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  1. Hi Mark and welcome. No, you are not mad, some of those interior shots are wonderfull Electric powered boats are becoming more popular but unfortunately, methods of battery recharging as a constant cruiser are going to be your biggest problem. Without mains electricity, the only method available would be a large generator. this rather usurps the whole point of going electric, you may as well just use a conventional engine. Bio fuel is an option, but how would you obtain it on the cut? With regard to paintwork, a beautifully airbrushed boat would I suggest, only provoke admiring comments and interesting debate. Good luck with your quest!! Simon
  2. It's a relatively easy fix which can be done with the boat in the water. however, the hardest part it often separating the tiller from the rudder shaft taper. I usually use an hydraulic puller, but not always possible if the backward bend of the swan neck doesn't allow sufficient clearance. The other option is to apply heat to the collar and a big hammer!
  3. That all looks a little odd. The bearing carrier appears to be welded to the rectangular plate.
  4. You mean it isn't....................damn!🤣
  5. you're doomed Mike expect imminent arrest!!
  6. Stone paint kettles, are you a reincarnation?😁
  7. I replaced my colorifier last year after the original split. I installed a stainless steel unvented storage cylinder. Much better insulated, stays hot for days, and has a 25 year guarantee.
  8. yer see, there's always a solution!
  9. Captain Fizz


    It's been raining steadily for the last 15 hours in the aptly named Weedon!
  10. Now that really is "unicorn poo" If it ain't made of plastic they won't have a clue!
  11. So, let's get this correct, you need a bush that is 3 1/4 id by3od?
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