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  1. Captain Fizz


    Bit like traction engines!
  2. Thanks for that, I knew I could rely on you Matty.
  3. What brushes do people use for laying off?
  4. Thanks sirweste All sorted, they got to Stoke Bruene at 8.30pm on Wednesday after a full days paddling. Thanks for all the suggestions Simon
  5. Thanks Bettie, good to hear from you, are you both well? Thanks Neal, yes, that is their other option. I was just trying to find an easier option. I will now bring my boat down and take them through Braunston and Blisworth tunnels. Thanks all, now sorted. Simon
  6. Hi all, Is there anybody local to Stoke Bruen who would be willing to provide accommodation tomorrow night.to two young ladies who are on a charity canoe trip from the Anderton boat lift to Little Venice. See Facebook page "Jen and Lou in a canoe" for details. Please PM me if you can. Cheers, Simon
  7. just ensure that the RCD certification is in order.
  8. How far north are you going Bettie?
  9. What are boat owners looking for in a top quality boat yard?
  10. Barby Moorings on the NorthOxford is worth a look. A lot cheaper than Braunston and individual pontoons with good space between boats.
  11. Just trying to find out a little of the history of this boat, currently for sale at Whilton.
  12. I have been working at Barby Marina the last few days and have seen Starry passing yesterday and today, Trevor came past with Corona and the unmistakable sound of Reginald's engine as Mike passed. I would have come to the entrance to have a chat but I was literally standing in the marina working on the new swing bridge to the island!
  13. Thanks for the reply Reg. First hand feedback is always useful.
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