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  1. we're booked with Anglo-Welsh...I wonder if it's worth moving to one of their bases in England?!?!
  2. So, we've booked a little trip up the Llangollen Canal at the end of July. Do you reckon we'll be going? I certainly think we'll be eating and drinking on the boat and not in pubs....but will we even be allowed to travel!?!?!!?!?!
  3. apparently we're starting a couple of miles west of Devizes and head west, away, to avoid the Caen locks Yes, Foxhangers
  4. Our first ever narrowboat holiday. We're going West from Devizes (avoiding those scary Caen Hill locks!!!) We pick up Friday 4pm and return 10am Monday. Has anyone got any tips: Places to stop? Pubs? Where to turn around? etc... etc.. Any advice very much appreciated Thanks so much
  5. I had so much friendly advice to my last post - thank you. We are beginners and we are looking as if we are going to book a Friday pm to Monday am trip on the Kennet and Avon from Devizes using Foxhangers. Can anyone let us know if this is a good option? Seems like lovely, pleasant sights, and good for newbies, at a reasonable price and only an hour or so drive from the south coast! Seems there are lots of locks to the east at Caen Hill - never heard of it but should we avoid these 29LOCKS!!! by going west? Any other advice? ANY HELP MUCH APPRECIATED!!!
  6. Unlucky - forest comes from the team I support - I'm living in Bournemouth!!!! Your advice is great - so helpful
  7. Hi everyone, we're looking to book our first ever canal boat holiday, for 4 or so days over Easter 2011. Who can help us? What do we need to know? Where can we get the best deal on a basic canal boat for 2 adults and 2 teenage children - there are so many companies out there!! Where shall we go if we live on the South Coast? Any help very much appreciated
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