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  1. Hey, thanks for the response. But do you mean I won’t be able to find an electrician in London? Why does it need to be a ‘boat’ electrician?
  2. feeling optimistic thanks it is possible that the hull needs welding or replating And that could end up being a large cost Amortised over 10 years though it’s okay. And with property prices in London where they are if I end up spending 30,000 on a 42-year-old Boat that structurally sound and clean and fresh inside I will remain optimistic
  3. I’m in London , I really I would like to stay in the area
  4. Hi, does anyone recommend an electrician that could Rewire my boat for basics like lights and plug ins. As well as hooking me up to a recommended solar panel and generator.
  5. Layla


    Edit* we found the leak. From the bottom of the oil filter. Tightened it and we are off again. We both work on property. Surveys are often a massive rip off and waste of time unless you trust the surveyor to be both expert and diligent. We don’t know a boat surveyor like that so hesitated to throw money at that job. But we know what you mean.... meanwhile we have trundled along quite happily to London. Then stopped to talk to willow tree marina. And as soon as we started again, apart from one of us going in the drink, things have gone bad again. We checked the engine oil level before we left and it was below min. Strange since we topped it up to correct level yesterday morning. We called an advisor who said give it a go probably can’t accurately read oil after running engine all day. So we started. The oil light is flashing on and off again. So now we’ve decided not to risk it and wait overnight and check levels then. So not exactly marooned but high and dry... plus the marina owner says according to the old survey there’s probably 3-5k of Hull works that’s need doing. if we get these engine problems sorted for say 500. And the Hull works cost 4000. Then we’re in for 22.5k for a fifty foot colecraft 1978, with revitalised structure and engine. We have working interiors,,, shower, pump, 2 batteries, inverter, gas boiler, and pipes and electrical for those... on a scale of 1-10 how good a position would be in?
  6. Layla


    Yeah I know what you mean: The seller had a survey from last year we ran past a surveyor we knew and the dad was a mechanic. They were good people and we bought it in good faith. It was always going to be a ‘project’ and that was Mostly Reflected in the price we paid :)) now we’re learning as fast as we can
  7. Layla


    Spot on! Thank you all so much for your advice. Turned out to be the starter motor. The seller helped us source and fit a (probably short term replacement) and so far we’ve successfully got going three times on it. We’re trundling down past Uxbridge now and we’ll stop there and ask some questions. Also going to Willowtree marina to ask for an opinion. the stern gland which we’ve greased is leaking a fair amount and the bilge is filling up. The bilge pump seems to work very intermittently. We have to press and hold it but it usually ticks off after ten seconds. And the bilge is filling up but it’s not at Worrying levels yet. we have only a little white smoke from the exhaust. (Outside the boat not rising from the pipe) Is that any cause for concern? It’s very faint. Thanks all
  8. Layla


    Hey. No we checked the propeller it’s clean as a whistle. Maybe overheated the engine... that’s our best guess. When we noticed the smell and smoke (which the guys above suggested was more likely steam) rising from the exhaust pipe (from the pipe not the exhaust outsid the boat) we used the kill switch and cruised to the bank and waited half hour for engine to cool. And it didn’t start again. We’ve topped up oil. Water and coolant should be fine. Starter battery is really new... so..
  9. Layla


    Ok I think I have identified it but it’s hella difficult to reach. It’s right up against the wall. I can’t upload a picture cos my phone seems to take pictures that are too high Res.. the guy who sold us the boat is coming to check it out tomorrow morning. I think we’re marooned until then. Will get back to you guys tomorrow when we’ve had another go. Cheers
  10. Layla


    Ok I’ll give it a go I just don’t know where to apply the spanner to the bottom pulley? Is there a nut? Or a lever? Or something ?
  11. Layla


    I’ve got a battery operated jump starter. Is it worth trying to jump the starter battery? Ccing. We’re broke down In Kings Langley. I’m afraid you’ve lost me there.. where do I put the spanner ?? You guys are legends btw thanks for helping
  12. Layla


    Not baiting not good spelling don’t have an electrical test meter sadly. Belt is really pretty solidly not moving by hand It sounds like a click from the engine yes and yes starboard side. Tried turning all the isolator switches a couple of times but that hasn’t done the job
  13. Layla


    Thank you for the reply, sorry for being vague, I have a narrow boat with a CB marine 1.8 engine ,apparently it’s an old black cab type engine but refurbished in 2014) its a tank cooled system, the engine won’t start, it clicks once but won’t turn over. the engine oil is below the minimum, but we checked the engine level yesterday and it was fine. there is enough fuel in the tank the The spiky wheel attached to the alternator (?) with the belts is turning when I try to move it manually but the belt isn’t turning with it I appreciate all the help I can get, only bought the bait this morning. many thanks
  14. Layla


    Hi, I was going to hard on my engine and it started smoking from the exhaust.so I switched the engine off for 20min. I tried to get the engine starting again but it wouldn’t go. What can I do ?
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