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  1. Thank you all who posted helpful advice on this thread i went for the EA rod licence as it seems there is lots of water fishing that dose not nead anything more than that and can buy day permit's for arias that need them and will be getting the CRT wanderers licence as well. I do wonder if folks stopped asking questions on this forum and just researched everything their would be no need for the forum their are sum who have had more input negative input and spent more time doing that than actually answering the question. So in answer to the question this forum will just fade away what is a forum for to ask questions as usually helpful answers come back it seem that most thread's get bogged down with snide comments and remarks on this one if i have a question to ask in future no mater what it is i will research it or get my information from other sources like i have commented thanks for the advice if the admin can delete my account and my information that would be very much appreciated i have aided all emales from this forum to my spam on email account regards bill
  2. OK i will have a 9.8 mariner outboard on Monday can i fit a rectifier to it to charge the battery's or is that not possibility on the older engines? bill
  3. Thank you all for sum grate reply's Bill
  4. Just wondering if this is a nice cruse for a holiday and how long would it take cruising say five hrs a day. bill
  5. I have to work tomorrow on sorting out the lining carpet spray glue in a confined space even with the windows open it gives you a bit of a buzz bill
  6. done a bit today put the front on the cupboards will be taking them of to router a bead round the edge and tidy them up bill
  7. If you want to keep up with the project you will find it her
  8. Only new to canal boats and smelly canals and it actually rude to comment on folks difficulty with spelling but i will forgive you as you cant help being a spelling pedantic it is a diagnosed condition just like dyslexia so your forgiven
  9. With over 28 years at sea working on many rig's drill ships as a lifeboat cox and FRC cox been around small boats almost all my life i am sure i wont have the intelligence to understand the help given bill
  10. boluks to this i was told to avoid this forums now i know why it all ended up just a load of crap wast of six punds i am out of her bye bill
  11. I will just stop posting on it or they can always delete it or lock the thread BILL
  12. Sum of the soft furnishings going in and the wall cuvering's Bill
  13. Sink and sum setting sorted out I think another week will se the back broken of the worst of the work the big bested RSM is working on soft furnishings and colour scheme Bill
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