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  1. Anti clockwise, first night stop at Wheelock. clockwise first night stop at Anderton or the Salt Barge. My preference would be anti clockwise. Coming down the Ashton taking water with you, also if you are running late you can have a long day motoring along the Bridgewater or T&M. Don't forget to take your time going up Cheshire locks, they can throw the boat about a bit until you work them out.
  2. We have an engine room and back cabin, the engine room is great for drying coats etc. and also for storing all things engine related along with brushes, mops bucket and so on, so a good use of room, the engine is also a good radiator after it has been running all day, if it's too hot we just leave the engine room doors open. You also see the engine all the time so keep it clean, and notice any pipes or covers working loose before they cause problems, and they are easier to work on. The children took over the back cabin, one in the cross bed and one in the side bed, the table cupboard housing toys etc, it has become their little house. All in all a great move from a boat with a cruiser stern.
  3. So long as its OK while I'm at the pub for a few i'll be fine at Windmill End
  4. Cheers, I thought so but was just wondering how quiet it is there for leaving the boat all evening. Is the chippy down the road from there still open, its years since I was last around that area but am passing through next weekend
  5. Simple question, what's the best place to stop overnight for a session in Ma Pardoes
  6. And Moor in the car park at Tesco in Stalybridge
  7. At least you only had to do the run out of Manchester once, Me and Mac had to go back and do it all again, and it was just as hard long a day . It was very nice to meet you and I am glad you got over the hill in one piece, I hope you get back home soon
  8. Just because I was passing today, here are a couple of pictures of the "Nash"
  9. Marple is open and so is Bosley as of Yesterday
  10. One o the worse things I have ever had on the prop was a few years ago during the Foot and Mouth outbreak. On the Huddersfield Narrow there were Carpets at both ends of each Lock which were soaked in disinfectant. The idea being you stepped into them if you left the lockside and so didn't transfer any disease between locations. They were staked down but somebody had thrown one into the canal. not only difficult to get through the weed hatch but very smelly, I was covered in the disinfectant by the time I had finished with it.
  11. Apart from the rubber fender we got round the prop in the sixth lock of the year, (lock 7 Bosley) people that boat with fenders down through narrow locks should thrown off the cut. the next biggie was a C&RT special, one of the eco bank protection jobbies made out of a net filled with coir or some such material, and no it didn't come up the weed hatch but with a lot of cutting and pulling with a boat hook from the bank we got it off
  12. We have never had trouble with Daphne or Spey anywhere apart from Marple. Have a natter with Bob or Ian Mac on Daphne. Alton and Bargus regularly travel these areas with little or no problem
  13. For how long this time , last year they managed a couple of weeks
  14. Was still on the Caldon last year with same owner alongside One of the Cowburn & Cowper boats, is it Skylark. I will have a look next week as I go past
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