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  1. Thought it was interesting that in the interests of patient confidentiality, we are not allowed to know who these 2 people are who have the virus. That means that anyone who may have been in contact with them has no way to be informed and act accordingly - they are the ultimate 'mystery customers'. What happened to the needs of the many?
  2. ah - yes - that would make sense - IIRC it's a little beyond the reservoir at the top of the flight. I will ponder no more...thanks!
  3. I've sometimes wondered why this lift was considered necessary? That lock is deep, but it's a simple/conventional solution as compared to the contraption in the picture. In the context of Tardebigge, even two locks, or a staircase would seem easier? Is it something about the terrain? I'm sure someone will explain....
  4. I use an old silicon sealant tube with top cut off. Arrange string down centre through a hole in centre of the plunger cap, pour in old wax (melted) from whatever source. When it's set just put into your sealant gun and push out a candle! Works really well, and you can repeat as required. They look like this...
  5. I have thought about this in considering boat purchase... Must admit - some of these walk-thru layouts can give the appearance that there is a toilet at one end of the sitting area or the bedroom space. I like the loo to be closed off, both for maintenance of access through the boat and for aesthetics. In fact, I think I prefer a toilet area that is hermetically sealed!!!
  6. Looks like a good trip to me! (As pointed out, that map doesn't really work don't follow it! - there is a spur down from Kings Norton to Stourport that should be replaced by a spur down from Lapworth to Stratford). I would certainly plan to stop in centre of Brum - it's an essential canal experience (in a good way) and centre is safe. Likewise, a night in Bancroft Basin (Stratford) is a memorable stop. Just a thought....You might want to consider going anti-clock. When doing a 'ring with a detour' like this, I tend to leave the detour part until later in the trip, because that's the section I can adjust if necessary to match circumstances and progress made at the time. Another thought.... If you begin to feel this is a bit too demanding, you could replace your trip down the Stratford with an easier detour up the Ashby. You could even make this decision a couple of days into the trip if you wanted to. The good news is there are around 8 million quite decent tourist attractions on your route. Ones I would visit are: Cape of Good Hope - Warwick Two Boats - Long Itchington Tom O'The Wood - Rowington (or alternatively Navigation Inn at Lapworth) Fleurs De Leys - Lowsonford Dirty Duck - Stratford Blue Bell Cider House - Earlswood Tap and Spile - Gas St Basin (but countless alternatives) Dog and Doublet - Bodymoor Heath Get busy on Canalplan and Google and get at least a rough idea of an itinerary. If you have a plan (some people don't believe in them, I know) then you can relax properly knowing that you are on schedule, or get a bit of a wriggle on if necessary. Enjoy.
  7. Agree with your sentiment, but sadly this is entirely at the discretion of the insurance company (in my experience!)
  8. I've had some good food at Two Boats over the years. But... on one occasion stopped there only to find their kitchens had 'no gas' on another occasion turned up to find that traveling canal theatre group performing - place absolutely rammed, no food (can't really complain - good to see). Hence investigations of local alternatives - I think I went to take a look at Duck on Pond but it all felt a bit 'gastro'. Ended up in Cuttle and it was 'OK'. I recall once stopping on the Two Boats mooring and being woken in early hours by neighbouring boat carrying out some furious manoeuvres in the cut next to us, bumping us a couple of times. He came and apologised next morning. Turned out someone had cut the guy's ropes (with a knife - not untied him) - both annoying and expensive.
  9. Last time I was there we walked a few minutes to the Green Man in the village and had a very decent pint. It's a small village pub - more of a locals place. Didn't try food. There is a pretty direct footpath across the fields from just next to the bridge, if you don't fancy the walk up the very busy road (past the Colecraft yard).
  10. Just to update..... Matter was reported to ANT, who were very helpful. They said they would enter it in their log, and if it proved to be anything other than an isolated incident they would ask local police to take a wander that way at night. Just one week later I was coming out of Birmingham towards Shirley/Earlswood on the Stratford. As I passed under bridge 6 (Yardley Wood area) there were a couple of splashes in the water next to me, followed immediately by something pretty substantial bouncing off the deck next to my feet. I responded with some carefully crafted words and the bombardment ceased (I think I had probably reached the limit of their range). Such a shame - we had a great couple of weeks going around the Avon Ring again. I really cherish my annual chance to escape from the real world for a while. Seems the real world is intent upon following me and lobbing rocks at me!
  11. Had a bad time at the recreation ground moorings last night. Bunch of lads decided it would be fun to start throwing stones at the boat around midnight. I tried to ignore but they just retreated a short distance then came back for another go. This time I went to confront them (not a good feeling on your own... not in these times). Happily, they ran away. I hung around for a while until sure they'd gone, then tried to get some sleep. Just thought I'd mention in case this is becoming bigger problem.
  12. Thanks all above for these helpful responses. I think with a slightly tweaked plan we will be fine.
  13. So when I said 'no, they are not [told about procedure when hung-up in a lock], and it's a really good point. I think most would just freeze and watch the disaster unfold. ' I should have added a caveat like 'In my experience' or 'I'm sure there are occasions when...'. (I knew there was a reason why I don't post on here).? This is based on hiring boats from all sorts of places since the 1970's (anyone remember Clubline Cruisers at Swan Lane in Coventry?) BUT I think the real problem may be that this advice forms part of that basic 'how to do a lock' briefing that might only be part of handover for a first-timer-boater (not repeat offenders)? I suspect that anyone who has been on a boat holiday before might not get this safety advice repeated? Certainly, first timers I have spoken with in locks know all about avoiding the cill, but that's about as far as it goes. There's an awful lot to take in for a complete novice confronted with a bloody great boat that they are expected to drive away in a few minutes! I sometimes wonder how long it can be allowed in these times of health and safety obsession.
  14. Simple answer is 'no, they are not', and it's a really good point. I think most would just freeze and watch the disaster unfold.
  15. We are just beginning to gird our loins for a circuit (clockwise) of the Avon Ring this Summer. Having done this previously in school holiday time, my cunning plan was to give it a try in early July before the schools break up. Now I find that this coincides with a bunch of 'river festivals' (Stratford July 6-7, Evesham July 12-14, Pershore July 20). (Sigh - so much for getting away from it all..... So much for cunning plans.) Having previously been at pains to avoid Cropredy around festival time, I'm wondering if I should have a re-think about being on the Avon? I can easily plan not to be in any of these locations on the actual days of their festivals, but I'm wondering if the river will more generally be ridiculously busy (and moorings even more difficult to find)? Thoughts? BTW - please don't advise me to go to the festivals - we're supposed to be fed tea and oranges all the way from China, not warm beer and hot-dogs from Bob's Best Burgers.
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