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  1. This is why I use cheap carabinas and carry a few spares, they are easy to snap on
  2. First night stop out at Moore at the Red Lion and then travel into Castlefield the next day. I would try and get up the Nine wide locks and the Ashton flight in one day and moor out at Ashton just round the junction on the Peak Forest. It is only an extra hour fro Droylsden and a far nicer spot to stop. Remember to take time to go up the upper peak to Bugsworth it's worth the few hours boating and a good place to stop. You can easily get to Bollington the next day an Congleton the day after from there. I would also recommend a stop at Little Morton Hall down anear the bottom of the Macclesfield, I'm sure somebody will be on in a minute to tell me the bridge number, its a very well preserved Tudor hall. Last night of the trip either stop at the Salt Barge at Lion Salt Works or go past the Marina and stop at the boat lift, you can turn round here and it would give you time to explore this unique structure and there is always the Stanley Arms for a meal and a beer.
  3. friends pop up stall at Bugsworth on Saturday when we were there and at Bollington on Sunday when we passed through. Both had volunteers chatting to the people walking and cycling along the towpath
  4. Earlier horse boats tended to be sleeker as Maximum carrying capacity wasn't such a concern in the early days. Horse boats definitely accelerate faster than motors, as when the horse leans onto the pull the rope tensions providing instant acceleration and then the horse walks on.
  5. Just cheap Krabs not the screw type, only lost a couple when the button on the bow has got caught and they gave out under the strain. So they do work as a weak link. They also make hanging the fender and adjusting the length of chain a doddle, far easier than a shackle
  6. I use carabinas, easy to snap on and off and essentially an open link so release when under too much strain
  7. we moor at Furness Vale which is a nice pleasant place to be, and an easy drive for you from Glossop. We live towards Mottram and pop over broadbottom to the Chinley road and then through Hayfield to New Mills doesn't take long. Also you have the advantage of easy trips to Bugsworth, Marple, Poynton and Bollington if you fancy a night out for a pint and a meal. Incidentally our boat draws over two feet and we have very little trouble apart from slowing down for a few bridge holes as previously described
  8. There's always time for a lunchtime pint, it's about four hours from Lymm to Castlefield
  9. Have you got the Lymm Brewery Tap on your list, try the Dunham Dark a mild brewed to the legendary Chesters mild recipe Anyhow, it's a sunny day I'm off for a poter round to Bugsworth and a bit of a crawl followed by the Vale on Saturday and back to the Oldknow on Sunday
  10. Also don't forget the Vale Inn in Bollington it's Bollington Brewery's tap, and the Samuel Oldknow in Marple has great beer and pork pies and its a five minute walk from the ring o bells
  11. If you moor at Bugsworth and fancy a change with good beer, walk up the lane beyond the Navigations car park for about ten minutes and you come out at the Old Hall and Papermill both sell a great range of beer and do good food, and they walk back to the Navi before dark to finish off the evening on another six real ales
  12. Yes, I agree if you like a decent pint Stone is a great stop. With Limestone's brewery tap(The Bore Hole) , a Titanic pub (The Royal Exchange) and the Swan at the bottom of the locks (if you are a member, don't forget to ask for CAMRA discount) and it's a good place to shop
  13. The Bridgewater is deep so you can get a move on along it. Lymm is a good place for a night, try the brewery tap just near the little aqueduct in the village. The bakery in the middle of the village does great pies and pastries. Dumham Massey about an hour nearer Manchester is an interesting National Trust park and hall to visit. I'd go for a trip into Liverpool if time isn't a problem, we were going to go last year but were thwarted by stoppages. I'd personally come back via the Huddersfield as there is less grot, but the Rochdale route also gives you the Ashton delights. The Peak Forest is my home canal so I know it well, it and the Macc are a bit shallow but you shouldn't have too much trouble, remember a loaded fuel boat does the route every odd week and so keeps a reasonable channel. Bugsworth is well worth a visit with three decent pubs within a short walk(if you are into beer). Marple is a great little town. My other favourite stop is Bollington, head for the Vale Inn (Bollington Brewery's Tap) across the cricket field from the embankment. Little Morton Hall, down the bottom of the Macc is a short walk from the canal and well worth it. There are lots of good places to see and its a nice canal take your time and enjoy it.
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