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  1. Thanks for your all your comments, I've had a tough time losing a relative and so getting back to this thread hasn't been a priority. I appreciate you trying to help but as the problem appears to have fixed itself I'll have to get back to it another time. Thanks all.
  2. We have moved onto our boat and things are going well. This morning when I turned the tap on the water pump came on (as usual) but when I turned it off it kept going but in pulses and won't stop. We turned the pump on and off again and looked at connections to the calorifier and we can't see anything out the ordinary. Any suggestions on what might be the problem? Thanks in advance! edit: it appears to have fixed itself and is no longer pulsing! Not sure what the issue was, any suggestions are welcome 😀
  3. Thanks for your reply, I'll have another look at the small print for Craft Insure. I've been looking at so many policies I may have gotten a few mixed up 😅
  4. I'm struggling to find a good insurance company. I've looked at Craft Insure but they don't cover contents which we would like as we have technology that needs to be covered. We would also like to be covered for fire and other damage which they don't seem to cover. I've looked at GJW but as we have self fitted out they want someone to come and value the boat which we want to avoid due to covid, expense, and time constraints. Can anyone recommend a company that will cover contents and fire damage etc. ? Thanks in advance 🙂
  5. Thanks everyone, lots of helpful info! I was just curious to know whether my chosen placement was unnecessary, they're definitely visible and easy to grab. I was curious as to how others seem to get away with them hidden away. In the bsc regulations it says to put them by fire exits but like some of you have suggested, it would make more sense for them to be away from the exits so we can make it to the exits in an emergency. I'll check with the examiner on Thursday. Thanks again!
  6. I'm preparing for our BSC and am installing fire extinguishers and a blanket. I've read the guidelines and have installed them next to the exits and a fire blanket under the gunwhale in the galley. They aren't particularly nice to look at, and when I look at pictures of boats I never see them installed. Am I going to far to install them in accessible places or do people hide them after the BSC is done? If I can put them somewhere more discreet and still pass BSC that would be great!
  7. I had planned nearly everything out but missed the Nene closures, we were really looking forward to it! Once we are past the closures we would only be a day away from the final mooring so we figured we'll move all the way then go for day or two out. We don't have our BSC just yet and that will be another week which doesn't leave enough time to make it through the closures. Thank you, I appreciate you trying to help, we can't wait to be living on board after what feels like forever fitting out! 😄
  8. Thank you everyone for your advice! Unfortunately, 3 of the locks we will need to go through are closing on the 1st of November so we will have to hire a lorry to transport the boat, which is a shame, we were so excited to cruise this journey
  9. Hello, We will soon be moving our boat from Ely, through the middle level to join the CRT canals at Northampton. We will only be on the rivers and middle level for between 1 week and 10 days. We will be buying a CRT license as that is where we will be living. What other licenses do we need? I thought we would need one for the EA rivers but I've read about registering/licensing and I'm now confused! Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance 🙂
  10. Thank you for the advice! I had been advised that but I wasn't sure if hard meant 6/7kw or just over 5kw, including or not including the water tank 😅 That would be handy during the summer, I'll have a look into that
  11. I've been having a look and I'm thinking 2 large radiators, one medium, and towel one and it comes to 5,236 watts, I haven't taken into consideration the water tank. Do you think that sounds like a good amount for a 5Kw system? I'm completely new to this so any advice is much appreciated!
  12. Good idea, I'll do that! Thanks, I'll check that out So I've been looking at radiators, I plan to have 3 plus a towel radiator and the total wattage comes to 5,564w. There will also be the water tank to add onto that. Is that too much for the 5Kw system or will that be okay? Or I can do an alternative set up that amounts to about 4,500w plus the water tank?
  13. There's 2 of us and it would be for showers and washing up, and maybe for the twin tub washer. I'm not quite sure how big our water tank but its an integral tank, so maybe 500L?
  14. That's a great help, thank you! Noted! Thank you thank you! What counts as a big hot water tank, I'm looking at 55L and 75L?
  15. We are getting webasto central heating installed and we need to buy radiators, would these be special narrowboat radiators or can we get domestic ones? Thanks in advance 😊
  16. Thanks for your advice everyone! Do you think that a Victron Inverter Charger would be a good inverter to choose?
  17. We're looking at fridges and 12v ones are just so expensive so we're considering a 240v one. I've heard that new fridges are more energy efficient than old ones and can be run off batteries, I'm not sure how true this is. We plan to be moored up with hookup 5 days a week and cruising at the weekends (so that we're not in the marina too many hours a week), what would you recommend? We haven't yet installed our inverter/battery setup so we can adjust this to what's needed. Thanks in advance!
  18. Thank you everyone, I'll look into those things 😀
  19. We have lifted the floor and found the underneath is quite rusty, we've wire brushed it and painted some areas with red oxide. There's areas that are so rusty we're struggling to remove it (with a wire brush, drill attachment, scrapers), would it be worth putting a rust converter on before red oxide or should we just paint over the rust with red oxide? Thanks in advance 🙂
  20. Thanks for the advice! Thanks, we'll suss out an angle grinder and the epoxy! Unfortunately I'm the smaller one so it's probably going to be me in there 😅 Thank you, I'll check those out!
  21. This is a great help, there's so much information out there I was getting a bit overwhelmed! Thank you! 😊
  22. Hello again! We bought a boat but the integral water tank needs some work. I have read about liners and such but we are on a budget so we'll be doing the unpleasant sounding job of cleaning and painting. 😬 As far as I understand the process is something like (do correct me if I'm wrong!): Scrape and sand away rust back to metal Prime Paint I'm going to buy a scraper and some wire brushes but I'm not sure what to coat the tank with, I've heard about blacking, epoxy, and vatcan, what would you recommend? Any advice would be much appreciated
  23. Will do, thanks for your help! I'll be sure to book something in the next week I think! Thats really helpful, thanks! Yeah, I realise that now 😬 had a little panic yesterday but a couple of marinas have said they have space so I'm going to have a look next week. That's good to know, I'll check out Hillmorton too, thank you! I'll give them a ring, looks like it's in a good location for me
  24. Thanks for the suggestion but I work in Rugby and that's a little too far I see, one marina I spoke to said that as we work full time it would probably be fine, that makes sense now. Aah, this makes sense, I rang one marina who said that they didnt so liveaboards "as such" Haha! What do people do about car insurance in this case? My parents home is far away and I have a black box at the moment and they'll be able to see I'm not parked there 😬
  25. Thank you everyone, I've started ringing around and it looks like finding a liveaboard mooring may be harder than I first thought 😬 Do you know whether Brinklow offer liveaboard moorings?
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