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  1. captain birdseye

    Painting around mushroom vents

    I agree with BWM above, when I removed all my fitting to repaint I made neoprene gaskets for everything and fitted them. A much better job
  2. captain birdseye

    Middlewich Folk and Boat festival

    I was there and it was a great weekend. we ended up with two boats with friends on board moored on the outside of us on the Saturday night and much beer was consumed. Sunday finished with what was for me, the best band of the weekend. The Electric Swing Circus. Pity the beer tent ran out of both of their dark beers though
  3. captain birdseye

    The North West is Closed

    They did the same when there was a breach on the L&L at Hoscar a few years ago. We were trapped at Tarleton following a trip over the Ribble link and got craned out there and put back in at White Bear
  4. captain birdseye

    The North West is Closed

    we are booked in 10th August, I'll hang around for a while before deciding whether to head that way or not
  5. captain birdseye

    The North West is Closed

    What with the ongoing trouble at Marple, the Breach on the Middlewich Branch and now the route into Liverpool closed due to another breach the available routes in the north west are getting severely limited From C&RTs stoppages The Leeds & Liverpool Canal is currently closed to navigation at Bridge 10 (Holmes Swing Bridge) due to a collapsed culvert (No. 29) near Burscough. An update will be issued later today. There is some video on the Melling Community Facebook page, but apparently about 29 mile of canal emptied into the fields last night
  6. captain birdseye

    Laundrette in Kidsgrove

    if you are heading up the Caldon, we noticed whilst visiting the Black Horse at Endon (just down Plank Lane from the services) that the petrol station next to it were installing an outside launderette. The machines were there but I am not sure if they are working. There is also a convenience store for essentials there. This was at the end of May
  7. captain birdseye

    Fire on Ariel

    Glad to hear you are all OK. As everybody has said if you need a helping hand with anything just ask. Hope to see you next month
  8. captain birdseye


    what seems to limit the Huddersfield's through traffic is the number of boats that can pass through the tunnel each day with only passage available three times a week
  9. captain birdseye

    BCN Challenge 2018

    Hope all participating this year have a great time and the weather holds for you. I must try and get there again next year
  10. captain birdseye


    Stalybridge band contest is at the labour club over the road from Tesco's just above lock 6W starts at 16:30, I'll also be there before returning to my boat which is currently on the upper peak
  11. captain birdseye

    Fire on Ariel

    They are a great couple of people, I hope they can get back to normal as soon as possible
  12. captain birdseye


    If you are short of help ring C&RT they often have a lockie who knows the canal and can help you through the locks
  13. captain birdseye

    Boating to Ironbridge

    Moor in Kidderminster and get the Severn Valley Railway to Bridgenorth, you can then get a number 9 bus to Ironbridge. Its a bit of a faf but you get a nice couple of train rides included
  14. captain birdseye

    Engine Rooms

    Couldn't resist adding mine Marsh Warblers RN.3GP
  15. captain birdseye

    Liverpool Link

    Where would you recommend as a stop off the night before going into the docks

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