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  1. The Caldon with a run up the Macc to Congleton and a visit to Little Morton Hall would make for a good week
  2. The Ringers isn't as good but still alright. The Oldknow is a micro pub on the shopping street with a large selection of beers and ciders and is very nice
  3. Both routes are really good to do and are fairly easy. both have a number of good pubs selling decent beer and food. Highlights of the Caldon is the river section and the steam railway. Highlights of the Macclesfield and the Peak are the views and the basin complex at Bugsworth. I moor on the Peak Forest so if you want a list of pubs on all three canals let me know and I'll put one up. Personally I'd go for the Macc, stopping at the Queens at Congleton, the Vale at Bollington, The Samuel Oldknow in Marple and Bugsworth where there are three good pubs within walking distance. The views of the peaks are fantastic, you will be hard put to find a more beautiful canal rooute
  4. Odd it works when I press play. My RN smokes a bit when cold and idling but as it warms up and is put under load when running as the video shows it runs clean
  5. Some may, this is mine running quite fast up the Avon the other week avon.3gp
  6. Russell Newbery are still in existence and give the "vintage" engine effect in a new engine and between the company and the owners club have a very good support network. I have only needed one new part in my 32 year old engine and as I passed Hilmorton asked about it and David went down to the works, got said part and dropped it off to me at Newbold, not bad service
  7. I notice non of the historic brigade who went to Hebden Bridge have been on saying as how they love the enjoyment of working all the locks themselves and don't like vollies butting in. They were only too thankful to have help up out of Manchester as are the vast majority of boaters we assist, lots contact CRT and ask if there is a volunteer available: either on the Rochdale through and out of the city and also up the Ashton and canal. Perhaps it just depends on where you are boating.
  8. Scholar Green between the T&M and the Macclesfield used to have two
  9. Ashton Canal to the Huddersfield Narrow. The junction is at the wharf below lock 1 West the Ashton canal continuing beyond it's junction with the Lower Peak Forest at Dukinfield Junction
  10. Simple question, what is Coventry Basin like for mooring overnight whilst visiting the city
  11. Or go across the branch and up to Audlem, Winding below the locks
  12. Our house is about half an hours drive from our mooring, near enough that we can pop over Friday afternoon and even in the winter months potter round to a pub in another forty minutes and get away from it all for a weekend. We find it good that when we go to the boat we are away from home, even if we are fettling we are out on our boat not at home which we decided would be the thing if we moored near home, i.e. we would go do the job and go back home, as it is we go do the job and then cruise off somewhere for the evening, we are however close enough to do this any day we are free.
  13. I went to a talk by Jay from RCR about engine maintenance and electrics, he was a very knowledgeable bloke and was good at answering questions and explaining things. If the courses they run are as good it should cover the OPs requirements.
  14. Anti clockwise, first night stop at Wheelock. clockwise first night stop at Anderton or the Salt Barge. My preference would be anti clockwise. Coming down the Ashton taking water with you, also if you are running late you can have a long day motoring along the Bridgewater or T&M. Don't forget to take your time going up Cheshire locks, they can throw the boat about a bit until you work them out.
  15. We have an engine room and back cabin, the engine room is great for drying coats etc. and also for storing all things engine related along with brushes, mops bucket and so on, so a good use of room, the engine is also a good radiator after it has been running all day, if it's too hot we just leave the engine room doors open. You also see the engine all the time so keep it clean, and notice any pipes or covers working loose before they cause problems, and they are easier to work on. The children took over the back cabin, one in the cross bed and one in the side bed, the table cupboard housing toys etc, it has become their little house. All in all a great move from a boat with a cruiser stern.
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