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  1. captain birdseye

    Manchester ship canal Servey and cost

    Mike Carter from Yarwoods basin at Northwich is the one most locals use for this his contact details are here http://www.marinesurveysltd.co.uk/ Don't worry if he doesn't answer his phone just leave a message and he will ring back. For billybobbooth, he knows working boats inside out and regularly surveys wooden boats so would probably be ideal for you
  2. captain birdseye

    Settle an argument please

    It was where Billh says and from my memory of it, it was a spinning room you could see through the windows
  3. captain birdseye

    Oil pressure question

    That sounds about right when the engine is hot.
  4. captain birdseye

    Oil pressure question

    Usually the pressure is slightly over 40PSI at tickover when the engine is cold but doesn't rise much when revs are increased, when the engine is hot pressure drops at tickover but rises again when the engine is running at what for me is normal cruising speed of 600 - 650 RPM. I've never took the side cover off my engine but you can remove it (RH side ) but I'm not that sure how easy it would be to do. I'm afraid I'm not much of a engine man, I just do the normal maintenance and ring up Ian Crompton if I need any help, which thankfully doesn't happen very often.
  5. captain birdseye

    Oil pressure question

    I have always used Morris Gold Film 30s in my RN as did the only other owner of the boat with no problem. It runs at the same pressure as you mention at tick over when cold and hot. Pressure jumps back up when running at normal revs 'about 600RPM' even when hot. I've never had a problem and the engine has been in the boat for over thirty years. If you haven't done so already I would recommend joining the RN register, there forum is a great place for gleaning information and there are some useful workshops and discussion at their annual rally.
  6. captain birdseye

    DM2 vs DM3

    Well, the engine is a Altrincham build which dates it pre 1949, which is when the Altrincham works closed. Looking through old RN Register newsletters (i'm sure there is a list of engine numbers with details somewhere in one) there is an article about a D2 number 3553 which was built to run a welding set which was made by Metro Vic's in the late thirties. The owner thinks it was an original installation so the above engine would have been of a similar vintage and possibly for a similar purpose. For the OPs information the article is in the Winter 2014 Issue 84 Newsletter
  7. captain birdseye

    Stiff lock gates and paddles

    An old mate of mine always used to have an old washing up bottle full of old engine oil for squirting in the oil hole on paddle gear, proper recycling, but I supposed it would now be frowned on.
  8. captain birdseye

    Correct oil filter

    I've just done a comparison and mine is an ALCO SP822 which is a direct replacement for Baldwin B975, as is your FIAAM FT4777. There is a cracking site www.oilfilter-crossreference.com just type in the number off your filter and it gives you all available alternatives
  9. captain birdseye

    Correct oil filter

    It all depends is the answer. The original owner of my boat fitted a filter larger than the standard, but it doesn't look dissimilar to yours. I can't remember the number off the top of my head, but I would just replace like for like,
  10. captain birdseye

    DM2 vs DM3

    If it is labelled DM2 it is a marine, the static engine was labelled D2
  11. captain birdseye

    DM2 vs DM3

    Mine is a 198os model and is rated at 18HP, but as I said I have heard 15HP quoted for the older ones and for National 2DMs
  12. captain birdseye

    DM2 vs DM3

    I was always told 15HP at 1000RPM, but 'modern' ones are rated 18HP at 1200RPM
  13. captain birdseye

    DM2 vs DM3

    I believe that is still the price for a new one. Last year David Bixter did have a couple of factory rebuilds going for about £10k. I'm a bit biased, but having owned a boat with a JP 2M in it and knowing various people with other two and three pot listers in their boats i prefer my RN. it is always up to what the individual wants, but when you see people spending £12000 on a new boat worrying about £5000 or so difference in the cost of a new engine seems a bit silly, it's less than 5% of the cost
  14. captain birdseye

    DM2 vs DM3

    I don't know about others on here that own or have owned a DM2, but the one in my boat went on new in 1987 and is still running well. It starts first time even in sub zero temperatures and keeps going as long as required. I'm not a brilliant engineer, and I do my own servicing, changing oil and filters regularly. Apart from that I had to renew the water pump a couple of years ago and replaced a couple of flexible hoses on the water cooling system as they aged.
  15. captain birdseye

    DM2 vs DM3

    Mines in the proper place so isn't a problem

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