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  1. Oh come on Alan, you can normally be relied upon to do the info gathering for us!!🤣
  2. Come on then, tell us, who accidentally threw the originals away😉
  3. Maybe the ideal solution would be to ascertain where the OP is situated and, if possible, just go and have a look.
  4. Ah! that would be Rob and Nikki then, new to the game and not of this parish...yet!
  5. I think you mean Potable water epoxy ie, for drinking water.
  6. Plasterboard is a really bad idea. It will just soak up any moisture and crumble.
  7. Did you happen to see Calisto?
  8. Just taken a drive down to Sawley to have a look at the Trent. No longer in flood and a boat came up from the Erewash without difficulty. Met Mark on Callisto on his way through Sawley on his way back to the Soar and hoping that the Zouch flood lock is open!
  9. No, of course they are not in the real world. It will have been written by someone sitting at a desk who has never set foot on a boat or a towpath. Bit like the boat safety rules really.
  10. I know how you feel, I was planning to get to the Trent and Mersey this weekend. Currently at Birstall.
  11. Barrow deep lock on red this morning.
  12. Probably worth spending a little time watching John Barnard's Utube series on boat painting, very informative!
  13. I'll have a pint of whatever you've been drinking.....
  14. That's not the same idea at all!
  15. And a distinct lack of maintenance I fear.......lots of corrosion and a lack of lubrication
  16. I think I would check that the gear selector hasn't moved as a first step.
  17. I tend to go by "feel" and the prop wash, tells me much more about depth of water. The boat just feels and sounds right when all is in harmony.
  18. Oh I see, he's fishing inside the boat. What's he trying to catch?
  19. I for one, would not have any faith in that!
  20. I think the public are slowly getting the message....towpath pretty quiet today, see what the weekend brings.
  21. I have just spoken to a C&RT employee at the locks, he said they were trying to allow peeps to return to their home moorings where practical.
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