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  1. And a distinct lack of maintenance I fear.......lots of corrosion and a lack of lubrication
  2. I think I would check that the gear selector hasn't moved as a first step.
  3. I tend to go by "feel" and the prop wash, tells me much more about depth of water. The boat just feels and sounds right when all is in harmony.
  4. Oh I see, he's fishing inside the boat. What's he trying to catch?
  5. I think the public are slowly getting the message....towpath pretty quiet today, see what the weekend brings.
  6. I have just spoken to a C&RT employee at the locks, he said they were trying to allow peeps to return to their home moorings where practical.
  7. Not when they have just come up a lock flight where there is a water point both at the top and bottom of the flight. A disposal point at the top and a winding hole within 500 metres!
  8. Not much difference between them and the muppets that are still cruising past, four boats this morning!!
  9. If going down the Araldite route, remove the damaged part, pop it in a saucepan with some washing powder and water and give it a good boil up to remove any traces of oil before attempting to glue it!
  10. What MTB said is about your only hope. Can you take a photo or two? Whereabouts are you?
  11. We all wish we kept those old Yellow Pages now!! now, where did I put that mail order catalogue?
  12. I use the Harworth boiler. An excellent bit of kit and totally user serviceable. Yes, it is 240v but with care and sensible battery management I have had no problems.
  13. looks like a good machine, especially the 10 year extended warranty. You may struggle to get an engineer to come out to you on the cut should you require one.
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