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  1. I think you mean a Doogee, I have one which cost about £80 and is 4G works well and at that price if it falls into the canal with me then I'm not too worried if I have to get another one. It works well and I find having used both apple and android that android is easier, but each to their own
  2. Do your research well, try a holiday for a week or two to see what you like or you will end up with lots of things which you thought were good when you first looked at the boat but you grow to dislike the more you live with them. If you have a healthy budget look at brokers like https://www.abnb.co.uk they have a reputation for selling good boats and when we bought our latest boat through them they were very good. They have reverse layout boats on their lists at the moment ranging from £40K to £100K asking price.
  3. Either Bargus or Halsall will be on that part of the four counties ring at some point, they work round stoppages between themselves. Ask NB Alton on facebook or ring Martin on the boat on 07491149149. They are on their way up the Shroppie at the moment and usually do a fortnightly run round the ring so are probably five or so days away from you
  4. The green and red boat on the third picture would be from Yorkshire Dales Hire Boats. They had a sister company Cheshire Plains. Their boats came with Water cans on the roof which were bolted down through their bottoms onto the roof so they couldn't be pinched or knocked off.
  5. Chas Harden on the Shroppie at Beeston used to have boats with stoves in and is a nice run down into Chester. Not sure of stoppages around that area, but if you are interested its easy to look them up
  6. From either Manchester or London or Birmingham you can get a train to Stoke on Trent and pick the boat up from Black Prince or change trains and go to Stone and pick a boat up from Canal Cruising
  7. I stopped just outside Broad Street during the summer. It is handy for shopping and you can use the services by accessing the gate in the wall. I had no trouble and it was very quiet even on a sunny Friday night
  8. Warwickshire ring with a trip up the Ashby canal taking in Bosworth Field and the Shackerstone Railway, Warwick itself and maybe a side trip into Coventry to the motor museum. You also might have time for a day at the Black country Living Museum depending on the length of your cruising days
  9. As there have been no boats along the Lower Peak for two years the cannel has filled with silt. It will take a while for it to recover. There is some dredging programmed for this winter which will help. Having been up and down Marple regularly since its restoration, I was quite impressed with the locks the times I have been through them this year, they are less leaky and the paddle gear is easier to work than previously, presumably somebody is lubricating them now. Three of us came down with the local fuel boat last week in 1Hr 25 Mins which is not bad going
  10. The Caldon with a run up the Macc to Congleton and a visit to Little Morton Hall would make for a good week
  11. The Ringers isn't as good but still alright. The Oldknow is a micro pub on the shopping street with a large selection of beers and ciders and is very nice
  12. Both routes are really good to do and are fairly easy. both have a number of good pubs selling decent beer and food. Highlights of the Caldon is the river section and the steam railway. Highlights of the Macclesfield and the Peak are the views and the basin complex at Bugsworth. I moor on the Peak Forest so if you want a list of pubs on all three canals let me know and I'll put one up. Personally I'd go for the Macc, stopping at the Queens at Congleton, the Vale at Bollington, The Samuel Oldknow in Marple and Bugsworth where there are three good pubs within walking distance. The views of the peaks are fantastic, you will be hard put to find a more beautiful canal rooute
  13. Odd it works when I press play. My RN smokes a bit when cold and idling but as it warms up and is put under load when running as the video shows it runs clean
  14. Some may, this is mine running quite fast up the Avon the other week avon.3gp
  15. Russell Newbery are still in existence and give the "vintage" engine effect in a new engine and between the company and the owners club have a very good support network. I have only needed one new part in my 32 year old engine and as I passed Hilmorton asked about it and David went down to the works, got said part and dropped it off to me at Newbold, not bad service
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