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  1. Looks like a great area - don't mind 'rough around the edges' if secure and reasonably quiet. Will have a look - thanks!
  2. Thanks fellas! Yes, I know that 'residential' is a very grey area. I have a land-based address for mail, and have a live-in job 14 days out of 28. Looking for a leisure mooring with the option to spend quite a few nights of the other 14 in the marina if weather is too poor for cruising, or simply if I feel like doing nothing. I will be certain to clarify this with any potential marina.
  3. Funnily enough, I visited Droitwich marina yesterday - I'm moored in Tewkesbury at the moment. Loved the proximity to the town, and the surrounding area is gorgeous. Yes, a little further than I wanted from work, but it's still doable. Unfortunately, there are no moorings for my short boat! I've put my name in though - we shall see.
  4. Thanks Ray - like their flexible berthing scheme! How do they feel about people overnighting in their boats in the marinas?
  5. Hello! Help needed wading through all of the mooring possibilities... I recently bought a 36ft narrowboat which is presently moored in a nice, but rather pricey marina on the Avon. I work two weeks of the month away in North Norfolk, and will spend the other two weeks on my boat and hope to do plenty of cruising. I'm looking for a basic marina - quiet but close to a decent-sized town for good re-provisioning and with a bit of charm. Plenty of cruising choices from the marina would be tops. Can anyone recommend? Happy to travel up to three hours to my Norfolk job, so plenty of flexibility! Thanks in advance, Jac
  6. Got that mrsmelly - just clarifying for the nice people still sending me PMs.
  7. I was a little vague here - I really mean temp marina moorings and other 'secure' moorings I find along the way.
  8. Very good to know. It will take a while to feel confident and canal-savvy as a newbie. I see this as a long-term project! Just feeling lucky to have this type of work - best of all worlds - cruise regularly and still earning doing something worthwhile and rewarding. I really do envy people who make a decent living working directly from their boat, but it'll also be good to have a life off of it as well. Bonus is a residential address!
  9. Brilliant! I'll definitely check into this! There's no way I want to leave the boat on a towpath somewhere, so happy to pay a premium to have flexibility to securely moor in various marinas.
  10. It'll be a matter of feeling it out, I think. It's difficult to read, especially as a newcomer - once we get back to 'normal' and all of the rats are released from their cages, it might not feel so safe. Who knows! Just surfin' the vibes, if you know what I mean! I wouldn't mind leaving my boat overnight, but it'll be left for two weeks at a time in my case.
  11. Gosh - that's a great idea! Thank you - I'll look into it further. So wonderful to talk to folks like you who know the network so well!
  12. Very wise - but I still want to know if it'll be possible in the future - once I get my head around the basics of course.
  13. Very true, but I was planning on staying at Tewkesbury for at least a few months anyway - locked in now for at least two months and the rest will depend on the covid situation. And don't worry about the youtube vloggers! I've very much enjoyed many of them, but I'm savvy enough not to see it through the old rose-tinted specs!
  14. Brilliantly helpful Pete! I have a little solar experience with a decent off-grid camper van I had. My 100w panel and 2x 100ah batteries there gave me most of the power I needed to run the basics in my life, including the Webasto with its rather needy initial draw. I'm quite frugal - laptop I use constantly, I have a 12 v fridge aboard, and the lights are all LED. I may end up with a leccy bicycle, but I will be able to charge that at work. Budget is a bit important under the present reality, so I may have a go at sorting it out DIY with used panels. Good advice!
  15. I reckon that's 100% correct. I'd like a bigger boat for certain - this wee one will be a fun to learn with, and if I can keep her in good shape, should be a doddle to sell when the time comes to move up.
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