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  1. I sthe boat Stan in the pictures the little electric boat that was brought up from the grantham canal to use as a trip boat initially in Uppermill
  2. It looks like a vent for the exhaust gases from a gas powered fridge, presumably you now have an electric one
  3. Here are a couple of pictures of the dredging as mentioned by Billh. The handsome man in the red checked shirt being myself The dredging team just east of ASDA ASDA tunnel in the background Just before the railway bridge and the sea cadets
  4. Me and my mum at Portland Basin during one of the early Ashton Canals Festivals (76 or77)looking towards Cavendish Mill similar to the direction as the OPs first picture
  5. Part of the Bridgewater canal was "in filled" if that's the correct term, to reduce the depth of water during the seventies for just this reason. A mate of mine who had been for years a volunteer restoring canals worked on it, and thought it rather ironic being paid during the week to fill one canal in and paying at the weekend to dig another out.
  6. I am 5'10" and the only problem I have is when I forget to duck going through the door between the engine room and back cabin as I am alright in all other door holes, the frame is lower than the top of my head but as BEngo says you get used to the back cabin height so I'm not sure how it is against my height. I always wear a hat when boating and the hat hitting the door frame acts as a reminder It's a more modern boat with an engine room by the way
  7. In all this conjecture, has anybody actually spoken to the company or know that a newly built model of the engine concerned is not compliant, or know that the engines can or cannot be fitted in new boats for certain, and if they can how and under what circumstances. I am just thinking that it is a bit unfair to tell people to not consider an engine because of unsubstantiated claims when it is a business's income that is at risk. To BEngo's point on spares, I have only needed few parts for my DM2 over the years I have owned the boat and when I have needed something the company have been able to supply the parts within a day or two. I suspect it all depends on who you speak to as with all things peoples opinions are dependant on their experiences
  8. Odd you should say RN Register member says they are not made any more. Page 9 of their current newsletter says there are two under construction at the moment and a DM3 being built , plus another DM2 awaiting confirmation before build starts. Linky thing http://www.rnregister.org.uk/RNRN-105-WebSmall.pdf
  9. I am just waiting to see if I can get a local CRT number that might work better, but yes it should be an official request. When I have been emailed with a request asking if anybody is available and I am I usually sort out meeting with the boater directly so we have contact before the day and I turn up at the right time and place and are expected
  10. As one of said Volunteers, I was asked if I would assist a solo boater in her sixties down the Ashton and the nine last August bank holiday, which is the weekend of the Pride event in Manchester. We left the top of the Ashton at10am and were tied up in Castlefield by 5:30pm. A hard working day with her steering and me setting and working all the locks solo. Also some interesting sights on Canal Street. I did manage a pint to cool off from one of the outside bars set up, although the barman was surprised when I popped up from the lock and tapped him on the back to request a drink. If you don't have a crew go up the nine and stop at Islington basin having previously requested a volunteer for the eighteen locks up to Failsworth. Whoever turns out will give you invaluable help.
  11. I bought a sheet of neoprene on amazon and cut it to size for mine. Easy to cut and compresses to a good seal and is flexible
  12. Yours is the explanation of the term I have been told and always took as the correct meaning
  13. I was looking through a box of old pictures and came across these. We met the gravel boats on the Soar whilst on holiday on Lindsey when she was being hired out as a camper from UCC in 1984
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