling train, was able to do the job, whereas nowadays a more personal, and hence more expensive, touch is required.
  19. These trees are almost invariably buddlea which is an invasive species. The use of sodium chlorate weedkiller has been banned and the current crop of ineffective weedkillers that are permitted seem unable to touch it.
  20. I presume there is nothing to stop CRT from putting a spotter on the towpath opposite the marina entrance when they intend doing a check?
  21. It's not the boats actually in there that would be a problem, its all the boats CLAIMING to be in there that would be a problem for CRT.
  22. Walter had a very "blue" act. Not for the faint hearted!
  23. Perhaps it would be better if the bar was not INSIDE the music tent. People could then make a choice of taking their drink into the music tent or going elsewhere for a quiet chat.
  24. Regular trains run carrying freight for supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsburys. Tesco have stated this has enabled them to avoid the worst of the HGV driver shortage. Extra freight trains are also running for those companies and others, bringing imported wine from the docks, for example. No one is suggesting that rail can simply take over from road, but companies that did not put all their eggs in one (road) basket, are now feeling the benefit.
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