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  1. captain birdseye

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    There is now another microbar five doors down from Bridge Beers which is open until 23:00 for after Dave closes
  2. captain birdseye

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    Stalybridge may not be the ideal town, but there are some f us that are trying to improve things. Boats regularly moor in the square in the middle of town for days on end with no problems. There are a couple of handy micro bars selling local beers from micro breweries. A very good butchers and deli. bakeries and a cracking proper grocer's shop to name a few. Remember you are in the north, not the rich south east.
  3. captain birdseye

    Leak at Bollington

    I think it's time to head home whilst we can still get there
  4. captain birdseye

    DM2 gearchange mechanism

    Mine runs on a round bar to the left of the centre door and via a crank to the floor to another crank that drives the gear change. I will get a couple of piccies at the weekend and send them you
  5. captain birdseye

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    I know the man well, and have done quite a bit of restoration work with him. We took his boat up the Huddersfield and got stuck at Uppermill and had to reverse to Greenfield to turn round the other week. We then had an energetic day from Stalybridge to Castlefield.
  6. captain birdseye

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    If you want a hand on the Huddersfield or the Ashton PM me I live locally and have a bit of time free next week
  7. captain birdseye

    Leak at Bollington

    update has now been issued. The canal is open following repair
  8. captain birdseye

    Trent and Mersey stoppage

    Apparently it's now fixed and boats are moving
  9. captain birdseye

    East - West Manchester transit

    We usually do all twenty seven in a day, last time down we left Ashton at 10:00 and were in the Wharf at Castlefield for Five, it all depends on what you are used to. That was with my wife and our 10 and 8 year old children. when I came up with billh last weekend we did them all despite all the trouble with water near the top and that included a two hour lunch break at Piccadilly and with a deep draughted working boat. I wouldn't bother with Wigan, theres not a lot to see after Astley Green at the furthest. Nice canalside pub there.
  10. captain birdseye

    Mooring in Chester.

    The basin is OK just not too near Telfords Warehouse if you want peace and Quiet. There is a very good services block on the side if the flats opposite the dry dock, or was when we were there last year.
  11. captain birdseye

    East - West Manchester transit

    The lower peak is a bit slow going at times but it is amazing how rural it feels considering you are in the outskirts of Stockport and Manchester. Stopping at Ashton as Mayalld says is a good idea. Ashton to Castlefield is a days trip, and as said it's well worth spending a couple of days in Manchester. Take the detour over the Barton Tank to Worsley, where it all began and if you are lucky you might get to see the tank swing. Lymm is one of my favourite stops and the Lymm Brewery Tap is my favourite watering hole, the chippy opposite is good too. There are also a fair number of shops and eateries. The Red Lion at Moore is also a decent stop and Stockton Heath is good for shops, not forgetting Thorne Marine for any boaty essentials. I reckon about two and a half hours from there to Preston Brook tunnel and you need to be ready to go in to the tunnel between half past and twenty to the hour. It's then roughly two hours between the tunnels to Saltersford Tunnel so you should make the passage two hours from when you went into Preston Brook. Its then about a Hour to Anderton lift.
  12. captain birdseye

    Painting around mushroom vents

    I agree with BWM above, when I removed all my fitting to repaint I made neoprene gaskets for everything and fitted them. A much better job
  13. captain birdseye

    Middlewich Folk and Boat festival

    I was there and it was a great weekend. we ended up with two boats with friends on board moored on the outside of us on the Saturday night and much beer was consumed. Sunday finished with what was for me, the best band of the weekend. The Electric Swing Circus. Pity the beer tent ran out of both of their dark beers though
  14. captain birdseye

    The North West is Closed

    They did the same when there was a breach on the L&L at Hoscar a few years ago. We were trapped at Tarleton following a trip over the Ribble link and got craned out there and put back in at White Bear
  15. captain birdseye

    The North West is Closed

    we are booked in 10th August, I'll hang around for a while before deciding whether to head that way or not

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