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  1. Has anyone got an idea of the typical cost to to make a good quality cratch board (including plank section) using hard wood like mahogany and two triangular glass sections? Then there is the measuring up, coats of marine varnish and fitting with existing canopy (old plywood cratch board is rotten). I'm thinking it's probably similar in cost to making a bespoke cratch cover.
  2. Sadly I doubt things will improve until it starts to hit someones pocket. I would imagine many hire boat companies are getting concerned about the lack of maintenence for example. It does seem strange that whilst we have many low budget canal restoration projects going on around the country that C&RT struggle to maintain the basics despite the millions they receive each year. Perhaps the problem is too many chiefs and not enough indians? On the 'vandalism', I think C&RT could do themselves a favour and say in the notices exactly what the vandalism is. That might help build up trust in their communications.
  3. Seems to be a contradiction in the first sentence. 'Vegetation' includes non weeds. Anyway the definition of a weed is an unwanted plant, that's subjective. Many 'weeds' are very nutritious with health benefits, well until they are poisoned. If I have to moor up next to long grass and weeds, I cut it with shears.
  4. I think it's worrying and I'm not the only one. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-30290540
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. Yes, labels cause all kinds of stress and anxiety. Black/White, Left wing/Right wing, gay/straight, CC'er/CM'er, it's a great way to create division! That's why it's good to chat to people before judging, you get an insight into why they are the way they are. Have a great day everyone.
  7. I wonder whether the NBTA realise this and are also working in the interests of live aboards who live outside the London area, or is there already another boaters organisation representing their interests?
  8. When you say 'they' do you mean all the NBTA members or the odd isolated member? As to whether housing should outweigh navigation in densely populated areas (London mainly), that is something up for debate. But as I said earlier, I think C&RT would struggle to persuade government that it shouldn't. The NBTA seem to be quite successful at having influence over this. I am worried that any spill over from this will affect the thousands of live aboard boaters who moor outside London where there isn't a problem with population density.
  9. Is this what you have read on social media or first hand experience? I don't do fb but I found the NBTA members that I have met quite friendly. As for London, I've already commented on that earlier. Housing probably outweighs navigation when you have such a densely populated area. Personally, I try to stay clear of London and big cities as they do my head in! 😉
  10. Good. So how many of them would you say were 'freeloaders'? Have you spoken to members of the NBTA?
  11. It's also about a certain type of person who judges others without meeting them to their detriment.
  12. How can anyone know whether a 'boat dweller' is a 'freeloader' without meeting them? Perhaps if we spent less time persecuting live aboard boaters on line and spent time getting to know them on the cut, we might all be in a better place mentally. It's a nice day, good excuse for a walk.
  13. I think the reality is that in very busy areas like London 'the navigation' isn't just a navigation anymore. It is home to thousands of people living on a boat. London is already crammed packed with people, so it's understandable that there is a spill over onto the waterways. C&RT will always have a problem persuading the government that the navigation is more important than homes. There are many major cities around the world which have ghettos, maybe this is where we are heading in London? The navigation might just be the start.
  14. Perhaps we should stay away from this forum then. JOKE! 🤣
  15. Maybe some live aboards became such because they just wanted to be left alone by 'society'.
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