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  1. Coalboat Alton is continuing regular fortnightly deliveries on the Macc Summit/ Upper Peak Forest, with fortnightly road deliveries around Manchester, Lower Macc, River Weaver & Caldon (monthly). Meanwhile our Four Counties deliveries are bit more of a challenge:- It's taken a bit of work to reschedule our deliveries for the coming month due to a number of emergency stoppages on our route including the culvert collapse nr Audlem on the Shroppie, the breach on the Chester cut at Beeston and the landslip to the north of Anderton on the T&M. With all this in min
  2. Fuelboats Halsall & Bargus Delivery Schedule December 2020 We're thankful that we've been kept busy during Lockdown 2 & we'll be continuing our regular reliable deliveries as much as we possibly can given current CRT winter & emergency stoppages Halsall (07491 149149) continues to work in the Northern T&M (currently between stoppages at Broken Cross & Whatcroft Hall), whilst Bargus (07486 872158) will be working the full Four Counties Ring & Chester Cut to the Port. . Halsall's December Schedule:- 6th - 9th: Acton Bridge to Anderton to Broken Cross (by Road)
  3. Halsall & Bargus's Schedules for Four Counties:' November is the time when things start getting seriously busy for us coalboaters. Despite Lockdown 2 we will be continuing our regular deliveries as we are an essential service. The team have grabbed a bit of much needed R&R and will be back to work in the next few days. Halsall (Tel:- 07491 149149) is working on the Northern T&M, whilst Bargus (Tel:- 07486 872158 ) is working the Four Counties Ring & Chester Cut to Ellesmere Port. Halsall's November Schedule:- 9th: Acton Bridge to Anderton 10th - 12th: An
  4. Your welcome, hopefully you can find some space 😃👍
  5. Hi, unfortunately there's no longer any coal / fuel boats doing a regular delivery run on the southern Staffs & Worcs through Kinver. Halsall covers the Four Counties Ring so does Autherley Jn to Great Haywood. Mountbatten I think did one run down there last Autumn. John & Jenny Jackson sold their business to Charlton Whitehouse who do road deliveries, or if you want one of 2 tons then we could deliver by road or a drop by boat in the Summer. Hope that helps. Cheers, Brian Renaissance Canal Carrying Four Countries Fuels Ltd
  6. Halsall works the Four Counties Ring, so is through Autherley Junction, Wolverhampton at least once a month (Currently heading north on the T&M from Great Haywood to Middlewich, then across to Nantwich area next week. Seehttps://www.facebook.com/fourcountiesfuels/ for updates or call Lee & Roberta 07491 149149
  7. Once again we're running a series of traditional canal crafts workshops. Our team are really keen that these skills & crafts are passed on from generation to generation and kept alive on our living, working waterways. Many CWDF members have had enjoyable weekends on our previous courses. Our first course this year is Roses & Castles with Phil Speight weekend 23-24th Feb 2019 It's a fabulous two day hands on Workshop where you will learn how to paint traditional narrowboat roses and castles with renowned master Craftsman Phil Speight. Phil's skills, knowledg
  8. Brilliant, that really does bring back those memories. Thanks for sharing the photo. It's incredible to think that's all filled in now, such a shame they can no longer have supplies brought in by water. Cheers, Brian
  9. I'm pretty sure this is one of the first working boats I ever saw. I used to love to stand on the New Chester Road bridge & watch these barges work in from the Mersey & Bromborough Pool Dock into Lever Bros Works, Port Sunlight. On a Friday evening, my Dad would take some of the barge men their wages. That really is a big Northwich! Now where could we do a fuel round with that ;-)
  10. Thanks for the mention Tim. We had a fab weekend, catching up with old friends & making new ones, demonstrating fendermaking to the public & a few pints of an evening. Big thanks to Andrew & Liz for organising. I'll try & upload some photos. Cheers, Brian
  11. Sorry I've only just seen your pm. I'll try & upload some photos but I don't always succeed on here. Cheers, Brian
  12. I saw Dean this morning he was alive & well in the real world ;-)
  13. Over the next few days (27 - 29th Feb) Alton will be delivering fuel supplies on the Macclesfield summit & Upper Peak Forest Canals, we'll be out again next weekend 5 - 7th March & 19th - 21st March. We also make regular road deliveries around Manchester (including Hyde, Ashton, Droylesden & New Islington) as well as on the Caldon Canal. If you need supplies, just give us a call or text on 07791 345004. Cheers, Brian
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