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  1. captain birdseye

    Vacation: Kid's Safety Question

    So are we, see you there maybe
  2. captain birdseye

    Vacation: Kid's Safety Question

    I must admit I've never insisted on my two wearing lifejackets on canals, but insisted on them on rivers, like the Severn and the Weaver. They have boated all their lives. My son fell in on the Staffs and Worcs from the front of the boat when he was about seven. He immediately headed for the bank, put his feet down and clung to the side until one of us could get on the towpath to haul him out. They have both pushed gates since they were old enough, and from being nine or so they have worked paddles, and after working enough got their own windlasses presented to them with their initials on so there's no arguing who's is who's. they both now love working locks and can both steer the boat with a supervising dad with them and are now aged twelve and fourteen.
  3. captain birdseye

    Must eat (and drink) pubs on the Stourport ring

    Isn't there a pub with a large beer garden and moorings on the towpath not far below Bratch. It does food and sells a couple of real beers but I can't remember its name
  4. captain birdseye

    Must eat (and drink) pubs on the Stourport ring

    Hop Pole was always a favourite of mine years ago and when we visited by boat the other year it was still a good pub
  5. captain birdseye

    Video location featuring "mills"

    Bottom of the Ashton around Ancoats locks. The band are on Clayton's Spey of which the fiddle player is a part owner.
  6. captain birdseye

    June holiday advice please

    Oddly enough, if all goes well I'll be on the Caldon at the beginning of June and the Southern Stratford by the end of June
  7. captain birdseye

    June holiday advice please

    The Caldon offers a good mainly rural canal, once you are out of Stoke on Trent, but that only takes half a day. You could hire from Black Prince at Stoke They are not far from the rail station which is on the main line between London and Manchester so easy to get to. Some great pubs, not too many locks and easily doable in a week.with the added bonus of a steam railway to ride on at Cheddleton or Consall Forge
  8. That's Boothstown basin between on the Leigh branch between Worsley and Astley when they were constructing the new Marina and pub
  9. captain birdseye

    Moorings on Peak Forest Canal.

    I would say virtually all this is wrong, and as I've been boating in the area since the seventies I know the area well. Romiley is on the Peak Forest, there are a couple of good real beer bars near the station worth the walk for. We more at Furness Vale and apart from last summer Bugsworth has been open for years, and you can always find a mooring spot there. Good pub at the basin and also a nice walk up to the Old Hall along the old tramway route. We regularly have a Saturday night out in Marple and moor near the Junction on the Macclesfield , if you are going up the peak don't worry there is a winding hole a couple of hundred yards beyond the junction on the Macc and you can Moor use the facilities then turn round and go back to the Junction. The Samual Oldknow on the pedestrianised shopping street in town does a decent pint
  10. captain birdseye

    Manchester ship canal Servey and cost

    Mike Carter from Yarwoods basin at Northwich is the one most locals use for this his contact details are here http://www.marinesurveysltd.co.uk/ Don't worry if he doesn't answer his phone just leave a message and he will ring back. For billybobbooth, he knows working boats inside out and regularly surveys wooden boats so would probably be ideal for you
  11. captain birdseye

    Settle an argument please

    It was where Billh says and from my memory of it, it was a spinning room you could see through the windows
  12. captain birdseye

    Oil pressure question

    That sounds about right when the engine is hot.
  13. captain birdseye

    Oil pressure question

    Usually the pressure is slightly over 40PSI at tickover when the engine is cold but doesn't rise much when revs are increased, when the engine is hot pressure drops at tickover but rises again when the engine is running at what for me is normal cruising speed of 600 - 650 RPM. I've never took the side cover off my engine but you can remove it (RH side ) but I'm not that sure how easy it would be to do. I'm afraid I'm not much of a engine man, I just do the normal maintenance and ring up Ian Crompton if I need any help, which thankfully doesn't happen very often.
  14. captain birdseye

    Oil pressure question

    I have always used Morris Gold Film 30s in my RN as did the only other owner of the boat with no problem. It runs at the same pressure as you mention at tick over when cold and hot. Pressure jumps back up when running at normal revs 'about 600RPM' even when hot. I've never had a problem and the engine has been in the boat for over thirty years. If you haven't done so already I would recommend joining the RN register, there forum is a great place for gleaning information and there are some useful workshops and discussion at their annual rally.
  15. captain birdseye

    DM2 vs DM3

    Well, the engine is a Altrincham build which dates it pre 1949, which is when the Altrincham works closed. Looking through old RN Register newsletters (i'm sure there is a list of engine numbers with details somewhere in one) there is an article about a D2 number 3553 which was built to run a welding set which was made by Metro Vic's in the late thirties. The owner thinks it was an original installation so the above engine would have been of a similar vintage and possibly for a similar purpose. For the OPs information the article is in the Winter 2014 Issue 84 Newsletter

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