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  1. That does sound good, yes a few jerry cans would take the excess.
  2. It is having it delivered canalside that is likely to be the problem. That and my tank only being 150 litres.
  3. I have a dedicated tank for heating, feeding a 15Kw oil fired boiler. Living aboard last winter, I consumed about 100 Litres per month running the heating for two hours in the morning and four in the evening. The system heats the boat (radiators) and 90 Litre unvented water cylinder. I am able to buy red diesel for heating at 100% domestic so to run on white diesel will be a considerable increase in cost. I could run on kerosene at approx. 70p per litre but I would have to factor in my cost for delivery. It is all a bit "wait and see" at the moment.
  4. I've seen him wear that wig before!🤣
  5. Doesn't it get caught round the prop when you're cruising?
  6. Shit and derision, that's your reputation out the window then!!😉
  7. The beer is much cheaper at Aldi!
  8. They ride horses and wear their bandanas over their lower face!
  9. £5000 is a bit steep!! I would expect a bill of £4000 for blasting and two sprayed coats of epoxy including the baseplate.
  10. Oh com'on, they are not that good. atleast you can eat a chocolate teapot!
  11. I could tell, but it may well be construed as sub judic. I have yet to decide on my options. Buyer Beware!
  12. Ah! It was you with the water skier!🤣
  13. Sounds like your system needs further investigation! I suppose it could be fitted with a direct cylinder but I have never come across such a system on a boat. Where are you?
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