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  1. Ellesmere Port on Easter Monday

    We have moored at Stoak twice in recent years with no problem and spent a happy afternoon (I had to sus out eating in the pub) and evening in the pub
  2. Ellesmere Port on Easter Monday

    There is a pub and you can eat at the Holiday Inn. Ellesmere Port is not the centre of culinary excellence, or good pubs. We have usually visited the museum during the day and gone back out to the Bunbury Arms at Stoak, http://bunburyarmschester.com/ Great food and drink in a pretty little village near to the motorway bridges but we didn't notice any noise overnight. The other thing to do is moor up near the Zoo and visit that for a day, it is strange when you wake up in the morning and hear odd noises from the animals.
  3. 1st boating holiday - some planning questions

    Nobody has mentioned it, but if you don't get as far as Grindley Brook you can always stop at the Willey Moor. It's not far from Grindley Brook and you can tie up on the towpath just above the lock. They do food and if it's warm enough you can sit outside and watch the world go by. The Cotton Arms is usually a good stop before you hand the boat back, Tie up before the lift bridge and just go through it and into the boat yard the next morning. The Corn mill in Llangollen does good food and real ale
  4. can anybody recommend a surveyor in Cheshire ?

    Mike Carter of Marine Surveys in Northwich http://www.marinesurveysltd.co.uk/
  5. So much to think about when buying your first nb

    You could also look at a Russell Newbery DM2. Still available either new or factory rebuilt Ours runs well and has done for years. Works a fairly large alternator and heats water through a calorifier. It also looks great
  6. Peak Forest Canal

    there are plenty of good ones to visit
  7. Peak Forest Canal

    It's quite simple, above Marple locks is the Upper Peak Forest and below Marple locks is the Lower Peak Forest. so if you are between Marple and Whalley Bridge you are on the Upper Peak Forest and will have to wait for CRT to finish the work at Marple
  8. Starting Problems

    Sounds like its not starting at all and is merely turning over on the starter motor when decompressed. You should be able to turn the engine over with the decompression lever in the running position, and the engine should then start. If you have had the fuel system apart I would suspect that you haven't bled the system properly and have air in it. Presuming you have a DM2 engine, any decent diesel engineer should be able to show you how to bleed the system using the lift pump and that should allow you to prove the fuel system is working properly. Edited to add post how you get on
  9. Distances? Trying to wrap my head around the possible.

    We didn't pre book any moorings and I'm not sure how you would go about it. We had no trouble finding room on the visitors moorings each afternoon, and we usually arrived early on in the afternoon apart from the first evening of course
  10. Places with a bad reputation that don't deserve it

    Totally agree, having done the Ashton and Rochdale nine many times and have not had any trouble with the locals, they are usually chatty and quite friendly. The only probles we have had recently have been with the infrastructure.
  11. National/RN liner differences

    The following is from the Russell Newbery Register magazine (Autumn 2017) If anybody needs liners it might be worth following up with David Bixter at Russell Newbery National cylinder liners. We can get a batch of cylinder liners manufactured to suit the national ‘D’ series, which although similar to RN liners are different enough to be a problem. There needs to be a demand for at least 10 liners or the piece price is too high. If we can get orders for 10 or more they are available at £250 each. If we order 48 or more the price will drop to £210 each. Any one interested will need to pay a £50 deposit per liner with the balance due on delivery. Delivery is 8-10 weeks from order placement. These liners are top quality, made in England items. RNDE Company
  12. Distances? Trying to wrap my head around the possible.

    We did that route a few years back but in the opposite direction with stops as follows Sat -- Pick boat up and travel to Diksmuide Sun-- Travel to Iepre Mon -- Travel to Verne Tue -- Travel to Middlekerk Wed -- Travel to Brugge Thu -- Stopped in Brugge Fri -- Travel to Niewpoort Sat -- Hand over boat We had plenty of time, but didn't tend to stop for lunch preferring to get settled in during the afternoon for a few beers when we reached our overnight destination. It also means that once the lock keepers and bridge keepers know you are on the way they can prepare the locks and be at the bridges ready for you, one got really upset because he was waiting for us, we had stopped for a couple of beers at a canalside pub, and not told the previous bridge keeper that we were doing so. We had an enforced stop at Niewpoort crossing the river going between Verne and the canal to middlekerk as it is tidal and you need to wait for the correct water level to be made. This is because the canal from Verne enters the river below the tidal lock, whereas thee is a short cut from the canal from Brugges just near the hire base which brings you out onto the river above the tidal lock
  13. I have used Brass Machine screws in the past, cleaning the thread with a steel screw following taping the hole, just to make sure the thread runs freely. If you are doing loads of holes on a regular basis on either horizontal or vertical steel investing in a Magnetic Drilling system is worth doing as they stick onto the steel ensuring the hole is perpendicular to the metal so the screws run true.
  14. Thank you Crowthers

    My experience of Crowthers was a very positive one. Following cracking our prop on something very solid on the Ashton Canal, (we were on our way to take it out for blacking at Ashton Packet Boat), we took the boat out onto the slipway on the Saturday and Rang Crowthers on the Monday morning. As I had been thinking that the boat was under propped I asked the Lady on the phone what they would recommend and gave them all the engine, boat details. They specified a prop, and after a hour or so rang back and said they had a casting available that just required machining, and it would be ready for Thursday. My wife went round on the Thursday with the short end of the prop shaft which I had taken off and slipped out of the back of the boat. Mrs Crowther looked after our six month old baby girl whilst my wife took the shaft down to Mr Crowther who fitted the new prop to the shaft and carried it out to the car. After work I slid the shaft with prop fitted back in the boat and connected it. We put our boat back in the water the next Saturday. So a week to clean, fettle and black the hull, and obtain and fit a new prop. It worked well, better than the one we removed and is still doing so. my Daughter is now twelve!.
  15. Safety from economic migrants in France

    Do you need a trad van with rivets to use the RN roads