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  1. Thanks Tim, it was great to see Dirty Weekend, I haven't seen it since the seventies. There are lots of familiar (to me) faces on it, lots of whom I still see, and takes me back to how working parties used to be.
  2. Bollington will however get a crane in to lift you out. Both Jason and Steve that work there are good welders. Both have done work for me
  3. I thought the OPwas hiring from Napton Narrowboats at Autherly Junction, which is nowhere near Napton
  4. I only mentioned the companies on the Chester cut as these are just as easily reached from Manchester and have the advantage that should the OP wish to go down to Chester at the end of the trip they will know how long they have and it is only half a day each way. Also Chas is a good guy to hire from
  5. If opting for the four counties and you would like to go to chester you could opt to fly into Manchester and hire from either Chas Harden at Beeston or Anglo Welsh at Bunbury
  6. Going clockwise means you go up Cheshire locks which can be a bit vicious so people tend to be a bit cautious opening the paddles, and has you going down Audlem which can be easier if the by washes are running fast. Personally I'd rather go down Cheshire locks which are easy to work and therefore a fast flight. The Middlewich branch can take a while with long queues at the locks so its not the one to be doing at the end of a holiday if you need to get back to Middlewich to hand the boat back. If you need to you can get from Barbridge to Chester in a day but it's far better to take two and stop off at the Shady Oak and have a walk up to Beeston Castle
  7. if going anti clockwise you can stop at either Etrutia or Westport, so long as you have booked in for the 11:00 tunnel in advance you can be out and down at Wheelock for tea time. Going clockwise book the 10:00 and you can stop the night before at Red Bull get going in the morning and up the three locks in plenty of time. It is one of the advantages of having to book the tunnel that you can work out your timings without having to allow up to 2 hours waiting time at the tunnel
  8. Chester is a great place to stop and a lovely city. We usually have a night up near the Steam mill, and then run out to the zoo the next day. After the zoo visit we then come back to the moorings at the bottom of the staircase and have another night out in Chester, it is only about an hour and a half from the zoo back to Chester.
  9. Last time I bought a boat through a broker they arranged for the seller to come down and meet me and we went out for a mornings run and he went through all the systems showing me how they worked. he also went through with me what could be left on board if I wished and what would be taken off so we knew exactly what we were getting.
  10. It is still less than they charged when it first opened. Standedge Tunnel was the same. It was £25 a passage when it first reopened CRT scrapped that charge and the charge for Anderton at the same time and now charge a booking fee. As far as I know, you can still turn up at Anderton and talk to the office and they will put you on the next free slot free of charge, but you may have to wait a while
  11. Just book a passage two hours later, plenty of time to get p from say Bed Bull for the lunchtime passage
  12. Also, if you contact C&RT there are volunteers who may be able to help you with the locks on the Rochdale, Ashton and also at Marple. Also you could go the other way up cheshire locks and Bosley, ypou are climbing the same height either way but cheshire locks are much prettier
  13. It's got a PRM gearbox on it so gear change will be easy, and if you wish to you could always put a morse control on it. Yes servicing is cheap I always but my filters on line as they have a standard number on them. easy to change especially as they are right in front of you in the engine room. I put Morris 30s in mine as that is what it always had in it with the previous owners and it hasn't done it any harm. Spares may be a bit more expensive but the engine will outlast most modern ones, so you will have less outlay in the long term. As I said mine was a second hand boat and it had been well looked after, and has given me no trouble since I bought it. If you buy it, joining the RN Register is worth the fee for the amount of advice and help other owners can give you.
  14. Yes, we bought it from the people there, they had it built but due to the fact that they were getting on a bit and couldn't carry on boating they decided they had to give up boating and so reluctantly put it up for sale.
  15. I have a DM2 in my boat it's over thirty years old and runs perfectly and starts first turn in all weathers. The newer ones, as in post 1960s have a standard screw on oil filter and a modern air filter and fuel filter fitted so are easy to service. Power wise you won't have any problem, as has been said they produce lots of torque and with a decent prop on will handle the boat well. We have a calorifier on ours and it produces a full tank of hot water in about 45 minutes so if it doesn't already have one it can easily be fitted, ours sits in a cupboard in the corner of the engine room giving me a handy shelf to put the oil can and bits and bobs on. I have only required one replacement item, a water pump in the last seven years and as I was passing Hillmorton I popped in and asked Dave Bixter for a new one and he went down to the works picked one up and dropped it off at the boat later that day at the place we had stopped for the night, that is the only experience of spares we have had and I couldn't fault the service.
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