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  1. Thank you everyone, I'll look into those things 😀
  2. We have lifted the floor and found the underneath is quite rusty, we've wire brushed it and painted some areas with red oxide. There's areas that are so rusty we're struggling to remove it (with a wire brush, drill attachment, scrapers), would it be worth putting a rust converter on before red oxide or should we just paint over the rust with red oxide? Thanks in advance 🙂
  3. Thanks for the advice! Thanks, we'll suss out an angle grinder and the epoxy! Unfortunately I'm the smaller one so it's probably going to be me in there 😅 Thank you, I'll check those out!
  4. This is a great help, there's so much information out there I was getting a bit overwhelmed! Thank you! 😊
  5. Hello again! We bought a boat but the integral water tank needs some work. I have read about liners and such but we are on a budget so we'll be doing the unpleasant sounding job of cleaning and painting. 😬 As far as I understand the process is something like (do correct me if I'm wrong!): Scrape and sand away rust back to metal Prime Paint I'm going to buy a scraper and some wire brushes but I'm not sure what to coat the tank with, I've heard about blacking, epoxy, and vatcan, what would you recommend? Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks!
  6. Will do, thanks for your help! I'll be sure to book something in the next week I think! Thats really helpful, thanks! Yeah, I realise that now 😬 had a little panic yesterday but a couple of marinas have said they have space so I'm going to have a look next week. That's good to know, I'll check out Hillmorton too, thank you! I'll give them a ring, looks like it's in a good location for me
  7. Thanks for the suggestion but I work in Rugby and that's a little too far I see, one marina I spoke to said that as we work full time it would probably be fine, that makes sense now. Aah, this makes sense, I rang one marina who said that they didnt so liveaboards "as such" Haha! What do people do about car insurance in this case? My parents home is far away and I have a black box at the moment and they'll be able to see I'm not parked there 😬
  8. Thank you everyone, I've started ringing around and it looks like finding a liveaboard mooring may be harder than I first thought 😬 Do you know whether Brinklow offer liveaboard moorings?
  9. We bought our first boat! It needs work which we are doing over the summer and then we are off to Rugby where we work and there looks to be a few marinas to choose from. We hope to moor up permanently from September onward and we are slightly worried we may not find a mooring. Are moorings hard to come by? Especially nearing winter?
  10. That's really helpful, thank you. I think we'll get a professional for that! Good to know, thanks! Stove with a back boiler sounds like a good route to go down, I'll price it up and hopefully we can get that installed
  11. Thanks everyone for your input, I've got lots to think about! I'm thinking about installing an immersion heater as we plan to be moored up most of the time. Do we need a twin coil calorifier to do this? Will we need someone to come and fit it or is it fairly easy?
  12. This sounds like a great option, we were told it would cost about £2,500 to install webasto central heating, would the stove with backboiler cost more/less/similar do you think? For it to heat the calorifier would the calorifier have to be a 2 coil one? (I'm new to narrowboats so I've been reading a lot and I don't know if I've fully got the gist of all the technical stuff so I might not be making much sense!)
  13. That's really helpful to know, thanks!
  14. I'm looking at getting a boat which currently doesn't haven't any heating inside. A webasto central heating system has been recommended to me however it seems cheaper to install a multifuel stove and maybe use an electric radiator on occasion (we plan to be moored up). What would you recommend? Is a multifuel stove enough to keep warm in the winter, or is the convenience of central heating worth the cost? Also if we decide to go for a stove, what system would you recommend for heating water? It currently has a calorifier which can heat water when the engine is on but I don't fancy having to run the engine all the time. Ant suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks!
  15. That's great, I'm going need all the storage I can get! We use it as our tv for Netflix and iPlayer, and he uses it for gaming a couple times a week. I didn't know about this, good to find out! It looks like there's a lot for me to learn We use it for Netflix and iPlayer, and he games a couple times a week. I've had a look into various wifi options, still trying to figure out whats best. We're hoping to get a mooring, so fingers crossed that will work okay
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