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  1. Pretty sure alternator is an Iskra AAK1812 and the regulator is an AER1701:-11.203.657 AAK1812 MG581 MAHLE (Letrika, Iskra) alternator (11203657) - Trade Service Kft This reg has a set voltage of 14.2 . I tried for months to find a reg but gave up and changed the whole alternator, be careful if you go down this route as most of the replacements are upgraded to 120A (like the MG851 that Tony linked) and you only have a single belt.
  2. Thats not a Powertwist belt, I think its called a T link belt.
  3. Sad to hear John died....When he 'tested' the hull on our old boat by hitting it with a b*****y big hammer, he said if it ever needed plating he'd do it for free. He was a character.
  4. Try looking for clevis pins As an example:-Clevis Pin Bright Zinc Plated Steel, All sizes | eBay A thin washer under the split pin also takes out some of the slack.
  5. Wish I did, we had that boat for 14 years, contacted all the previous owners even spoke to the guy that actually built her, but never found out about the pulleys or many other odd things. The engine however was marinerised by Oxford Marine but never found any info on them.
  6. Our old boat with a BMC 1.5 had a very similar modification, that used a 4PK1052 belt, but until you offer up a new belt to the pulleys it is very difficult to tell.
  7. Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Recorder Data Logger Thermometer Hygrometer CF UK 705495126753 | eBay Put a bulb or a heater in the same mains supply and monitor the temp.
  8. Being a Sea otter it probably has a GI already and the marine grade of Aluminium they use is also used on lots of sea going boats,
  9. Finally found it, the Sterling battery to battery charger must have a big capacitor in it.
  10. Red 25mm2 cable comes from back of boat into a 100A fuse then onto pos terminal on BT battery, a red 60mm2 cable then comes of this terminal to a 350A fuse then on to an isolation switch then onto the BT. Black 25mm2 cable comes from back of boat straight to neg terminal on BT battery, a black 60mm" cable then goes from this terminal to the BT. The pos feed to the control unit comes off the BT battery terminal and I have to remove it to take the 25mm2 red cable off, so no the two arn't connected when I measure the voltage in the engine bay.
  11. Managed to get back to boat today to have another look. As I suspected BT control unit is feed from BT battery not starter battery as manufacturer advises. However that means that whatever is giving the 25mm2 cable capacity is definetley not the BT control unit.
  12. You might have something here, the BT manufacturers wiring diagram shows that the control unit is powered from the starter battery, but there are definatley no connections to the starter battery and the isolators were turned off. I also can't belive they would have run another cable all the way to the back of the boat when the BT battery is sitting next to BT. I will have another look at the weekend to see if they have made a connection somewhere down the line.
  13. Just realised you mean the BT battery. Yes I have a BT battery but that is what Iam disconnecting at the front and that is what is sending the 12.6volts to the back.
  14. What would have a large capacitor in it? If there is another battery I haven't found it in the last 3 years and I have no idea where it could be. Haven't got an inverter.
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