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  1. Interestingly I have never seen the error when the browser is in private mode and not logged in. Maybe it's related to our IP address or logged in status.
  2. Good point. Maybe she did and nobody answered?
  3. Have you phoned CRT and informed them? They may be able to contact the owner. I agree that there is little point in flagging up potentially serious issues like this on an internet forum. It's probably less time consuming phoning CRT too (ahem)
  4. If you actually read what I wrote it was a question as to whether it's pathetic. As for 'fat arse', would you prefer 'lardy arse'?
  5. I’m not getting worked up, just giving my opinion like everyone else, or have you got the monopoly on that? Anyway, it does concern me when much of this junk is adding to the destruction of this planet. The earths resources are very precious so we should be using electricity, gas, coal etc for more important purposes. Some inventions are clearly very useful (like the wheel) but we seem to be creating, marketing and buying junk purely to make a few people very rich rather than it truly benefiting our lifestyles.
  6. Some of us don’t need to shut ourselves away in a lead lined room because we don’t need the gadgets you mention to enjoy life (well except for the gadget I’m typing this on!). I can enjoy playing guitar, boating, walking in the countryside, talking to friends, cooking, eating, sleeping etc without any of them. One of the biggest problems with technology is that we are getting to a point where we can’t ‘live’ without it. Isn’t that a bit pathetic? Mind you, it will make a few people very rich at the expense of the planet I suppose.
  7. Careful what you say, she’s coming to a cooker near you.
  8. It’s very obvious to me that the technology is there within the Alexa system for anyone with access to the data to listen in to every word. Any privacy is down to trust in Amazon’s privacy policy. If the software has access to every word, then a human with the right privileges can also gain access. It really is that simple. If I’m not sure whether I can trust something, I don’t tend to use it.
  9. How on earth did we manage to cook before Alexa?
  10. Tools like Alexa are obviously very useful to those who are less abled (Amazon use this to advertise it), but I really don't understand why anyone able bodied would want something in their home listening to every word just because they can't be bothered to get off their fat arse. (skinny arses also available)
  11. I don’t think everyone is as stupid as you seem to think. I would imagine that more younger people are affected by living aboard issues than navigation, this may be why the NBTA have a larger younger voice than the IWA. A voice which the older generation would be foolish to ignore.
  12. I too have some respect for the NBTA as they seem to be the only boating(?) organisation capable of standing up to CRT. Perhaps this is because the subject of continuing to live on a boat is more emotive than continuing to navigate the system. The NBTA also seem better at engaging younger people. Maybe we won't see an effective boaters organisation until we start to see parts of the system shut down permanently due to failures in the infrastructure. Perhaps the IWA could spend more of their efforts on this rather than targeting those who aren't doing any harm to anyone!
  13. Makes your previous post even more troll like then.
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