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captain birdseye

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  1. captain birdseye

    Route suggestions (next June)

    How about the Ashby and Coventry Canals. We have done this with our children. A day at Bosworth is interesting and then a trip on the Steam Railway. When you get up to Fazeley Jct. a side trip to Drayton Manor Park gives the children a day off the boat at a theme park, and the run round to Fradley from there is very pretty, and if you wish a trip in the other direction gives tou a day out in Coventry
  2. captain birdseye

    Railway sleepers

    They won't be Mahogany but will be Yarra, which is a very hard eucalyptus from Australia
  3. captain birdseye

    Droitwich Canal 1973 Big Dig

    I spent most of the weekend in the dredging tip which was the field next to the lock with a very young Mike Palmer and a couple of other people. We managed to tip a sloppy bucket of mud next to Mr. Noakes covering him with it. I remember the sequence where he was driving the crane, which was in fact turned off and they interposed footage of the crane moving between pictures of him in the cab with a soundtrack of the engine running. He came over for tea with us all in the accommodation looking very clean. He didn't eat much so I don't know whether he had already had had food at his hotel. The reason why it was said to be in Lancashire was that in the programme he went for a trip on NB Spey which is owned by some of the working party members. While at Marple talking about the then recent restoration they talked about work being done on the summit of the Rochdale canal and asked if he would like to come on a working party. The only thing being that the next convenient working party was on the Droitwich so, I presume for the sake of continuity the Droitwich moved to Lancashire. That is my memory of how it happened. I wonder if there is a copy of the programme anywhere out there it would be fun to see it again. As an aside, for David Mack and others from that era, the girl that later became my wife spent the summer of 1982 in Droitwich doing the catering for the work camps and subsequently came up to the Cold hole party that year which was how I met her.
  4. captain birdseye

    Droitwich Canal 1973 Big Dig

    I was too young for away working parties in those days. My brother went as part of PFSC mobile which of course was to become WRG North West a few years later. I did however spend lots of weekends at Droitwich, including the Go With Noakes weekend, and my wife first got involved there when she was seventeen. It was amazing when we eventually went up the canal by boat, but what amazed me was how short the canal was. We seemed to spend ages in the back of a landrover or transit van getting to site from Droitwich, and never knew where we were.
  5. captain birdseye

    Etruria Moorings

    The area between the Junction and the Staircase is the best place to stop, better moorings than the main line, but a little further to walk to the Holy Inadequate for a pint
  6. captain birdseye

    Good floor coverings

    We have just renewed our flooring with Vinyl planking from a well known DIY store. Its self adhesive and easy to cut and fit. Edges can be sealed with a colour matched sealant. Only time will tell how hard wearing it proves to be
  7. captain birdseye

    Bugsworth basin

    oddly enough I looked at the notice yesterday and it hadn't been updated so I enquired about the stoppage. Not had a reply yet, but it looks promising. The notice hasn't been updated yet
  8. captain birdseye

    BCN Challenge 2018

    got an email this morning, reproduced below. I must try and get back for it this year The 2019 BCN Marathon Challenge will take place on the weekend of the 25th / 26th May 2019, starting at 8am on Saturday 25th May from anywhere on the BCN and ending at 2pm on the 26th May in the Oozells Street Loop, to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the BCN arriving in Birmingham. The cruising log will be distributed shortly, highlights will include: • Starting point bonus: Anglesey basin Bordesley Junction Cannock Extension canal Delph bottom lock Fazeley Junction Parkhead top lock Walsall Town Arm • Bonus points for navigating the Dudley Tunnel • Bonus points for best dressed boat, the theme being 250 years of the BCN • The Shopping Trolley trophy for the largest amount of rubbish collected
  9. captain birdseye

    So the locks are closed

    We went past there on Monday too, and I can't see them draining the whole length to do repairs under that bridge, so hopefully we will still have somewhere to go this autumn
  10. captain birdseye

    So the locks are closed

    What closure creates this limit
  11. captain birdseye

    So the locks are closed

    Now then George, my beards not that good, or my daughter that old. Any how I've been told we are only going to the Boars Head on Saturday and Buggy on Sunday
  12. captain birdseye

    So the locks are closed

    Dave, We will pass you this weekend as we are maximising our cruising range by going all the way to Bollington for a pint
  13. captain birdseye

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    There is now another microbar five doors down from Bridge Beers which is open until 23:00 for after Dave closes
  14. captain birdseye

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    Stalybridge may not be the ideal town, but there are some f us that are trying to improve things. Boats regularly moor in the square in the middle of town for days on end with no problems. There are a couple of handy micro bars selling local beers from micro breweries. A very good butchers and deli. bakeries and a cracking proper grocer's shop to name a few. Remember you are in the north, not the rich south east.
  15. captain birdseye

    Leak at Bollington

    I think it's time to head home whilst we can still get there

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