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  1. Thank you all for your response, this has helped clarify and eased my concern over whether the CRT License should be in my name.
  2. I'm going to be living on a boat that my parents own, but the license is in my name. Because they own it is it ok that the license is in my name or should it be in theirs? Is there anything official I need to do for proof of the situation if for example banks where to ask for proof of ownership.
  3. Thanks, that's a good point! Thanks for the information, this is really helpful. Would you suggest removing and replacing with another material? Ply perhaps?
  4. Thanks for the advice. Yeah, that's not where it's going to be placed - it was just too heavy for me to move foward for the pic haha
  5. Thanks for answering. To clarify the offcuts have been used to create the air gap between the plasterboard/gyproc and the calcium cilicate. I followed the Soliftec stoves in boats guidance pdf for distances etc. I just don't know if I should replace the plasterboard/gyproc with ply (even though there is the air gap and the top half is going to be tiled) because plasterboard/gyproc is combustible.
  6. I'm building a surround for my new wood burning stove. The plan as per the attached photos is to tile over the calcium cilicate board which have been attached to offcuts with a 10mm air gap however I have two questions: 1. does the hearth underneath need to be built in the same way with an air gap? Or is there a better solution? 2. The plan was to tile right up to the top as the material behind the calcium cilicate board is gyrpoc (which was probably a bad idea). As this is a combustible material do I need to reconsider and replace with ply even though it'll be tiled over and is only covering the area above the stove itself (and behind the airgap/cilicate)? Thanks in advance for any guidance or help provided.
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